Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Mixed Media-June Art Journal Pages

June was supposed to be a peaceful month..
with lots of rest..

and relaxation..
and instead, I found I was working very hard..

balance seems to be a word that
keeps bouncing back to me..

but summer is always the time to get work done for
the holidays and submissions..

in my pages this month I was climbing mountains..
metaphorically and metaphysically..
all those meta's 

and when I got to the top,
I realized that I am the one that sets the pace
of the climb..
and the tone of the hike..
a good thing to remember, eh?

 Ingredients: Monoprints, tissue papers, acrylic paint, gesso, metallic paints, antique book pages, assorted papers.

So we are off again on a holiday...
and I have been working in the studio on my new
travel journal..

which you will see in a YT video upon return..
and I will be putting feet up and resting

Thank you all for stopping by ...
and I just want you to know
that I am reading each and every comment..
and appreciating each one of you!

Mille Grazie!


Friday, July 5, 2019

Making a Pochette.. Mixed Media Portfolio

Today is filming Friday 
 gentle readers and viewers...

It is a rainy day here..
with no complaints..
but you will definitely  hear it in the video

punctuated with my "yikes!" and giggles...
due to the thunder and lightning ...

This little portfolio is so easy to make..
with no sewing involved...
It can be made with large book covers too..
I know you will enjoy it and 
have fun with it!

We are off on holiday next week, 
and I will have time to relax and paint and collage
as well as read..
looking forward to enjoying the color blue of ocean
and sky in the 
gorgeous Caribbean...

My art journal pages will be here on 
so until then..


Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Flowering Art Journal

Last weekend, gentle reader...

I found some time to get back into the 
Flowering Art Journal and play a bit more...

So I thought I would share some of the little details

after sharing with you

some of the products that I have been mixing in this little
handmade journal..
Putting them all together makes for such an artistic soup...

Collage is wonderful to blend with
layers of paint and gelatos add such shimmer and shine..

I have been adding my drawings on tissue paper
which enables the viewer to see the layers beneath the drawing,
 the layering effect in my journal...
is almost like seeing all the layers of plants in the garden..

It is all about the details..

For me...
That is what art is..
paying attention to the details, 
listening to the heart..
and documenting the journey...

So I am back to work..
in between gardening and weed pulling
which is job security..
for a gardener...

The days are hot here and the pool is a lovely diversion..
but I have to finish June pages..
and I am working on another travel journal as we
will be visiting the Caribbean again soon.. 

and as soon as I finish the portrait..
I will be working on my new mixed media floral series..

Alas, no rest for the creative.. 
I am sure..


Friday, June 21, 2019

Mixed Media- My 5 Must Haves for Art Journaling

Ciao, dear ones...

Here is a little post about my
5 absolutely 
for journaling..

I started with a basic list and then came up 
with the products

that I always use when I get the basics in place..

they add 
shimmer, shine and definition...
as well as color..

Hope you enjoy it and I will be back on Tuesday
with a little blog post..

Wishing you all a lovely Solstice..
whether it is summer or winter where you live..

I send you Solstice greetings of
and love..


Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Mixed Media Inspiration Kits

Ciao, gentle readers..
in case you have not noticed my
new tab at the top of my blog

I thought I would let you know

That my new little shop is open..

and my inspiration kits..

are available..

I had fun putting them together...

with charming bits and 
lovely laces and fabrics..
many of the laces were dyed in black bean dye...
  and some feature small works of art
and handmade papers that I created..
as well as antique and vintage ephemera...

If you decide you want to purchase something 
simply call the store
the old fashioned way
 and they will ship to you
wherever you are..

I have been painting in the studio this week and have nothing to show
for myself..
especially since it is a surprise..

but I am planning a new YT video this week on my
5 Must Have Art Journaling Supplies

see you then dear ones..


Friday, June 7, 2019

Pomegranate, Blackberry and Beets .. oh my!

I know you have waited a while for this video
gentle viewers ...
and I hope you enjoy it..
I had several experiments that 
and realized that I really do my best work 
in playing with color and techniques...

in scientific study..
so here are a few fun things to do
with fruit and veggies..

don't fret about how much fruit and veg to use
just cut up a few berries or a few slices of beet and 
play with it...

Definitely let your dye bath sit.. 
I put mine in the fridge
and left the fruit in ..
I boiled the pomegranate skin as well as the seeds..

Enjoy and play with it...

Hope you have a really splendid weekend!!

Ciao, Ciao!

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Mixed Media Art Journal Pages

Ciao, dear readers..
I am slowly getting back into the studio and creating again..
I started my May Art Journal Pages

before I left for my 

I am still obsessed with paper manipulation ideas..

and while I intend to begin
doing some painting..
it was nice to play and construct and deconstruct paper..

this is undoubtedly my favorite monochromatic

I love playing in it, the simplification seems to be it's own
great story..

Ingredients: Mono prints, antique book pages, paper, acrylic ink, colored pencil, pencil, adhesive.

We are working on a new YouTube video for this week
on organic dyes..

and I am finishing up work
on my ephemera packs..

and yes I will be painting soon..
and looking forward to some lazy days

Thanks always for stopping by,
I so appreciate your kind attention..


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