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Saturday, August 19, 2017

5 Steps to Creating a Successful Mixed Media Collage

Here is a little video
on some of my
for creating a successful mixed media collage..

of course there are so many things 
that contribute to successful work..

I would love to take longer to 
talk about why a piece is successful..

but here are my quick thoughts..
to elaborate on the video..

1. Texture, texture, texture
2. Main image or focal point- composition
3. Small conversation
4 Large conversation
5. Unification

to clarify,
Texture can be achieved in a million different ways..
The main image or the focal point of the collage can be small, but the composition 
must be cohesive..
The small and large conversation can be as simple as small and large print..
or small and large detail.. the large conversation is seeing the basic composition 
from far away and as you get closer there is interest that holds your attention..

finally.. unification ties the piece together, brings all the different elements into focus, and can be done with color, paint, or similar elements..

Have a spectacular weekend 
gentle viewers..


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Mixed Media- Life is in the Details

The little conversation..

I have said it before..
it is really all in the details..
I call it the little conversation..

The big conversation..
for me is always about love

In my work, texture represents 
the layers of complexity in relationship..
with myself, and others.

and in light of what happened in 
I wanted to express to you
my feelings about my art 

every piece I create has a thought about someone ..
or a feeling about myself or others..
each layer is a devotion to working out
issues, inconsistencies, or simply documenting
what is..
my intention is to be a witness..
documenting the holiness of life

It all ties together perfectly..
I love what I create and I create love..
love of nature..

these are sneaky peeks 
that I am sending to Somerset Studio..

love of relationships
love of creation..

in addition to the layers
I wanted to create..

love of beauty..
Love of life...

the fragility of winged creatures..
and to show

of kindness..

and mirror our own fragility..
to see through the wings..

Which is a religion to me...
Never let anyone tell you that kindness is not enough..

to the layers below..
the words, 
the issues,
the trauma,

that love does not conquer evil..

 love is more powerful than hate..
Love always wins..
Love will find a way..

and reveals
a bigger picture..
of freedom..
and flight,
playing out in the

as we go about our week,
speaking kindness,
cheering on others,
celebrating successes,
opening doors for people with strollers,
buying a coffee for the next person in line..

and feeling our hearts expanding in love of life..

know without a doubt,
dear reader,
 that your loving kindness
is the stuff that wears down mountains of hate,
builds bridges..
and changes 
subtly, softly..
but change, 
it does.


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

July Art Journal Pages

It's a matter of the heart..
gentle reader..

I know I have shared with you

my family... 

"A Matter of the Heart, Detail, Caterina Giglio

have heart issues..
and last month

we were on pins and needles..
waiting to hear..

 how my Auntie
was doing after her
heart surgery...

I was on
pins and needles..
literally and metaphorically..

Textile Art, "A Matter of the Heart" July Art Journal page, Caterina Giglio

so my documentation
was about this family issue.. 

Congestive Heart Disease

Writing under and over the page, wrapping paper and pen, Art Journal page, Caterina Giglio.

and in my pages, 
I wanted to express

the frayed heart..

Detail from, "A Matter of the Heart" July Art Journal page, Caterina Giglio

being stitched back together..

Textile art, Caterina Giglio

They have done so much work on her..

but ..
it also illustrates

Detail from, "A Matter of the Heart" July Art Journal page, Caterina Giglio

the family heart,
my heart,
waiting to hear..
wondering how it is going..

Ripping the fabric, 
washing it..
drying it,
and stitching it up..
ironing it..
stretching it..
pulling out threads..
was meditative ..
and soothing..

because art does heal..

Ingredients: acrylic paint, pencil, pen, wrapping papers, book pages, fabric, upholstery threads, lace, safety pins, cheese cloth.

July Art Journal Pages, Caterina Giglio 

even broken hearts..

I will say Ciao for now..

and I will be back here next Tuesday..
thanks always for following..


Friday, August 4, 2017

My Art Journaling Process -Part 4

dear readers and viewers..
I have the last segment of my series..

My Art Journaling Process

and I am sharing my pages as illustrations 

to my last step in my 3 part process..

My process is, 

Listen and Let Go
Pay Attention

By Pay Attention, 
I refer to taking stock of what I have created
and reading a larger story..

something even bigger than what I had originally intended might 
be revealed to me..
the muse speaks in symbol..

and those symbols may magically appear or take on a different format
size or shape..

if you want to see the whole series just use the link on my side bar..

Thanks so much for stopping by..
I am so very grateful..

hope you all have a beautiful weekend..


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Cardboard Book and What it's Like Being an Artist

What is it like?
to be an artist..
I was asked that once in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean

and I shrugged it off,
by laughing..
"How much time do you have?"

I mean where do I start?
there are so many things
that set us apart ...

I thought about that last week as I was 
stitching together 
my cardboard book,

I ordered a single book from Amazon
and it arrived in one of those 
cardboard box dealios..

you know what I mean..

cardboard wrapped around the book..
and when I looked at the remains of the cardboard..
after I enthusiastically ripped it open to free my book...

I thought, 
I could cut the flaps and make a great book
out of it..

and I realized that that is what it is really like to be an artist..

at least, it is my experience, 
but I know I am not alone..

Cardboard book in process, stitching signatures, Caterina Giglio

I see possibility everywhere..
even in
 trash and debris..

I am definitely an up cycler..
recycling is my nature..

Old lost buttons find their way to my

a onesie, scrubbed clean
serving well..

It is so rewarding to 

Cardboard book, with jute closure, Caterina Giglio

something from nothing..

Hand stitched mixed media book, Caterina Giglio

making beautiful pages
from turmeric..

and images from onion skins...

Hand dyed pages, onion skin and avocado, Caterina Giglio  

using up

bits and pieces of string
and upholstery threads...

Onion dyed page in Cardboard book, Caterina Giglio  

and the more things I create,
the more ideas
I seem to have..
it is an endless flow..

one idea gives birth to another..

For me,
being an artist is freedom..
freedom to create whatever I want..
experiment and try new things..

and speak authentically..

Cardboard book, mixed media, Caterina Giglio

off to the studio..
I am working on my journal pages
and Part 4 of my Art Journaling Process
for filming this week..

thank you, gentle readers...


Friday, July 28, 2017

My Art Journaling Process- Part 3

Each month I work on my
art journal pages..

for me, it is a spiritual practice,
it is a way of practicing the art of letting go..
surrendering and
releasing my control of the way I want my art to look..
to be..

and allowing the broader aspect of me..

to design,

so I gather the materials that appeal to me..
and then listen..
which ones shall I use..?

If I listen...
 it works perfectly..
if I am in control..
it doesn't..

Month in and month out, 
I practice..

Thanks for watching..
and have a magnificent weekend..


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Mixed Media, Works in Progress

I know you know..

I have never been a fan of sharing my
works in progress..

Mixed media painting and photograph, Caterina Giglio

I suppose it is because
my vision for the piece and what you see, are so very different..

but there are times,
like now...

Photo, Caterina Giglio

when all I have to show for myself 
are a collection of pieces in process..

the photo above I shot of our pool.
right after a rainfall,
and I loved it so much, I decided to paint it

Large Canvas in process, Caterina Giglio

The canvas is large, 36 x 48
and will fit perfectly in my home..
I have a lot of work yet to do on it, 

but, I am excited about it..

and I am still working on a series of portraits of my 
dear friend, Gina St. Brigid 
I finished the small one below 9 x 12 
Mad Gina
which I love, 
both mixed media..

Mixed Media portrait of Gina St. Brigid, by Caterina Giglio

The large piece below is 16 x 20 both on cradled boards

The Rain Makes My Hair Curl..

is almost finished and I plan on doing several more..

Mixed Media portraits of Gina St. Brigid, Caterina Giglio

also in process is a cardboard book..
currently giving me fits..

Turmeric and Onion dyed pages, cardboard book in process, Caterina Giglio

while I adore the signatures (or pages if you are unfamiliar with
stitching into the cardboard is extremely trying...

Turmeric and avocado dyed pages in cardboard book, Caterina Giglio

but you know me, 
I have already decided that I will do it again, because 
I will conquer it..

Cardboard book in process, Caterina Giglio

I am thoughtfully contemplating my art journal pages 
for this month and I am thinking
I need to use stitches to illustrate
the words below..

Art Journal page in process, Caterina Giglio

on the mixed media table are a few new works..
sneaky peeks..

Tissue Paper butterfly on mixed media, Caterina Giglio

tissue paper butterflies and dragonflies 
and the beginning of an article
for Somerset..

a proposal at least..

So ...
you may not see these for a while..
who knows?

so, there you have it, dear readers..
everything in process...

I cannot even begin to share with
you all the projects in my head and written in my notebooks..

so many ideas, 
I am truly blessed..

and I thank you as 
for stopping by..

Ciao, Ciao!