Thursday, August 21, 2014


I am still waiting for 
the flooring to arrive..

dear reader.. 
and so have not been able to really unpack,

but I did locate the littles...

that I had been working on
before we left 
Chessy and got them out..

to varnish them at least..

it makes me itchy to get to work,
but there is so much to do..
I don't have time right now...
we still have plumbing issues..
and alas this home had not been maintained very well...

so we are playing catch up..

the tiny pieces here
are small canvas..
the butterflies are hand printed tissue paper..

which ripped coming out of the old printer..
which died and has been replaced..

the ripped tissue was at first a tragedy and then
I remembered that this show is about the patched.. and tattered wing
that continues to fly..
stitched and strengthened..

I smiled to myself as I found places for the tiny torn creatures..

they are untitled as of now...
but I am sure they will speak to me soon..

I am looking forward to new furniture
which we will choose next week..

in Chessy, I was working on a folding table...
not the ideal...
so we will remedy that next week...

and the days are just packed...
I am however painting...


not the kind of painting I love...
but painting nonetheless..


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Welcome Home

It was a rude homecoming, gentle reader..

a musty smell 
and the sickening sound of rushing water...

we soon realized the problem was 
in the back guest room..
the room I had intended to use as my studio...

the culprit below...

I have been excited about this space for three reasons...
one, the light and proximity to the pool... it has a lovely slider
two, it has a small pool bath... perfect for washing brushes eh?
and three, it has a walk-in closet for storage...

so, I was dismayed to find that it was the studio that was under
attack from the toilet intake..

the problem was was not just the studio...
we lost the carpet and the pad because there had been a vapor barrier 
and that held in the water...
it had to be completely ripped out, because the floors adjacent to the Studio are all
hardwood and we did not want to loose those...

so we surrendered it all let the restoration company 
pull all the wet material and we submitted to the deafening sound of the dehumidifier and 
the fans..

this week I was able to start searching thru the boxes in the garage and have set up a little makeshift studio... below..

the flooring seems to be healing, but we will have to wait and see what kind of damage we have with the wood...

We have had a lot of rain..
the view below is of the the front yard and the forest across the street...

We have one neighbor on the next street
and you can see their house thru the greenbelt...
so it seems to be very private...

and there are lots of gardening opportunities..
and empty flower beds...
not a flower in sight on the property...
but you know I can fix that...

the property sits on a "hill", which means it is a bit higher than the other homes and the backyard
slopes into the forest green space,  

I have seen monarchs and gorgeous yellow butterflies attracted to the one and only butterfly bush in the back yard..

and I have gardening opportunities in the pool cage as well..
so many things to do... but trying to keep my head in boxes and finding homes
for things...

So happy to be here and feeling so blessed that 
we got home in time to save the rest of the house...

I will be out to visit all your blogs, feeling hungry to know how you are all

ciao, ciao!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

So Long Chessy

after moving so many times,
I have found it is easier to say goodbye...
if you don't put down deep roots...

still there are always things you miss 
about a place and you leave a little piece of yourself, lost in the energy of
each place you live...

I think...

but you take things with you as well...
what I will miss about Chesapeake is the charm..

I just had to share the quaint and 


Farmers Market
which is located in Great Bridge under the tall pines
every Saturday morning...
I am a big supporter of Farmers Markets

This one is sweet and small
and corralled by a fence directly behind it 
which protects the Revolutionary battlefield
of Great Bridge

these are photos of the old baskets that
lie just beyond the 
fencing as you purchase your produce
in the lacy, tree lined, shade...

they are pretty fabulous are they not?
History is one of my weaknesses...
and I loved visiting these baskets each week...

but so is fresh produce and

lots of tomatoes...

and a smattering of
baked goods...
which of course I cannot eat, because I am Gluten Free...
but lovely nonetheless...

but I think I will miss my morning walks
the most..
the herons and wading birds...

and all the ponds...
the water ways...

fortunately there is lots of water 
where we are headed...

the studio is packed and 
 I will be taking a long
blog break...
to settle in and get unpacked...

I hope to be back in a couple of weeks...
to share photos of new gardens and new studio space..
see you soon!


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Small Works

I have been working
in a studio that is almost completely packed..
I have a few paint jars..

a couple of adhesives, 
4 paint brushes,
a pencil and a small bag of ephemera..

a bit challenging..
but I did manage to finish a few small
and I am working on 4 more...

for my 
December Small Works 
show at 
just sneaky peeks, mind you..

but peeks nonetheless...

these are tiny pieces... which for me is more challenging than
working large..
having space and freedom for me is liberating..
but then I am claustrophobic..

they are still unnamed..
but they are the first pieces in a big show..
dragonfly and butterfly
all torn or separated...

damaged but unbroken...

Thanks for being there, you faithful readers 
and silent lurkers..

how blessed I am to have your continued support..

 I appreciate you, everyone.. 

ciao, ciao!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

July Journal Pages

precious little art is going on right now...

but you know that art journal pages always happen..
squirts out..

July art journal page detail of paper wing, Caterina Giglio

I have been giving much thought to my new series..
of wings..

this series is less about the whole beautiful creature..
and more about the damaged wing, the the broken and patched,
the wing that flies in spite of the stitches..
the scars and hidden wounds..

Journal pages detail, July 2014, Caterina Giglio 

a lot of writing this month dear readers...
underneath... just below and on top...
desires, dreams wishes
and on top, affirmations...

of health and healing, happy new home, beautiful new life...

the wing below is hand drawn on cardstock and the feathers are torn from 
an old book, collaged and painted gold, embellished with pen and ink..

Two page spread, Art Journal Pages, Caterina Giglio

Ingredients: collage, gesso, acrylic paint pen and ink, antique book pages, staples, thread, cardboard

and now off to pack
and sort..
which sounds dull and boring..
but really it is
so very exciting
to be flying home..


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What's in a Name?

on first glance, gentle reader.. 
you might think
that these photos were taken by me..

but you would be wrong..

"We all grow up with the weight of history on us. Our ancestors dwell in the attics of our brains as they do in the spiraling chains of knowledge hidden in every cell of our bodies"

Shirley Abbott

Photo by Mary Giglio

they say the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree
and that is true, 
or in this case, the lily...

"The songs of our ancestors are also the songs of our children"
Phillip Carr-Gorman

Photo by Mary Giglio

these photos are the capture of my dear Auntie,
Mary Giglio...
who I have just recently had the pleasure to become reacquainted...
you see for much of my life my aunt was a nun
and I rarely saw her on holidays..

Photo by Mary Giglio

and though she has been out of the convent for many years, 
we have just recently been in touch with each other...
and so happy am I 
that we are...

Do you ever stop to think about who you are?
I am so blessed to know what my name means..
to know where I come from..
and from that knowledge, 
I know where I am going..

Photo by Mary Giglio

I can see in her photos what we value
what I was taught..
and what is precious...

Photo by Mary Giglio

She told me that she no longer paints or draws..
but she loves photography..

and she regularly sends me wonderful photos
that speak to my heart..
and come home in my soul...
the DNA in my eyes sees the same things
that her eye spies..

"We who with songs beguile your pilgrimage... 
And swear that Beauty lives though lilies die. We poets of the proud old lineage
who sing to find your hearts,
we know not why,
What shall we tell you?
Tales, marvelous tales
of ships and stars... "

James Elroy Flecker

in looking at her photos, I can see the faces of my
grandparents, my aunts, and uncles..
my cousins and family..

my father..

and I am reminded how very sweet is



Tuesday, July 1, 2014

blog hopping

We are off again..
taking a long holiday...

and I am ready for a blog break..
unplugging from my internet..
reading and resting... 

so I am leaving you with a blog hop..

the first artist below
is amazing.. his work is beautiful...

I am delighted to say that I won this beautiful piece of art
in a giveaway.. recently...
I follow 

Eric Adama
and his blog is called

Art work by Eric Adama

you have to go and check out his work
very cool ...

and the next artist is

Brian Kastle...
and this journal page is just 
amazing don't you think?

Brian's blog is called

and he teaches classes in art journaling...

and the last blog
is written by
my friend 
Roxanne Evans-Stout

and she is teaching a class in
my old hometown, Fort Collins, CO... so if you can make it in August..
it is being held in a very cool place..
Momo Lolo Coffee house
owned by my dear friend, Sarah Fishburn and her husband, Colin Gerety

Art Book by Roxanne Evans Stout, made with her stencils, from Stencil Girls

I would love to be there to play and make art, but alas, 
I am moving..
as you know...
she said pouting seriously..

So take a minute to give yourself a beauty break and check out some 
wonderful art blogs...
and please tell them that I sent you to go have a look see...

Wishing you all a safe and peaceful holiday
dear readers...