Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Those tiny Books!

My dear ones..
I have finished the tiny books..

Mixed Media Mini Collage Book

and I thought you would like 
a little traipse through..

Mixed Media Mini Collage Fabric Book

first from my 
Morning Garden book..

Mixed Media Mini Fabric Book

a few pages that I love..

Mixed Media Mini Fabric Book

and the bridal tulle
that obscures 

Mixed Media Mini Fabric Book

My Little Italia Book

I love the collage cover..

Mixed Media Mini Fabric Book

The plain fabric pages are yummy..

Mixed Media Mini Fabric Book

I am still in love with this 
tiny bit
from an old Antique album..

Mixed Media Mini Fabric Book

Leo's Lily..
representing new beginnings..

I added a tiny slice of script to the bottom
of the cancel..

Mixed Media Mini Fabric Book

The Florentine paper and painted lace scrap
was the opening page of the book..

Mixed Media Mini Fabric Book

and the last page was inspired..

Mixed Media Mini Fabric Book

by all the street shrines.. 
that live on every corner in Italy..

My tiny heartfelt tribute
to Italy..

Mixed Media Mini Fabric Books

I am making painted papers
to use as inspiration for my next video..

I might even work on my March Art Journal pages..

or perhaps finish a painting..

but I will simply follow the inspiration
where it leads..
it is much easier that way!


Friday, March 27, 2020

Tiny Fabric Book

Ciao, dear ones..
this little video is 
all about freedom..

which we so need right now..

the freedom to create a mini book and choose whatever topic we
want to express..

the freedom to release our perfectionistic tendencies 
and open to the flow of possibility

I will be finishing my little book this weekend
and I will share photos of my
Italia book
on Tuesday..

Have fun with it, create, create, create!
with all this time on our hands, 
make something
and enjoy being in the flow!


Tuesday, March 10, 2020

February Art Journal Pages

I think I was probably 40 years old when I realized
how very shallow my love was..

I really thought I was a lover
but I was not...

February 2020, Mixed Media Art Journal pages.. Falling in Love with Myself

 I was quite self critical..
I found fault with others ...
and my relationships suffered..

It's ironic that I really thought I had deep love for others, 

when I began to journal write about the things I loved about myself
I found it was a
 pretty short list
on the other hand, my list of self improvements were long..

So I decided to start some self improvement work..

It has been many years since I began my practice 
and each February ... 
as many of you know..

I write myself a 
little love letter.. 
often obscured and yet 
visible in some form..

"The Secret to attraction is to love yourself."
Deepak Chopra

this year after writing on the bare page.. 
and then on top of the painted page,
(yes, I have lots of things to love...)
I decided to use an image that I had 
which was a bit crumpled and ragged..

I blew it up to play with the proportion
and as a metaphor for the importance and the change
that has manifested in my life
in releasing my self criticism 
in favor of Self Love..

Ingredients: Antique ledger paper, antique image, paper ephemera, acrylic paint, satin glaze medium, pen, colored pencil.

In the studio this week..
I am prepping for 
a new video on Friday..

Still playing with Art Graf..
I finally figured out how to mono print with them..
painting and working on a new grouping of works...
collage and decollage
and painting.. mixed media floral paintings..

busy.. and happily creating..
see you soon!

Ciao, ciao!

Friday, February 28, 2020

Review of Art Graf

These are such fun..
and it made me want to start a new side bar list
of my favorite products ...

I don't work for any company...
I just want to share what I learn with all of you..

Wet, dry, painted, watered
or working wet into the paper,
they are fun...

If the video says that it is unavailable
then click on the link below that that says 
watch this video on YouTube

highly saturated with color and they play well with others.
on the next video, I will share the technique I found to
mono print with them,
it is unique and interesting..

Well my dear ones..
may your weekend be glorious and I wish you happy
hours art making..


Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Roses at Dusk

I never set out to be a rich and famous artist...

What I wanted, 
when I decided to pursue an art career, 
at the ripe old age of 50..
was to create authentic work.

I wanted to follow the inspiration trail wherever it lead.
I chose to move from media to media
as the call came forward.

I had watched, as other artists, 
friends of mine
became trapped in whatever media,
whatever "style" they had developed 
and were unable to change
and grow ...
following the restrictions 
of both collectors and representation,
who were unwilling to see 
anything new..

I learned from that and chose a different path, 
my representation is so open and easy and Meg is always  fascinated by my new
creations, no matter how unorthodox they might seem to others. 
That is great representation, and I am so grateful.

Authentic work..
that phrase is annoyingly overused, 
and yet I cannot find another phrase that 
describes it..
being true to not only what I want, 
but where my focus moves ..
it affords me the luxury of being able to create what I feel in my heart
and express it with whatever media I choose that will impart it
in the best way possible. 

 that offers
complete freedom...

For me, every piece of work I create has a story.
and this one begins in loss.
The loss of one painting and the gift of another.

I worked this piece
 from my personal photo stash of roses captured at twilight..
that mysterious time that creeps up and silently 
and slowly spills darkness ... 

It is, in my experience, 
a special time that fills with promise..
it brings the dream time..
and the awakening of changes..
of old patterns of behaviors.. changing old connections 
and the unfolding of new opportunities ..
the welcoming of gratitude.

This piece is a gift in more ways than one..
it seeks only to convey love..
and a promise of new beginnings
for both myself

and the recipient..

See you this Friday.. on YT 
 I promise a review of Art Graf Earth Colors
Tailor Shapes..

right now
 I am busy just trying not to get them all over everything..


Tuesday, February 18, 2020

January Art Journal Pages

January is all about me..

I don't mean that in an arrogant kind of way..
and I think most of us tend to do a lot of soul searching in January
I think it has a lot to do with the fact that traditionally 
the end of the year was a scary time...
The old north wind and grim reaper were constantly in collaboration..

 I always create a self portrait in January
and I write about what is happening for me personally, spiritually and physically.

what I always find is that my thoughts always turn up
in my body and around it..

there is no escaping the fact that 
my thought manifests into form..

Ingredients: black gesso, colored pencil, Caran d' Ache, china marker, antique paper ephemera.

I suppose it has so much to do with watching my 
Father in Law 
in decline,
 that I am renewed in my
desire to create exactly what I want..
and thinking about my own mortality..
and though none of us knows how we will end up..
I believe that we can make better choices for ourselves and
for those around us..

There is nothing like contrast to create
great desire.

 I believe that hair has memory, 
I am weaving my thoughts,
affirmations and desires in the tangled layers..

like a treasure map..
magnetizing my future..
I know it sounds so simple..
but it really is quite complex..
as there are a million potholes
to negotiate..

what am I working on?
the floral you always see in the background of my videos
and a small floral painting that will be a gift..

I have just started my February Art Journal pages..
writing a new love letter to myself..

and working on new pieces to take
to my class
in August 
in San Diego..

and then there is the garden..

calling to me..


Friday, February 14, 2020

Paper Travel Folios

Ciao, dear ones! 

Since we are headed back to 
Europe in April,
I decided to make some little paper folios 
to keep all of my ephemera

These are so simple and easy to make..

but you could embellish them
with fun closures or ribbons...
and even stitch them if you wanted...

I have to decide on a book for my travel journal too..
but that is a video for another day!!

I will be posting her again on Tuesday with my finished
January art journal pages..
so until then...


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