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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Art Journaling Article


When I sit down to journal...
and I begin to write on the page...

I realize that it is all about me...

All About Me, Caterina Giglio, in Somerset Apprentice 2017

and in April 2015..
I just owned that thought..

I decided that since I was writing about all the things
that I was dealing with at the time..

that I would simply embrace that thought...

and found a way
to represent myself...

and illustrate the idea..

that there was no wiggle room..
it was all in black and white..

I am very grateful to
have the opportunity to work 
with everyone at 
They are so lovely to work..
and again, I am in great company..

I hope you can
pick up a copy to read about how I created this

Ciao, ciao!!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Mono Printing Part 1

My mono printing
blog post is also one of my most popular posts..

so I decided to film the process
an post it on my 
new Vlog..

I hope you enjoy it and next week,
I will share the dendritic process and stenciling on

Thank you for watching and I so appreciate 
your comments 
and subscriptions..


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

February Art Journal Pages

is the month that I always take the time
to write a love letter to myself ...

and I wrote 
a very long letter directly on the page..

in pencil
and took time to remember everything
that I have accomplished this year..

much of which cannot be seen with the eye..

Today is the first 
anniversary of my Mother's death..
and while 
I did not expect to grieve as one would..
for a Mother that is close and loving..
my Mother was estranged from me for so long...

I guess  I was a bit surprised by how much
work, spiritually I still needed to address... 

there was a dark cloud hanging over me
all year..
and it took a while to see it
and to release the issues.. habits

that I had been taught as a child..

and I think I will be continuing to work through them..
but they are recognized and the first step is being willing
to change, to let go and to walk fearlessly into the future..

A Red Letter Day was always an important day 
highlighted in red on the calendar..
I think it is also a day in which you realize how
much you love yourself...

Ingredients: pencil, acrylic paint, stencils, paper ephemera, mono prints, tissue paper, walnut ink, colored pencil

work continues in the studio
on my new collection..

and this week we are filming mono prints in the studio
for our YouTube channel..

as always I am so grateful to you for your
kind readership..
and comments..

ciao, ciao!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Ca' d' Zon, and the Ringling Museum

One of my most 
popular posts
my blog
my tour of the 
Ringling Museum..

this year we decided to tour the house as well...

and of course..
I wanted to share the adventure with you..

I was and am overwhelmed by the amount of antique European
art and we spent the day touring..

The story of John and Mable is a sad one.
they spent only 3 seasons in the house,
before Mable died
and John's life deteriorated soon after..

but since they had no children,
we were blessed with 
his gift to the state..

I think you will be amazed...
the Rubens cartoons in the entry 

unbelievable ...

ciao, ciao!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Travelogue Part 4-Aix-En-Provence

It was a sunny
but chilly day..

that cruel north wind was blowing

fiercely ...
but we were bundled 
and ready for it..

"There are treasure to carry away in this land,
which has not found a spokesman worthy of the riches it offers."
Paul Cezanne 

for our second trip to 
and how we loved
every tiny minute of it...

There was never enough time, because we were on a tour

but we figured it was a good way to 
hear of the history of this town..

and it provided us with a couple of hours of free time...

which was lovely...

the clock tower below is so 

you cannot see it too well..
but the figures change clothes 
with the season,
so you always know what season it is...
and what to wear...

our free time was spent shopping at this little
below and the farmers's market..
the people were all so friendly and kind..

and alas, 
I was too busy shopping for treats to eat on the bus
back to the ship,
to take photos of the market..

but we did manage to 
find clementines and cheese and salami
for lunch..

and the ride back was pretty quiet..
everyone sated with 
the beauty and sweetness..

of such a quaint 

I would return in a heart beat..

ciao, ciao!


Saturday, February 11, 2017

Studio Tour

I tidied up a bit for your visit..
but all the projects and wips
are in place...

I hope you enjoyed the little tour..

and I realized later that you might want to know about the art on the walls..

as well..
so one day I will shoot some 
pics and share with you some of the art
that I have..
as well as my studio Goddess
reliquaries and talismans..

oh and by the way.. woohoo..
we made it to 100
Thank you so much
dear readers and faithful viewers..


Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Did you know that
is the color of the year?

chose it as the color 
for 2017

and I was thinking about it
as I shot some photos for you...

many of you will remember 
that I lived in colder climes...

for many of the past years...
and while it was nice having a clear change of seasons,

I grew weary of the color 


living in Florida
provides me with endless inspiration...

not to mention
warmth and beauty...

I wanted to share 
the color green..

with you 
in all of it's various shades...

just lovely
healing and invigorating...

especially if 
you are wading through
white, grey or slushy snow..

so turn the lights on..
turn the heat up
and wade through