Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Madonna and Child Roundels

Ciao gentle readers..
I am away with family as I write this post..
making it all the more poignant..

My 2019 holiday collection 
was inspired
 by the 
Della Robbia Roundels, 
they are Khadi paper shrines 
celebrating the art of Mothering and childhood. 
Mothering is often glued together with scraps and shreds that hold relationships in place, 
creating something from nothing.
 These shrines hide unseen stitches and feature antique etchings, prints, hand dyed fabric and gilded lace,
 that embellish the age old relationship
 of Mother and child.

I thought I would post a few details

from my Roundels

which are mixed media on handmade Khadi paper rounds..

If you are interested in seeing the rounds
just visit the galleria site..


Friday, November 8, 2019

Mono Printing and Printing With Inktense

Well my dears,
I thought it would be fun to share some
Inktense mono printing and printing

with you...

I have been experimenting 
and came away with 
3 techniques that I thought you might want 
to play with..
great things come from 

You can mix the colors, 
to create more subtlety
but I wanted to give you an idea of what
you can create with some very simple

We are off again for another family trip..
but I finished my Holiday Collection
I cannot wait to share it with you..

Madonna and Child Roundels..

and with so many trips..
I am behind in my studio work..
but I will catch up when I return home
next week..

I am so blessed to have you readers and viewers..
followers and lurkers..
thank you my gentle friends..


Friday, October 25, 2019

Inktense Pencil and Block Techniques

my gentle readers 
and viewers..
we have one foot out the door..
on our way to
 a happy event..

 I wanted to take the time to leave you with a new 

demonstration of my favorite techniques using 
Inktense Pencils and Blocks..

This was the suggestion of a dear viewer
and I had never thought to actually share this..

 if you have an idea for a post..
please let me know..
just put it in the comments section..
looking forward to
all your ideas..

Ciao, ciao! 

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Trip Inspiration Part 2

We both adore 
there is never any end of things to see and do..

and one of my dear friends..
Joanne Archer
lives near London and always pops into town to meet up with us..
like my friend Kirsten
she knows all the best places to visit..

I met Jo eleven years ago, online.. 
we were both bloggers
and connected through our love of art and antiques..

If you are on Facebook you can follow her 

she is an amazing artist and has an Etsy shop too..

The front door of Dennis Severs House in Spitalfields

Jo and I also have a fondness for the slightly creepy and 
and so she took us to 

Joanne Archer and Moi.. in Spitalfields, joyful in a dry moment..

If you are unfamiliar with it, 
do check out the link and there
are several YouTube videos that are quite entertaining
to view

Below are two photos that I took from 
Trip Advisor..

because photography is not allowed 
it is a SILENT tour..
which had us both pointing and miming ..
grinning and making faces of all kinds..
at the sheer wonder of it all..

I simply adored it..
no electricity and no heating, 
means that
candles and fireplace
 offer light and warmth
just as it once did..

and in the rainy and grey afternoon..
 the stairs were a little tricky..
it is wonderfully creepy
amazing ..
it truly IS like walking
into a 


Eleven years ago..
I became friends with Kirsten Löser
at the same time
and if you have not seen her beautiful home
and farm, simply scroll to the last post..

You can follow her on Facebook

she is also a fabulous artist and I had such fun shopping in her
gorgeous store!

Kirsten and Cat,  enjoying cake and coffee on her birthday in Den Gamle By.

I meant to add the photo above to the last post..
so I am including it now.. 

Looking up at the Tate Britain.

One place that I missed on the last visit was

So this time,
I made it a point to stop by
Turner and Moore and Pre-Raphaelites
Oh My!

Turner at the Tate Britain..

There were artists of all ages
copying the masters and there were classes 
of youngsters lying on the floor
just as I did as a kid..
it was simply lovely..

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

I cannot tell you how challenging it is to photograph paintings when they
hang from floor to ceiling..
and these are some of my best shots...

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

I have more favorite old dead artists 
than I can tell you about..
but certainly Turner, Rossetti and Sargent 
are in my mind 
very special ..
and it was remarkable to stand so close, 
to see paint lines and details and to 
be in awe of such

John Singer Sargent, oil on canvas, Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose.

This is one of my favorites of John Singer Sargent..
such a beautiful study of children, but such a master piece of contrast..
and such a mystical work..

Henry Moore at the Tate Britain,
above was just amazing..
I only wish I had had a few hours longer to really view all of his sketches and sculptures...

The next day
we journeyed to
which is the oldest art supply

This place is magical for artists..
when I entered
I was greeted and told..
"feel free to open drawers"
open sesame!

It was established in 1855 and it is unchanged and simply incredible...

the selection is unparalleled and puts
our modern chain stores to 
absolute shame..

It was fantastic to shop and find such great service

and knowledge about product and techniques...

and did I mention that the floors
creaked merrily
as I walked around?

If you go, prepare to spend money!
I only wish I had spent more...

Suffering through the rain in London! 

Thank you always for stopping by,
I am ever so grateful to you..
my kind readers, viewers..
and collectors..

We will be filming this week
so you will have that..

we are gone next week..
 for a very happy occasion..
a family wedding..

see you on 


Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Trip Inspiration Part 1

You know me..
 gentle reader..
a glutton for beauty..
and I found it on our adventure ...

at the home of our friends
Kirsten and Bjarne
in Arhus..

 I so admire a fine garden
 and they have a gorgeous
piece of property 
with a 100 year old farmhouse 
and all the animals you can imagine..
chickens, horses, ducks, rescue dogs, and a sweet rescue kitty..

Kirsten and I have been social media friends for many years and 
so it was lovely to finally meet her in person..

Autumn was a great time to visit..
the garden is just shutting down, but still dripping with color..
and fragrance..

Bjarne got us tickets to Aros, and we immersed ourselves in art
and the Rainbow Experience..
which is incredible and allows you to view the the cityscape
through a rainbow lens ...

Don contemplating the Rainbow Experience in Arhus.

We looked forward to London..
in spite of the rain..
well it ALWAYS rains in London..
and seriously
nothing would get done there if people let that stop them..

We stayed at an Airbnb with a view 
of Battersea Park 
and rain or shine the park was busy with runners,
and soccer players.. and people walking dogs ...

So out we went into the pouring rain..
Oyster card in hand and braved the weather to hop 
over to 

and I know I took you there last year...

but try to suffer through the awesomeness ..

and what did I buy?
Paper of course... 
Khadi, scrap paper, envelopes and book clips
and a 
New Bone Folder..
and a few presents that I cannot share...

cards for a little granddaughter 
who is not on 
social media..

Large Khadi rounds, scraps, envelopes, black wing erasers, and book clips..

and she certainly doesn't read blogs!!

so my dear ones, 
stay tuned and I will have part two of this post
for all of you not on social media..
and my visit to
L. Cornelissens

Which is a magical shop
for Artists...

Ciao, ciao!

Friday, October 11, 2019

Mini Antique Lap Book Flip Through

Ciao, dear ones..
I am back.. 
and settling in after an amazing trip
Copenhagen, Arhus and London..

I simply loved working in my journal
and I hope you will make one too..

As you might imagine, 
I am behind in my studio work and will
be working long hours 
in order to 
try to catch up
but next Tuesday, 
I will have photos from my trip and 
pics of all the supplies I purchased..


Tuesday, September 17, 2019

August Art Journal Pages

I suppose I don't need to tell you 
gentle reader..
that I am woefully late
on my Journal pages,
for August..

It is mid September after all..
but we have been dealing with a family issue
and it has taken

time and attention
as well as giving pause and consideration..

so I have not been in the studio as much as usual.

everyone deals with these things, 
and while I won't burden you with the situation..
I can at least let you know that it is at the root of my
August pages..

I recently wrote a little note to a friend who buried her husband 
a year ago... 

"without deep pain cutting a valley in the heart, 
true joy would simply wash and run off.
 The valley opens to receive a joyful soaking
 that is then transmuted into our being."

It doesn't matter what the situation
what the pain is like or about
situations do not matter

So I mindfully ripped old papers and painted
multiple layers..

this tree is something I look at 
I love the bony branches..
It seems to be an anchor for me.. 
slightly obscured 
by the other bigger and leafier trees

Ingredients: Acrylic paints, photo copies, old book pages, colored pencil, pencil,

but it stands like truth..
old and gnarled..
beautiful in age
and knowing it will not stand forever..
I appreciated it in

As you know, we are off again to travel
to far off places and visit dear

wherever you are and wherever you go
I wish you happy trails..


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