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Tuesday, October 18, 2016



some studio days
are very productive..

even though

I never finish a piece of work...

some days
are all about creating elements

 to use 
in my work...

just making a stash of beautiful papers...

to rip up or use whole in
a collage or a painting...

and while I don't really have anything finished..

it still feels great to have 
some awesome images to use...

The plate and the print above..

creates basically one print..
from a plate..

in this case I used
 cardboard covered with tin foil..
non stick, for those inquiring minds out there...

to serve as my plate

and I covered them with acrylic paints

using both a pencil and a feather quill
to subtract the paint and 
write and indent on the 
tin plate

and I used a lot of brown kraft paper
for the first go around..

and finished with

antique book pages..

What I love about monoprinting 
is that each print is unique 
and totally different..
and you never know what you have until you
lift the print..

Next week I will have 
a quick post before we leave on our 
great adventure..

thank you as always for 
stopping by,
leaving your comments..
and lurking lovingly..

here at the sweet life..


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Artist Shelfies

Just for something different..
I thought 
a studio tour

by way of 

would be a nice change...
after all..
 we are all voyeurs..
aren't we?

we long to look..

to see into the soul..
we think that by viewing the things
a person attracts, 

Photo above by Neva Gagliano

we can know a person better...

Miss Kuhlins, Wood block encaustic sculpture, Caterina Giglio

but we would be wrong wouldn't we..?

The person I am today,

dear reader, is vastly different from the
who began blogging in 2008...

carved and smoothed by both love and loss..
and new beginnings..

and one cannot ever truly know another..

but still,
my shelves hold treasures that I

bird nests,
and eggs, real and handmade..

shells and found feathers..

antique bits and books..
jars filled with tiny shells..
metal boxes rusted with age..

all little shrines..
they remind me that it is all for us..
this marvelous world..
made just for us, to enjoy..

how blessed we are...

what's on your shelf?

ciao, ciao!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

September Journal Pages

Each month, dear reader...
I share my art journal pages
with you..

but I don't always like them..

They are often so close to the bone, 
that I find them

quite raw..
unsettling to view...

sometimes they are 
just ugly pages..
to me anyway..

What matters is that I do the work and show up each month
and find out what is really

going on in and around me..

this months started out totally differently
and ended up being more
about my inner child...

layers of paint and paper
and writing..

litter the pages...
like peeling wallpaper..

I carefully ripped back the layers...
find myself again...

Ingredients:Acrylic paint, walnut ink, stencils, chalk pens, pencil, pen and ink, paper ephemera, antique photos, rub- ons. 

and now... to clean up the studio..
organization always leads to discovery..
funny how that works..

who knows what I will come up with..
but I will be sure to share it..


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Travel Journal 2016

We will be flying to Italy
this fall..
birthplace of my grandparents..

and so I was in need of another journal...

but lacking time, 
I chose a standard sketchbook
to alter and use for the 
3 week journey...

and because I write daily, 
I wanted something that had a lot of pages
unfortunately, I could not find a 
mixed media book, that fit my 

I chose the sketch book above from Michaels
and ripped off the tree image...

and set about to make it my own..
above will also have my 
name and address

and then I made a cover...

with an antique postcard of two women
in Nice, France..

and then because I was not satisfied...
I made another one...
from an antique guide book..

and chewed on which one to use
while I worked on the insides...

Which one do you think I chose?

page one
we spend 3 days in Rome
before venturing off to Florence..

I am sure I will have a lot to write about...

and of course you need envelopes to capture
and paper memorabilia..
all those 
business cards from memorable restaurants
and shops...

and in the end..

I chose the Travel 2016 cover..
with an antique map of Rome
and an Italian stamp
gifted to me by my friend 

so now I can finish up on 
my September pages...

see you next week..
gentle readers..


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Beach Balm

For those of you
getting sweaters out and harvesting pumpkins
it is still summer

just sans tourists..
it is time right now for the locals 
to come out and play..

our weather won't really break until late October...

So we took a day off last week,
to journey to the beach..
to enjoy the balm
of the ocean..

and the hypnotic sound of the surf..
a meditation in itself...

the expanse of sky and ocean..
reminds me that possibilities are simply unlimited...

and there are reasons
that it is called
Clearwater Beach..

the clouds were spectacular..

kissing the sand dunes 
and hugging the shore...

it was a perfect day..
sparkly, peaceful..

a perfect
balm for the soul...

see you next week with
my new travel journal..

ciao, ciao!