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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sanibel Inspiration

What a difference a beach day makes..

even the worst day at the beach 
is a welcome respite..

last week we were headed for 
Sanibel Island..

the weather was lovely...
a bit breezy as usual, but gorgeous...

it was a decent walk thru the park
and over a bridge...

across the 

lots of trees..
gorgeous forest..

and sea grapes..

and then the
beach appears...

"The tides are in our veins."
Robinson Jeffers

and the sun sparkles..

of course the first thing you have 
to do is drop all the luggage...
beach chairs and umbrella...
cooler and towels...

"Every time we walk along a beach some ancient urge disturbs us so that we find ourselves shedding shoes and garments or scavenging among seaweed and whitened timbers like the homesick refugees of a long war."
Loren Eiseley

and go down to the water...

putting feet in water..
jamming toes in sand..

and searching for shells...

the best shells are 

the sea weed of course...

That magical pull of the sea, 

doesn't every one feel it..?
it is as if....

a long lost love is 
whispering your name..

take off your shoes ..
 come be with me...


Monday, May 9, 2016

April Pages

Dreamy April...

so many dreams..

I found I was journaling about my dreams..
though I journaled about other things too... I
kept going back to my nightly dreams
spiders, people..

and snakes..

while I am not crazy about either of those .. 
spiders or snakes..
they represent 
creativity and death and rebirth 
to me anyway...

and those are things that cannot be ignored..

I tried to capture what it feels like to wake upon 
you all know that feeling...

wanting to remember the dream and all the details
before it fades into the mist 
as we move across the bridge of 
the unconscious to the land of waking reality..

For years I kept a dream journal
and interpreted my dreams
the symbols...
and the situations...

and now I have a pretty good idea
about the story they tell...
revealing the direction I am taking and
allowing me to change course 
if I want to...

and forewarning me of things
to come...
relationships that will change...

I started this month by writing directly 
on the unprimed page...

painting over the words..
transferring  images...
the pensive woman is the only transfer remaining..

and then collaging and decollaging the page..

ingredients: Art Graf pencil, acrylic paint, antique paper ephemera, book pages, tissue paper, wrapping papers, transfers with gel medium, walnut ink, 

paint, collage, rip tear..
destruction and creation..
the goddess Chaos 
at work...

I am off for a little holiday to the beaches south of us
and will take my camera with me..

to share the wonders of sand and shells
with you dear reader..

ciao, ciao..

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Collage and Decollage

in the studio
is sometimes a slow process...

I have been toying with
decollage lately..
in between

other projects...

for those of you who are not artists..
decollage is the opposite of collage..

decollage is achieved by cutting, tearing and removing 
collage bits to create something new...

peeled layers revealing print..
 straining to listen in on the conversation..
what would it say? what secrets are revealed?
the layers are so intriguing..

a perfect example of collage and decollage is the
unfinished piece below...

Decollage and collage piece, WIP, Caterina Giglio

and although I have no finished pieces...

to share with you yet...

some of the details are fun...

Besides that, I am
also working on some stacked collage 

such busy days in the studio for me right now...
April pages are almost finished..
and I am working on my winter submission
for Sew Somerset...

 I have submitted my art book
the little concertina
to the gallery in Canada..

keep your fingers crossed for me..

you will be the first to know...
as always, thank you gentle reader...


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Conversations With My Mother

I have precious few family photos...
I suppose that might
be common in families

that experience alcoholism
and abuse..
many photos and possessions were lost..

so standing in for 
me and my mother are

all a bit lost too..

my book is almost finished..
just a few threads need to be snipped..
some small bits of paper glued..

last minute touches..

creating this art book was so very good 
for me..

very uplifting 


the little muslin bag is a
hand stitched envelope..

connected with little tiny stitches ..
and I did wax the threads..
which will keep them from tangling too much..

I want to thank you all
for being such remarkable support..

and understanding my desire 
to work on this relationship

I am pleased with the finished piece
and if it is not chosen for the show..
have made something that
that speaks volumes
by saying
so little..


Tuesday, April 19, 2016


gentle reader...

we find ourselves 

in a moment 
of such intense  
and we consciously remember ...

art is life..

watching the setting sun
in the garden and on our pool..
I was reminded of something
the Sufi mystic Hafiz said...

"Art is the conversation between lovers...

Art offers an opening for the heart...

True art makes the divine silence in the soul..
break into applause."

and art is everywhere..

such beauty
can surely transform
any heart...

Hafiz says..

Art is, at last, the knowledge of
Where we are standing..
Where we are standing
In this Wonderland.

may you all have a blessed 
and beautiful week..


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hand Stitched Mini Concertina

First off, let me thank you all
for your wonderful and heartfelt comments
on my 
April pages..
your support and friendship means so much
to me.
I was astounded to learn that so many of you had similar experiences
with a parent..
and I was truly gratified to have shared a part of
my story with you...

This book project is related to that post
the continuing work on that relationship...
which even in death continues..

Sometime ago, 
I was asked to consider 
sending a book to a show

so several months ago
I began this concertina..
 you might remember 
it as this WIP

since then, it has taken shape..

the pages are collaged..
papered with French pages..
painted three times
and printed with very old rub-ons

If you have ever used them, you know
that as they age they have a tendency to disintegrate...

and I liked that...
it suited my purposes..

I wanted the writing to be

more gibberish,
less substance..

as I worked on it, 
the title came to me..

Conversations With My Mother..

loose threads dangling may need to be waxed..
and I have also hand lettered pieces that are cut out waiting 
to be used...

the hinges are antique ribbon..
and I adore the way that the light filters through them

being able to see through
to the truth is important, I think....

It is still a work in progress..
but close to finished...
I am hand stitching a bag for it to ride safely
to Canada..

and I will share the finished
piece with you all

ciao, ciao!