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Friday, December 2, 2016

Carte Postale Show

is the opening
of my
Holiday Collection

Carte Postale

I am delighted by the response to this
show and we have already sold a couple of pieces..
in the pre sales

to view the collection and prices

Carte Postale, 8 x 8 signature piece 

go to 

and yes...
they ship

dear hearts...
sending you blissful
holiday greetings..
with a grateful heart..


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Paper Quilts

What a lovely surprise
to find 
a complimentary copy of 

Artists' Cafe

in my mail box

and to see that

Stampington had chosen

Paper Quilts...

just some of my
very favorite works...

and so timely
don't you think?

I hope you will pick up a copy...
I am as always in
excellent company!!

Next Tuesday, my travelogue continues..

Ciao, ciao!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Roma, Part One

Three weeks 
is a long time
gentle reader,
 to be gallivanting the globe..

we left at Halloween
and now I am making 
holiday plans..

Can you imagine...?
this was the view from our
in Roma..

it came with charming old shutters to keep out the light and noise
so we opened the window for fresh air..
and leaned outside
to people watch and take in 
Vestal Virgin square..

is a boutique hotel
that offers a full breakfast
each day included in the price,
and it was a lovely place..
I would highly recommend it..

with a roof top bar and in the center of town
within walking distance to Termini Station..

we had many things on our list to see
and one of the top sights
was the 
Trevi Fountain

so we left early and eager to go to the 
Trevi Quarter
which is charming...

one of the things I adore 
are the details..
it is my one weakness you know..

the bronze faces with no explanations ...

and frescoes on buildings...

plants left at doorways..

bikes sporting flowers
say welcome in any language..

and we ate lunch twice
in the quarter...
once at 
Locanda Giulietta E Romeo
which had the best gf pizza ever and outstanding 

once at the hotel below..
Trevi Hotel
both of them are

 literally steps away from this...

which is one of the great treasures of the world
if you ask me, 
and just spectacular 
to view in person..

it took my breath away..

to shoot this photo, I was standing on the steps of the
church which is across from 
Trevi Fountain..
I was hoping to impress on you the scale and size..

the beauty is obvious,
but the scale of everything in Italy is
and amazing..
at times

and then 

we turned inward from the crowds and visited
the church..
lighting a candle for our
dearly departed..

and whispering blessings to each other..

we left the quarter
and made plans for the next day..

to be continued..
see you next week..
I missed you all...


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October Journal Pages

I was preoccupied by my
sister's visit 
this month..

in a good way, since we 
always have fun

but it kept me from finishing my
journal pages..

until the last minute..

but then ...
I usually take all month to do my pages..
and that is one reason that they are always quite

they literally reflect
all the things going on in my world..

I was thinking about the lotus flower...
 how it grows so 
perfectly and beautifully in mud..

rising up
free and stunningly gorgeous...

ingredients: acrylic paint, pencil, stencils, tissue paper, antique lace, wrapping paper, old cardboard, mono print, walnut ink.

I will be taking a little blog break..

if you want to follow my adventures
friend me on 
FaceBook and or Instagram..

as always I am
grateful for your kind readership..


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

In The Boneyard

The old north wind
is beginning to blow...

we feel it even here 
down south 
in Florida..

mornings are chilly..

leaves are falling..
time for things that go bump in the night..

and if you have been reading my blog for a while,
you know I do love a good bone yard..

especially at the end of the day..

When the shadows are long
and twilight is nagging...
who can resist long shadows?

my favorite boneyards are the oldest ones..


unreadable stones..
tears were dried long ago..

there were no glorious carved angels 
or monuments in this 

just simple markers..

and with so many stones weathered clean..
it reminded me of all of those nameless
photos in flea markets..

and it seemed heartbreakingly beautiful..
in so many ways..

My great adventure begins shortly
dear readers..
but I should be able to squeeze in a blog post on October
pages before I go..

until then..


Tuesday, October 18, 2016



some studio days
are very productive..

even though

I never finish a piece of work...

some days
are all about creating elements

 to use 
in my work...

just making a stash of beautiful papers...

to rip up or use whole in
a collage or a painting...

and while I don't really have anything finished..

it still feels great to have 
some awesome images to use...

The plate and the print above..

creates basically one print..
from a plate..

in this case I used
 cardboard covered with tin foil..
non stick, for those inquiring minds out there...

to serve as my plate

and I covered them with acrylic paints

using both a pencil and a feather quill
to subtract the paint and 
write and indent on the 
tin plate

and I used a lot of brown kraft paper
for the first go around..

and finished with

antique book pages..

What I love about monoprinting 
is that each print is unique 
and totally different..
and you never know what you have until you
lift the print..

Next week I will have 
a quick post before we leave on our 
great adventure..

thank you as always for 
stopping by,
leaving your comments..
and lurking lovingly..

here at the sweet life..