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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bon Voyage...

Packing has begun..
and although I won't be at the 
show this 

142 Bis Gallerie

 my new series will be there...
and it is available for pre-sale

to view all the pieces 

We will be voyaging soon, and I am almost finished with my journal
which I created from an antique photo album..
you will have to wait to see the photos when I return though...
since I am still putting the finishing touches on it
and shooting pics for you..

Thank you... 
Merci Beaucoup,
to all my readers, collectors and 
most especially to my gallerie

I am so appreciative of all you do!


Monday, April 13, 2015

A Beauty Break

Let's take the day off... he said
Alrighty then.. I smiled
and away we went...
for a beauty break..

to the
Epcot International Flower Garden Festival...

which was stunning...

to say the least...

and try as I might...

I just don't think I captured the scope of the 


the butterfly pavilion
was lovely..
and well done...

and Mr. LDV
captured the next three butterflies
for us...

they were stunning and in abundance...

here in Florida
all our trees have leafed out...

in Epcot, they make up their own trees..
this one is composed of 

of course I needed a shot of the bamboo forest...

and there was food..
and vino
which you know is my one weakness...

next to flowers of course...

who says
I don't like color??

I hope you enjoyed a tiny beauty break...
we all need one from time to time...


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

March Journal Pages

I did a lot of writing this month..
though you would never know...

since I covered it all...

with paint
and paper...
and more paint
and chalk pens...

and thickly layered the pages..

writing about relationships...
and their meaning in my life
concerning la famiglia..

March Journal pages, Caterina Giglio

some relationships are like eggs shells...
brittle, fragile...
or thin as torn paper...

and some seem to be ...

we all need those...

March Journal pages, Caterina Giglio 

ingredients: gesso, acrylic paint, paper ephemera, transparency, chalk pens, pencil, pen, walnut ink

I have one more blog post to share with you
and then I will be taking a break...

we are headed to Europe....

and so I am going to be busy making my travel journal..
stitching signatures and deciding on size and materials..

I promise to shoot it in process for you..
and to take lots of photos
on our trip....


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Antique Paper Collage & 142 Bis Gallerie

the best pieces
from my new collection...

What Lies Beneath
slowly being framed 
and ready for shipment to..

the simplicity of this series
underlines the power of what is revealed below..

all of it 
lies in interpretation of course..
and then yours...

I am currently working on my artist statement
for this show
coincides with
25th anniversary celebration...

it is hard to believe that it has been 25 years...
but it is certainly a milestone for celebration...

and it is fitting to show pieces with such reverence for age 
for this anniversary...

New pieces framed in grey wood frames..


I am also very pleased to announce

will be my exclusive

It is rare when someone not only
your work, 
but tirelessly supports what you do..

and for that 
I am most grateful..

so, gentle reader, I am closing
my online gallery
and all sales will be handled through


Current work will be found
on the page at the top of my blog

this change will give me time to work on new series and try
out new things..

without having to manage my own shop..

Art work wrapped for shipment at 142 Bis Gallerie

as a recent collector wrote
 after purchasing my work
thru the gallerie...

"I've never (no, not ever) 
seen such love and respect shown a piece of art"

What a perfect fit..

ciao, ciao...

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Textured Papers and What Lies Beneath

every once in a while..
I find myself so lost 
in that 
art groove..

that I know exactly what to do...

and just let the paper, paint, whatever...
talk to me..
have it's way with me..

it happened like that with this new collection..
with pages 
from an antique natural history book..
spineless, coverless, and pages bent, sepia toned and dog eared....   

I had always loved this book of course, 
suddenly it seemed to speak to me..

about what lies beneath...
what is hidden ..
and what we mark to remember...

 the pages were crumpled, folded and beautifully wrinkled...
revealing the beauty below..

and it seemed natural
suddenly to capture that..

I think of all the people that loved this book..
it must have been printed and bound so beautifully when it was new...

 been read and re-read ... with pages turned back to 
reveal the hyacinths..
or a single rose..

these are the first few pieces..
and I have several in process, that I will share with you soon...
but I thought you would want to see what I have been up to..

I will have some pieces for my shop...
but these are all going to 
EsScentuals.. to hang in the 
gallery, 142 Bis...
for the 25th anniversary celebration!


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Art Journaling Tips

I am just finishing up
my March Art Journal pages

and decided I would share some
art journaling thoughts
with you...

it's been years since I have facilitated
a journal group and I have learned a lot since those days..
consistent practice will create knowledge...

so here are a few thoughts..
since I have so many new followers lately..
and my journal posts are some of my most popular posts..

ingredients: cardboard, sketch paper and original pencil drawing, background is gesso,  fine pumice gel, acrylic paint, walnut ink, alcohol inks..

1. Dirty the Page...
My process is simple, I create 2 pages each month, in a vintage record book. 
Find a substrate in a size that appeals to you. Large or small..
  I know artists that journal everyday.. find what works for you.. and stick to it..

Everyone has at one time or another been intimidated by a blank page..
and if not a blank page, then surely by a beautiful journal..
I overcame that issue by beginning with journals that were falling apart..
or were fairly inexpensive..
now a page in any book is just a page...

each month I am faced with this:

The blank pages of my vintage record book..

I generally begin.. 
by writing about what is going on in my life, using pen, pencil, art stick, whatever is closest to my hand.. and because I have a whole month to work, the writing often covers both pages..
but often I will just begin by slapping some gesso or paint directly onto the page and then I begin to journal... with text and image.
It is only paper, and it is for you... so you cannot make a mistake..

2. Obscuring Text
One of the things I love about art journaling is that you are in control of exactly how much writing, IF  ANY that people will see, that is, if you intend to show other people your pages...

Sometimes I leave some writing visible...
usually it is something innocuous..
or universal in subject matter..

May 2010, ingredients: gesso, paper, transfers on paper, transfer on fabric, paper ephemera, acrylic paint, pencil, colored pencil, upholstery thread

but very often, there are things too painful to share...
or things that are simply private...
and so I obscure almost all of the text as in the 
April 2013 post below

April 2013 Caterina Giglio, art journal pages. ingredients: gesso, acrylic paint, H2O'S. pencil, colored pens, antique ephemera, thread. 

3. Use Images that Speak to You
I often use butterflies and dragonflies in my pages, they are symbols that represent transformation and  they convey a sense of beauty and grace..
Hands represent creativity and in the spread below, from 2007, I used them to show that I was taking my health into my own hands..
changed my diet and changed my life...  
the heart pops up when you open the book...

Art Journal pages, 2007, Caterina Giglio. ingredients: acrylic paint, paper ephemera, papers, pen and ink, pencil. 

4. Bricolage
One of the great things about art journaling is that you don't need anything fancy to art journal, you can de-stash to your heart's content.. I always use scraps of paper, thread and my own photos to convey what is going on in my world...
often the paper bits on my desk are just the things that I need 
to journal...
However, I have also been known to use pricey paints, wrapping papers and to cut my own rubber stamps for use in my journals..
my journals are really art books that I create 
for myself..

I am never concerned when my pages don't make sense..
it isn't about sense..
it is about feeling..
and energy that is transforming
onto the page...

Art Journal pages, Caterina Giglio, November 2010.
ingredients: black gesso, china marker, khadi papers, transfers on paper, thread.

5. Tell your Dreams and Stories
The spread below, is a dream that I had in May of 2012. It concerned my brother who died in May of 2009. When I woke, I went right to my journal and documented the dream and how I felt about it. Then I covered my journaling with the images.
In my dream the dragonfly was dead, but the story I told was about the dragonfly rising in flight....
my belief about life after death and a reconciliation with my brother...
I did not realize until later that I had rewritten the dream, until I finished my pages..

To me, art journaling is about writing your own stories and creating your own endings..

Art Journal pages, Caterina Giglio, 2010.
ingredients: gesso, acrylic paint, paper ephemera, pencil, pen, watercolor, fabric wings, walnut ink, thread. 

6. Experimentation
 My journal is a safe haven for trying out new techniques, and products and styles. 
 I consider my journal to be part diary, part visionary journal and part of it is a lab
for exploring new frontiers...
for experiencing a fearless joy of discovery...

Detail of art journal page, Caterina Giglio.
ingredients: crackle paint, cardboard, paper ephemera, acrylic paints, pencil, fabric.

playing with crackle paints and Italian collage
in my journal..
experimentation is the cornerstone of any studio..
the best things happen when I say, 

"I wonder what would happen if I did..." 

working in an abstract form in my journal allows me to express my emotions
without using figures to represent the people or situations that 
are manifesting in my experience..

Caterina Giglio, Art Journal page, detail of Italian collage..

and finally... you don't need to be an artist to journal...
a visual journal is a wonderful way to keep a diary of images that represent what is happening around you. Just keeping a small book of paper ephemera that comes to you each month would be a great way of documenting life..

the pencil remark on this last page reads..


ciao, ciao..

There are a number of fabulous teachers out in the field right now... here are just a few:

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Beach Combing, Shells and Magic

there is something magical
about beach combing

it is clever..
you never know when it will 
sneak up

Meg DeWeese and Mr. La Dolce Vita, on the beach in St. Petersburg

were off and ready to stroll..
wiggling toes in sand..

and feeling
a tug on the heart from the waves...

magic makes memories...

and pulls us pensively inward...

there is a true color to magic..

and you know it when you see it...


and just barely shimmery...

you feel it..
a sparkly kind of feeling...

try as you might...
to savor it...
it is transitory..

like a melting snowflake,
a good bottle of wine,
or words written in sand...

and so all sweet things
must end...