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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Carte Postale- Part Two

I had so much fun with this series..
I hope it shows...
sometimes art just makes itself...

and perhaps that is the benchmark for being in the flow
of creation... 

Detail from Carte Postale, Caterina Giglio

as you know,
I adore layers and I enjoyed building
texture upon each layer of paint and paper...

Carte Postale, mixed media painting, 8 x 8 cradled board, Caterina Giglio

I have always been fond of polka dots and have used them
before, but this time, 
I used them as a major theme,
and it feels whimsical and fresh to me...

In Context, mixed media painting, 8 x 8 cradled board, Caterina Giglio

Most of the post cards and stamps were given to me

 In Context, detail, mixed media painting, Caterina Giglio

with the exception of the one below,
which I purchased at an estate sale in 
Fort Collins many years ago..

I used the original from 1945
but made a photo copy 
for the collector to keep...

# 44 Paris, mixed media painting, 8 x 10 Caterina Giglio

and in this piece I enlarged the original postmark
since there was no stamp..

Detail from #44 Paris, Caterina Giglio


Copy of the post card used in #44 Paris

and the last piece
is a favorite,
a post card from Versailles ...
Marie Antoinettes little Hamlet..

#91 Versailles, mixed media painting, 8 x 10  Caterina Giglio

Detail from #91, Caterina Giglio

So now I am off to buy hardware 
and get these
ready for shipping...

I will have them in the 142 bis gallerie
listing next month
after they arrive in 
Fort Collins...

As always, I am most grateful for you
dear readers and thank you in advance for your comments...


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Carte Postale- Part One

I have been working
on my new series..
Carte Postale

and I am putting the finishing touches

on some of the larger pieces..

I was not satisfied with mounting them
on paper
and decided to put them on cradled boards 
which pleased me
and gave me an opportunity to add 
even more texture..

 this series began as I was going through
old post cards and stamps and was
graciously given
a lot of wonderful old stamps
by my friend Jeanne...

it is so seldom, 
that we receive a post card

often a business will send them out..
but the old 
romantic thought of sending a post card 
mostly fallen out of favor

a post card

was once a winged thought..
a desire to share an experience..
and wish that a special someone could share in the joy
of the sight...
the discovery...
the pleasure..

Part Two
will be here next week

and then...
and show time...

ciao, ciao!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

July Art Journal Pages

As I was loading the photos 
for this post, I realized that I have always
had a love affair with trees..

my first published work was
 my senior year book..
in high school,
they published a few pen and ink sketches..
my favorite was
a tree of course...

to me they represent wisdom ..
and grace..

and allowance..
they just be a tree and they do it so well...

there are two trees here, one on each page,
 in the light,
and one is in the shade...

they remind me that we always have a choice
to sit in the shade or the sun..
to be in light
or dark..

to look at things with hope or dread..

my trees holds promise..
incubating healing love and putting down roots..
new and wonderful things to grow...

ingredients: gesso, acrylic paint, walnut ink, paper ephemera, cloth, tissue papers, pencil

work goes on..
in the studio...
I have been working on my
Carte Postale collection
for the fall
and will be sharing that with you next Tuesday..

until then...


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Summer Break

with such gorgeous
summer days

I thought it was high time
I took a little blog 


a little

rest is a perfect way
to celebrate the summer...

hope  you are having a magical..


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Art Blogs to Swoon Over

blog hopping 
is my one weakness...


as you know..
and here are a few that I frequent..


Fiona Dempster

Maya Mathews

see you next week,
dear reader...


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Garden Concertinas

What a lovely post

 to find
Garden Concertinas
back from their visit to 

Poetique (Sunflowers), Fleurs, Books on Gardening, mini concertinas, Caterina Giglio 

offices in California...

in case you have not see the latest issue of 
Sew Somerset...

Back cover of Fleurs

I wanted to share my books 

with you all..
dear readers..

front cover of Fleurs, mini concertina

in the article I share the techniques 
I used to make my ribbon hinged books..

The inside of Poetique (Sunflowers) the inside reads, Sunflowers...

as always, I am grateful to 
have a platform to teach others
to stretch out 

The back and front cover of the mini concertina, Poetique 

The substrate is 
heavy watercolor paper,
papered with antique French book pages
and sanded back and then painted...

the floral drawings are
all hand sketched with pen and ink
tracing paper
to allow the background to come through..

peeking inside a garden...

 to find a treasure...

Inside view of Books on Gardening

"I have a garden all my own, but so with roses overgrown... 
that you might deem it such mess, but truly it's my

it is always nice to have finished work to share with you...

in the studio
I am working on
my Carte Postale Series
that will
this winter
at 142 Bis Gallerie..

and I have a few other things 
in process
July Art Journal pages..

and I will be back next week..
on Tuesday
as usual..
until then...

ciao, ciao!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

June Journal Pages

It could have been July...
all month, 
I have been pondering the nature



examining my feelings on the nature of feeling free...

looking through a microscope
my beliefs ...

and finally 
rewriting some of my long held
beliefs about 


there is a lot going on around us
these days, 
and we each of us
has to learn to 
and grow..

or not....

ingredients: Antique ephemera, old book pages, acrylic paint, colored pencil, gel medium, wrapping paper, pen, pencil, mixed media paper.

what are you changing?

or not?