Friday, August 7, 2020

Natural Dyes and Resists

Ciao dear hearts..
there are so many things to experiment with
concerning natural dyes..
I almost didn't know where to start..

that I knew I wanted to conduct some light fast experiments..
and sadly salt did nothing to keep the color
from fading in the sun.

I did not bother with the vinegar baths, since the color was so dramatically changed with
and worse with vinegar..


I used just a teaspoon of salt and it changed the blue berry dye to a pink shade...

 that did not turn paper and fabrics blue...

that salted blueberry bath was however, beautiful mixed with unadulterated dye baths.

the resists are easy and will be a nice addition to stitches..

I will be using these papers and fabrics in the next video

for the 

Stitch A Thon

I invite you to make some beautiful papers and fabrics

and stitch along with me in two weeks..

we all need a little 

stitching meditation..

don't we?

The end result will be a sweet little book..

Be well..


Friday, July 24, 2020

String Journal Cover and Collage

Ciao, gentle viewers!
well ...
we started with plain cardboard
and we end with a 
book that holds

fabric and paper collages..

the marriage
of stitches, fabric and papers 
unrelated pieces..
that create 
an entirely new narrative..
of meditation.. breath.. connection

Thank you for watching..
Be well
Stay healthy..
find small things to cheer you.


Wednesday, July 15, 2020

June Art Journal Pages

gentle readers..
my heart is heavy as I write these words,
for my country, for the people and for my friends suffering
through this horrible disease..

Mixed Media Art Journal
Detail from June Art Journal Pages, Caterina Giglio Hollyhocks..

My June pages reveal the inner turmoil
that I have been experiencing..
I know I must create..
and give myself over to the act of creation, 
 I find this dark cloud hanging over me.. in so many ways..

Caterina Giglio, June Art Journal Pages, mixed media.

Perhaps you have felt this way too..
at first it was a stifling feeling of being stuck.
a lack of freedom..
of movement..
and experiences...

Art Journal Pages

Though we are safe and leave only
for marketing..
I know many are suffering
and this country is ripped at the seams..

Each day I rise ..
make my way to my studio
and take my materials into my hands, 
it is the best way...
I know 
to release the concerns I have..
the creative energy moves through me, 
 onto the page
the board,
and each fiber of the stitch..
me to the source of all there is..
soothe me.. 
if for only
a few hours..

I will take them.

Mixed Media Journal Pages
Caterina Giglio, detail Art Journal pages..

Ingredients: Mono prints with Caran d'Ache with personal photos, acrylic paints, antique papers, paper ephemera.

Detail, Mixed Media Art Journal

Be well my dear ones
and keep creating..
no matter how difficult it might be
focus and concentrate..
for art heals 
and aways will..


Friday, July 10, 2020

My Frankenstein String Journal

Ok, so calling it my
Frankenstein journal is simply 
it is an
altered book
cobbled together with hardware 

and recycled bits..
all those things I adore..
the abandoned bits..
the wrinkled papers..
the left over leather scraps..

but I think it is going to be

Be well my dear ones..


Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The Little Sampler Book

I have been quietly stitching..
when I have not been watering..
the yard and the plants..

Sample Stitches

We are in an epic dry spell..
this should be the rainy season..
which is often a pox in itself..

but lack of water means that our tall forests run the risk of fire..

Stitch Sampler

So I hand water what I can since we have severe water restrictions...

Stitch Sampler

I think I could fill the other tiny French Journals 
with these meditative stitches..
and I just might do that..

Stitch Sampler

I love gathering unruly bits of hand dyed cloths and 
stitching them together..
when I listen gently..
they tell me which pieces go together..
like little playmates
drawn to one another..

Stitch Sampler

So I stitch and think of rain..
and puddles..
and the garden flooding beautifully..

Stitch Sampler

Now I have a place for them..
I will have to dream of a new body of work to
put them all to work..

Tiny French Journals

Please take good care of yourselves..
We are home together..
wearing masks when we gather food..
and taking no chances..
I wish you all a healthy and happy week..

Ciao, Ciao!

Friday, June 26, 2020

Mono Printing with Caran d' Ache

so this is not the video that I had planned..
but you know how plans go..

But I have to say, I love this technique and I want to
work with it, until I have it mastered..

I forgot to mention that you can color a plate
and simply print it on a journal page..
or a canvas..
board, whatever..

just moisten the substrate and rub it on..

have fun, 
it is so meditative 
and I hope it puts you in a very peaceful place..

Ciao, my gentle viewers..
hope your weekend is 


Thursday, June 18, 2020

May Art Journal Pages

People asked..
how many days have you been home?
How long has it been?

The days just pile up..

Caterina Giglio, May Art Journal Pages

the numbers increasing..
in cases, in deaths.. in the amount of time
we spend at home
and isolating..

I spend each morning in the garden..
connecting with the earth,

transplanting flowers,
cutting back the overachievers..
and weeding
which is a gardeners job security ...

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers....

being in the garden affords me
a sense of serenity and enchantment..
a dragonfly buzzes the spray from my hose
and I catch the magical copper shimmer of it's wings..
and suddenly the numbers all disappear ...

Caterina Giglio, detail May Art Journal Pages

The flower images are from
some recent mono prints that I made..
on book pages..
and the tiny stitches are on text from the 
Plague Doctor writings..

Caterina Giglio, detail from Art Journal Pages, May 2020

Ingredients: Mono Prints on book pages, antique ephemera, acrylic paints, colored pencil, red thread, stitches on paper, pencil

Caterina Giglio, Art Journal Page detail, May 2020

I have made a lot of mono prints
in the studio lately
practicing for the next video..

and making tiny stitches for my 
little French Journal 
so perhaps you will see those next time
I post..

Be well my gentle readers..


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