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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Art is Everywhere

if you look closely..

you can find works of art everywhere..

it struck me as I was editing my
of this show last weekend
Mount Dora...

that repetition of form was in abundance...

and line was everywhere...

"the essence of drawing is the line exploring space"
Andy Goldsworthy

a tiny bit of red will make anything
stand out..
the color of blood arrests the eye...

"some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun"
Pablo Picasso

grouping things together
pulls the eye forward...

"the creative urge matters. Stories matter. Images matter. it matters that you were born with a genius, a guiding spirit, a daimon that may know more about your destiny than you do."
Phil Cousineau

form, color and line together 
create interest...

"I paint with shapes"
Alexander Calder

juxtaposing shiny with texture
and natural elements...
is charming...

is always intriguing..

the vessel
is infinitely fascinating..
and there is a universal desire to look within and to fill
the void..

Curiosity breeds creativity...

"art comes from everywhere. It's your response to your surroundings"
Damien Hurst

is everything...

"Creativity belongs to the artist in each of us. To create means to relate. The root meaning of the word  art is "to fit together" and we all do this every day.
Corita Kent

repetition of form
orders chaos....

"the task of art today is to bring chaos into order"
Theodore Adorno


ciao, ciao!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ripped and Torn Paper Collage

for those of you
who are not artists...
it might be interesting to know
that we artists sometimes
feel stuck...

although I can never say that I have artist's block...
I have too many ideas for that...
and my mind is constantly in a whirl...

Detail of Advent of Spring, Paper Collage, Caterina Giglio

but there are times when I push...
when I think I know best about what I want to create...
and when I feel that the work that I am doing is just not...
turning out the way I intended it too...

and that is when it dawns on me...

that I am stuck in the chaos....

and if I simply release control...

Larger Detail of Advent of Spring, ripped and torn paper collage, Caterina Giglio

it will all ...

come together perfectly...

Advent of Spring, ripped and torn paper collage, Caterina Giglio

And.. perhaps..

lead to something that is exactly 
what I what it to be...

Just a note, I have changes going on in the shop

check it out..

Friday, February 13, 2015

Art Journaling, Valentines and Self Love

was an awful year...

my personal life was pretty miserable...
my brother had just shot himself in the heart..
and I felt a powerful inner struggle
that was exacerbated by the things going on around me..

It was also the year I began to 
blog and named my blog
La Dolce Vita..

gentle reader
I literally took
my spiritual practice
and my art work

My art journal stack, my 2009 journal is on top..

I took refuge in art..
escaping to my studio, I created shrines, nichos and art
that reflected my personal spiritual work  

knowing that 
I am the attraction for all that comes to me
I decided then,

 that I needed to love myself..
more than I did then..
and it was a promise that I made to myself
that I would consciously make the effort..

2015 Journal Detail, February journal pages, Caterina Giglio.. Antique bible pages gifted from Lisa DiNunzio

Part of my practice was to write myself 
a Valentine letter..
a love letter to myself...
at the time
I was not in a, "hearts and flowers" kind of place...
in fact I never used hearts in my work at all...

my brother's death changed that..

February 2015 Art Journal Pages, on my desk..

using a heart in my work
became a symbol 
of life and death and love...


Closeup of February 2015 Love Letter to Myself

It all began in this journal, below
I started by facilitating
an art journal group...

Art Journal 2009, Caterina Giglio

and this was my first spread...

2009 Art Journal spread Love Letter To Myself, Caterina Giglio

not being in a 
"hearts and flowers" kind of place emotionally
I decided to create just that in my pages
because I firmly believe that 
what we visualize we 
and the French couple
stood in as 
a model for myself

a person who was balanced both
by a strong feminine and masculine side..

2010 Art Journal, Caterina Giglio

I finished that journal and moved on
to #5
the number of transition and transformation
2010 was certainly that...

I decided that I loved the large format of the 
antique record books..
and #5 had the most beautiful marbled front...

2010 Art Journal Spread, Love Letter To Myself, Caterina Giglio

In 2010
I collaged over much of my writing... using my own image in my work
and an image of a young girl, to represent my
inner child...

time was ticking...

2011/2012 Art Journal, Fern Caterina Giglio

I found another record book
in better shape for my 
2011 and 2012 art journal

my life began to transform
in amazing ways
lots of things were
myself included...

2011 Art Journal spread, Love Letter To Myself, Caterina Giglio

in 2011, I wrote...
Yes I have loved you well...
for you are the secret of all my secrets..
and I will love you
long after
the body is dust...
and our being-ness

my stitched spread for 
was simple enough 
a heart stitched 
back together

the bottom
of my page reads...
life is good...

2013-2015, Untitled Current Art Journal

In 2013 I found
a perfect antique record book
that is not only substantial
it was in fabulous shape...

2013 Art Journal spread, Love Letter To Myself, Caterina Giglio

In 2013
my cold heart was 
thawed out

2014, Art Journal spread, Love Letter To Myself, Caterina Giglio

a return of 
my heritage
my lily life and love..
I used antique imagery to represent
profound love of life 
and transformation...

La Dolce Vita

Detail of 2014 Art Journal spread, Love Letter To Myself, Caterina Giglio

My current pages below..

2015 Art Journal spread, Love Letter To Myself, Caterina Giglio

Where I celebrate
not only myself 
and my love for me,
but my ability to create...
not just with my hands...

but with my love and my thought..

A celebration of life, 4 journals, representing one month on two pages for 6 years.. Caterina Giglio

You don't have to be an artist
to write yourself a love letter...
I urge you to try it..

just start by writing one thing that you appreciate
about yourself..
it can be simply that you have the eyes
to read this post..

all I can tell you
is that you cannot control what goes on around you
but you can be the person you want to be...

and that alone
can create
La Dolce Vita..


Happy Valentines

Monday, February 9, 2015

Part 3 The Lightner

part of my job
as an 
is to look at 

just as a writer must read..
artists must view art
of all kinds... which is one aspect
of my job that I adore...

so I was interested 
in the Lightner

The center courtyard of the Lightner Museum, planted with poinsettias...

although the 
Lightner Museum 
is filled with 
amazing collections 
like valentines, shaving mugs and gem stones..

it was the art
that I wanted to see...

a glimpse of the grand ball room... restored..

the collections galleries 
were also quite crowded due to the rain
it was when we got to the 
third floor 
that we had the place all to ourselves..

This grand old building was once the premier
Victorian Hotel
called the 

Overlooking this balustrade to the first floor was at one time, the world's largest indoor swimming pool

the massive old building
was built in 1887
by Henry Flagler
in the Spanish Renaissance style...

This is a painting of the Oldest House, painted in early1900.. scroll down to the last post to see the gardens and what the house looks like now

and there is a huge collection

of antique
European art



The grand ballroom, restored to it's original condition...

and paintings...

which were all collected by
Otto C. Lightner
and in 1946 he bought the old hotel
and created his museum...

the paintings were beautiful...

and the furniture was stunning...
not just in antiquity...
but also in craftsmanship
and design....

but it was the 


that took my breath away...

the magic of the rooms...
the amount of space and light given to 

which are the two things art needs...

to read more about the museum
you can use the link below...

I am just finishing my 
February art journal pages... so I will
be back shortly
dear reader...