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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Art Blogs to Swoon Over

blog hopping 
is my one weakness...


as you know..
and here are a few that I frequent..


Fiona Dempster

Maya Mathews

see you next week,
dear reader...


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Garden Concertinas

What a lovely post

 to find
Garden Concertinas
back from their visit to 

Poetique (Sunflowers), Fleurs, Books on Gardening, mini concertinas, Caterina Giglio 

offices in California...

in case you have not see the latest issue of 
Sew Somerset...

Back cover of Fleurs

I wanted to share my books 

with you all..
dear readers..

front cover of Fleurs, mini concertina

in the article I share the techniques 
I used to make my ribbon hinged books..

The inside of Poetique (Sunflowers) the inside reads, Sunflowers...

as always, I am grateful to 
have a platform to teach others
to stretch out 

The back and front cover of the mini concertina, Poetique 

The substrate is 
heavy watercolor paper,
papered with antique French book pages
and sanded back and then painted...

the floral drawings are
all hand sketched with pen and ink
tracing paper
to allow the background to come through..

peeking inside a garden...

 to find a treasure...

Inside view of Books on Gardening

"I have a garden all my own, but so with roses overgrown... 
that you might deem it such mess, but truly it's my

it is always nice to have finished work to share with you...

in the studio
I am working on
my Carte Postale Series
that will
this winter
at 142 Bis Gallerie..

and I have a few other things 
in process
July Art Journal pages..

and I will be back next week..
on Tuesday
as usual..
until then...

ciao, ciao!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

June Journal Pages

It could have been July...
all month, 
I have been pondering the nature



examining my feelings on the nature of feeling free...

looking through a microscope
my beliefs ...

and finally 
rewriting some of my long held
beliefs about 


there is a lot going on around us
these days, 
and we each of us
has to learn to 
and grow..

or not....

ingredients: Antique ephemera, old book pages, acrylic paint, colored pencil, gel medium, wrapping paper, pen, pencil, mixed media paper.

what are you changing?

or not?


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Waiting for the Light

it seems
I am always waiting for the light..
to either photograph..
or paint, the light is so important...

but it doesn't matter whether you are an artist or not,
the light is important for us all..

"an awake heart is like a sky that pours light"

I have always been an early riser..
I love nothing more than than to be up with the birds
listening to their songs..
the mourning dove crying..
the crow reminding me to pay attention..

balancing my coffee cup
on the arm of my chair...

and marveling at the dew drops...

"I discovered the secrets of the seas in the meditation upon the dew drop"
Khalil Gibran

just breathing in the serenity of the early morning

and thinking that all things come to pass..
not just the hardships..
but in our organic world,
even the beautiful moments..
and our special people..

and so I have been charging myself 
with being willing to see it..
each morning with renewed appreciation..

a bittersweet surrender...

while I await the light...


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Paper Stacks

everything in the studio is 

simply in process...

and as 
I prefer to 
blog weekly 

to keep you informed 
on the studio work...
it becomes necessary to share 
works in process...

not that I am crazy about that..
but I do know you enjoy

the process...
sometimes as much as
the product.

The pieces here are paper stacks that 
I am hand stitching

and will be mounted on 
antique book covers...
foxed pages, black bean dyed antique lace, wrapping papers and black threads...

 for my latest submission to 
Sew Somerset
and I am 
stringing words together slowly
in the studio for the article as 
I work on the 
book covers...

While we sizzle in summer...
my thoughts have drifted to winter..
if they are chosen to make their 
debut appearance 
in the December 1st 

So I am
off to work...
so many loose ends to tie..
and as always...
thank you for stopping by..

ciao, ciao..

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Helson Gallery

gentle readers,
I thought you would want to know...

I am so honored to have my work chosen

by the 
Ontario, Canada

to be exhibited
in the show...

Transformation: An Exhibition of Altered Books

I want you to know
how much I appreciated your 

your outpouring of kind words..
and encouragement as I 
first showed you this
little concertina...

the show is scheduled 
September 14-November 27

thank you for good wishes and prayers!


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

May Art Journal Pages

that is a word that keeps
coming up for me...

trusting the feminine 

as I journal..
noting all the changes that 
I am making on the inside of me...

documenting that visually
is sometimes 

as you already know,
dear reader...
if you have
followed my blog for any length of time
are always key to my work...

and my journal 
is a visual account of my relationship
with myself...

my thoughts...

my loves..
my fears..
my desires...

so perhaps it looks a bit chaotic..
lots of things going on internally, 
and such texture..

Ingredients: Ink, walnut ink, acrylic paint, antique encyclopedia pages, antique ephemera, gelli prints on deli paper, pencil.

and I agree with Emily....
 "to live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else... "

ciao, ciao..