Friday, June 5, 2020

Mini French Journals

Mini, mini, minis,
you know how I love them
and I was inspired by 
French Journals 
that I saw at
Restoration Hardware
some time ago...

and so I was determined to make some
you could actually make a full size journal
using this technique
so I hope you play with it
and make a few for yourself...

and yes it is time for a break..
I need to rest and enjoy summer a bit, 
not going anywhere... 
but I will be working on some new ideas 

of course getting some work done
in the studio..

Be well gentle readers and viewers..
and be safe,
our country is tearing apart

but I have faith it will come back together..


Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The Plague Doctor

gentle readers..
in all my born days,
I never thought I would have any use for this

it was archaic, ridiculous and medieval ...

Personal Mixed Media Shrine

I got sick a couple of days after my birthday
in January..
and when I say sick 
I mean I thought I was drowning..
fatigued ..
out of it mentally..
chills came and went..
but the cough
lasted for a good 5 weeks..

it was only later 
that we realized that we had both 
probably had

Mixed Media Shrine

at the time
we just thought we had had bad colds..

so the idea of creating a shrine
to celebrate 
our health and survival 
seemed quite appropriate.

Personal Mixed Media Shrine

this personal shrine
has a hidden receptacle
as the image is glued to a box top and the bottom
box is adhered to the shrine.
I am collecting small things to represent this year..
and the hardships that we continue to endure.

our death toll increases daily
and people are so divided about what they believe and 
all I can think about 
is that if what I had was
corona virus..

I will gladly spare everyone that 
experience by wearing a mask in public..

Personal Mixed Media Shrine

If you watched the video
 then you know I was still deciding whether to
bead the corsage I gave the plague doctor
in the end I settled on French knots and threads..
and I like the loose threads
and see them representative
of all the unknowns still haunting us 
with this 

Personal Mixed Media Shrine

I have not made a shrine in years..
 this one honors all the lives lost
and the ones spared..

it marks a personal passage
as well as a collective 

and what comes in the near future?
only the plague doctor


Friday, May 22, 2020

Mixed Media Art-Part 3 Collage on Assemblage

Ciao, dear ones..
well it is Filming Friday 

and I hope you enjoy
this little video..

I wanted to come up with an idea that you could easily 
recreate in your own studio or work space
and can use it for a variety 

I love the plague doctor 
and thought it would be a perfect image to mark this 
extraordinary year...

As always
thank you for watching, and for your constant support..

I hope your weekend is healthy and happy..


Tuesday, May 12, 2020

April Art Journal Pages

Ciao, dear readers..
I have finally finished my

April Art Journal Pages

and I love how this works, 
I start with
 an idea in mind for my pages..

April Art Journal Pages

and my idea was that 
I was struggling with the garden..
with critters eating everything..
digging them up..
or knocking them over..

just your basic attachment issue
for any gardener..

eventually I realized that I had to let it all go..
and just find a sense of peace..

April Art Journal Pages

 I settled on 
an image from a book
and I decided to try drawing on antique tissue paper
which was very interesting
and lead to its own challenges..

when I finished
papering the pages, 
I saw that it was from a copy of

War and Peace..

of course it was..

April Art Journal Pages

Ingredients: Antique paper ephemera, black wing pencil, antique image

This is probably one of my simplest spreads
and yet it is one of my

Sending my kindest wishes to you all
for a healthy and happy week.


Friday, May 8, 2020

Part 2 Collage with Paper

 I have to say it is very interesting making demos
on video
trying to make decisions quickly
what elements I want to use.. 

I had a rough idea 
thought I would use
butterflies on each piece..

but changed my mind as I saw how the last piece
on book cover
was turning out..
(oops spoiler alert!!)

Enjoy the video 
I am now at work thinking about 
Part 3..
I am
wishing you all a magnificent 


Tuesday, April 28, 2020

March Art Journal Pages

We all remember 

It was the beginning of a 
new way of 


and I translated it as 
an interruption of 


March Art Journal Pages
Two page spread, March 2020 art journal pages

My pages changed several times..
I was simply never satisfied with them..
they just did not adequately describe my feelings

I am not at all sure it completely
incredible month that March was..
 for me.

"The True Artist, capable, practicing, skillful, maintains dialogue with his heart, meets things with his mind. The true artist draws out all from his heart."


Art Journal Pages


all we can really do is find a way to 
to redirect the flow..
of our attention...
our love,
our creativity 
and channel it
into things that make us feel better...
that bring pleasure...
and placing our attention
on those things,
will create at least a happy

Ingredients: Collage and Decollage, acrylic paint, mono prints on tracing paper. 

Art Journal Pages

In the studio
I am working on so many things..
new inspiration kits
April journal pages
ideas for the next video..

I send you all my heartfelt wishes
for a happy and healthy week..


Friday, April 24, 2020

Part One, Mixed Media Collage on Paper

Let's collage..

this pandemic 
gives all
so much 


and make some lovely collage pieces..

Today I thought we could begin a 
3 part series on Collage..

Next time we will work

on fabric and paper collage 
and the third segment will be
 I am so looking forward to sharing some ideas with you
about both..

we have so much time right now to
to make ..
to chew on ideas.. 
and to visually
our future..

Ciao, ciao!

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