Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Art Myths - Busted

Lately I have seen a lot of art myths
related on social media..

now ... 
the perpetrators don't use the term 
but they unconsciously perpetuate the belief in the myth.. 
so today, I thought I would bust a few myths

for NON artists and artists alike..

1. Art is FUN
I hear this so often from non artists. 
Which generally makes me roll my eyes.

Art is like any other career.
There are parts that are fun, and lots of tasks and problem solving that is not fun.
Organization, marketing, photography, planning, sorting and scheduling social media..
and cleaning up studio and work desks, take up lots of time and energy.

Creation is not fun. 
It is a consistent act in surrender and release. 
The job of art is to surrender control so that the creative spirit can move through the artist
and manifest in a new creation.

If you work a "regular" job, then you have a boss, a company that you work for, you surrender to and as artists we have the same situation..
but we surrender to our calling and to a desire to create what we hold in our vision.
Sometimes it works.
Sometimes it doesn't.

But it is always work.

2. The Starving Artist
I realize that this is a big topic and I could write a whole post just based on this one myth.

The myth is..
Don't be an artist, artists don't make any money...
If you become an artist you will alway be poor...

The truth is that having a 9-5 job
when you are an artist can make your life miserable.. and 
having a job with a company and designated work week does not guarantee prosperity.
I know many people with "regular" jobs that always seem to be struggling financially.

The most important part of this is to 
love your work..
the second thing...

Never force your art to make money. 
and third 

Never work at a job you hate, just to make money. 

Find work that is creative and fun and that you LOVE to do 
and create happily when you can..

Release resistance to accept new opportunities, ideas and assistance from others.

Making lots of friends who are artists will open doors to new and interesting ways to create wealth as an artist.
Learning business skills and using social media can definitely assist in creating prosperity.

If your motivation to be an artist was to
be rich and famous, chances are,
your work is less than authentic..

I completely believe in cultivating a deep sense of gratitude for my collectors, my readers, my viewers and of course my Gallerie.. and representation..
as I give thanks and always feel full, I am consistently 

Never doubt or fear that prosperity will stop, 
or it will, 
once you are in the flow of currency, 
sail in on gratitude.

3. Artists are Messy.
You have all seen the videos.
The photos of artists with paint covered hands.
Painting happily with their fingers..
The pictures of messy studios.

Those images fuel 
Myth #1.. 
art is fun...

Yes the creation of art can be messy. 
My desks are often cluttered. 
Especially in the midst of creation.
Some artists like to work that way.
I am not one of them.
I have to keep things tidied as I go..
If I cannot find something, to use in my work then it is useless to me. 
So organization is key.

I generally work in a series.
That means that I continuously work on several pieces at one time.. in a theme 
or focused around an idea. 
It also means that I have to spread out take over the studio 
and when I finish a few pieces..
I clean up around me before I begin again.

Being an artist is a hazardous job.
Working with Chemicals is dangerous.
Read the labels, go to the websites.

Non toxic does not mean you can use your finger as a brush..
it simply means that we do not know the long term effects of being exposed to those chemicals
Use gloves, wear a mask.. 
I use chemicals on a daily basis and I want to live a long and healthy life.

4. The Princess Syndrome
If I hear one more person complain that their mojo left, 
I just might eat an art stick!

As an artist I can say that your mojo never left. 
it is in the room with you, watching you complain that it isn't present..

I call it the Princess Syndrome, because some people are always waiting for that passion, that inspiration that mojo to show itself.. just like a Prince Charming.. 
that boy is never going to show up..

If you want to be inspired, just go to work..
I get up and go to the studio everyday.
and I have scribbled on a piece of paper a quote by 

Chuck Close
"Inspiration is for amateurs, the rest of us just show up and get to work."

The more we complain about anything, 
(including a lack of money) 
the less we have of it...

Now let me be clear, I am not saying that I never feel "stuck" 
or that I always know how something is going to turn out.
Because I don't.. 
it is NOT my job to know.
It is the creative energy, the muse, the creative spirit..
whatever you want to call it..

My job as an artist is just to be the conduit for the energy to flow through me.
Which sounds easy until you try it consistently..

The other thing about the creative force is that you cannot use it up.
If you use it it will keep coming back over and over ...

Never doubt or fear that it will stop... 
or it will..

Next week 
I will have my holiday collection finished
to share with you and I am also working on 

Ripped and Torn collection
and learning a lot about antique papers what they will and will not do..

Thank you for always stopping by and for leaving such wonderful


Friday, September 14, 2018

Mixed Media Art Journal- Flip Through

Not one!
but two videos for your weekend..
gentle viewers..

The first one is a chatty flip version 
in which I explain the whys of the spreads and point out 
all the transfers..

I chose this book to share because it was loaded with 
transfers and I wanted to show how I use transfers in my work..

My own personal photos are used for the majority of my transfers, but I also use
antique images as well..

The second film is a flip through with close ups from most of the transfers..
we filmed it this morning to show more detail..

Thanks for all your feed back, I so appreciate hearing from you..

 I am sending my love and prayers to my friends

in the path of 
my heart goes out to you
as I know what you are going through..


Tuesday, September 11, 2018

August Art Journal Pages

Her soft eyes were fixed on the distant sea..
the business of inner work...

I spent some time in August..
just traveling inward..

August 2018 Journal Pages, Caterina Giglio, Reflection

and looking at my part in the things
that happened some time past..

it is good to contemplate..
to make assessments..
to forgive, release and forget..

if I want to move forward .... 

after all..
love is For-getting and love is For-giving

especially concerning oneself...

Love the nothing, flee the self.
Stand alone, Seek help from no one.
Let your being be quiet.
Be free from the  bondage of all things.

Mechtild of Magdeburg

Ingredients: pencil, gesso, gelatin, paper ephemera, acrylic paint, paint pens, pen and ink

Looking forward to 
sharing one of my art journals with you
page by page...
this Friday..

 see you then,
gentle readers...


Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The Abstract Nature of Water

It was a dark and stormy day..

and I had every intention of
finishing my journal pages...

so that I could share them with you here

Caterina Giglio, WIP, The Nature of Water, Acrylic on canvas, 3' x 4' 

but my muse wanted to paint instead..
and being rather indulgent of the child artist within,

we just went with it...

I get lost in this painting..
it is 3' x 4' 

and when finished will take up a major wall
in my living room..

I have been working on it as time allows..
first the under painting and now the main body and soon 

Glazes will be applied to tone down the white at the top of the painting..
as you can see below...
the small photo that I am working on
as a reference..

And as long as I am sharing WIPs..
I might as well show you the biggest one of all.. 

I do hope to finish it soon..

my wall is very bare after all!

The Nature of Water, Caterina Giglio, Acrylic on canvas, 3' x 4'  WIP.. with reference photograph

but today I will be working on the 
pieces that I am sending to 
my amazing gallerie 
for this holiday season..

back to work..
back to the studio..

and by the way, all the books I am reading..
can be purchased by clicking on the image
and hopping over to Amazon..

thanks ever so much..


Friday, August 31, 2018

Glue Transfers

Sometimes all your best plans fall through
and you have to change your
mind and your plan..
I never mind going with the flow..

I am using one inexpensive glue 
and one that is a bit pricey,
but oh so versatile,
I think you might like it..

I sure do..
have a grand weekend,
dear hearts..

and have fun making transfers!


Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Studio Chaos

What a chaotic mess..
my studio is..
at the present moment..

Old papers and documents purchased recently need to find the drawer marked, Antiques...

was the goddess of creation..
and that is what is taking place in my studio at the moment..

Caterina Giglio, Excavations, Work in Progress, Mixed Media

the problem is,

Caterina Giglio, Work in Progress, Mixed Media on book covers..

it is taking up every flat working surface ..
and then some..

which generally means the floor..

Some fresh vinca's brighten the clutter..

part of the process of being a mixed media artist is
to peruse all the possibilities ..
so I am endlessly dragging out every piece of ..


Stitches on fabric..

and trying to decide where each thing wants to live..
listening for a confirmation..

sometimes though..
the chaos feels overwhelming to me,
and I fight back by putting a project in a zip bag and clearing a table..

just so I can breathe..

perhaps sit and gaze out at the distant sea...

Caterina Giglio, August Journal Pages, in Progress.."Her soft eyes were fixed on the distant sea.."

So, I am

Off to clear that table..

and play with some transfer methods
for you 
gentle readers..

see you on Friday, dear hearts..

Ciao, ciao!

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Bird Collages in Somerset Studio

Birds of a Feather
absolutely do flock together..

and if you get a chance to buy this issue, 
I hope you take a peek..

I combined antique bird prints,
and dendritic prints and small bits of stitches..

to create these collage
works on paper..

and as soon as I get the other pieces,
I will share them with you..

Lots of changes are going on at 
Stampington and as always, I am very grateful
to have my work

this week in the studio ..
I am working on some new pieces for 
Holiday for 142 Bis Gallerie..

think roots, growing things.. and old book covers...

and experimenting with transfers and some fun products
for my next YT video..

as well as tearing up old papers, which is my one weakness, you know...
my new series..


but never too busy to be grateful for 


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