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Monday, November 23, 2015

To Blog or Not to Blog...

That is the question...

recently my fellow artist and blogger,
Seth Apter
of the

posed a question to his followers on 

which social media format 
they preferred...?

and ...
blogs lost..
in fact they were rarely mentioned..

Facebook, Instagram
and Pinterest were mentioned...

So I thought
I would ask my dear readers for your
do you read blogs?

what do you think about the blogging format?
do you regularly read blogs?
which social media platforms are your favorites?

If you are a blogger then you know how much work it takes
to write blogs, keep them updated and consistently come up
with new information..
if you are an artist, you must balance this with actual studio time..
so please comment and let me know what you think...

I am off for a little 
Thanksgiving Holiday...

It is hard to believe that my day lilies are still blooming
after all it is late November...

but that is what Autumn is like in Florida..

I am wishing you all a beautiful
a day to remember that
Life is Good..

how blessed we all are..

ciao, ciao!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

France On My Mind.....

We just returned from 
where we visited with family
and attended a lovely wedding...

it was so nice to play with grandkids and 
see family again
and what a nice reason to reunite...

unplugged from our devices and driving out
to the twigs in rural Texas, we were blissfully ignorant of the 
carnage in Paris...

so when we returned home..
gentle reader, I went through my photos of France..

to find a few 

to remind us of the beauty...

the culture,
the arts,
the antiquities,
the love,
the romance,

of course
 liberty, equality and fraternity..

I  pray for the healing of all of 
the people of 
regardless of their religion..

and I trust that love will find a way...


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

October Journal Pages

Leaves are slowly  falling here, 

gentle reader...
but they are not beautiful...

fortunately we have lots of pine trees here, 
and evergreens..

and warm weather...

but nevertheless 
my view of our forest did inform my pages...

and my empathy for my friends and family
dealing with hardships and death..

so a foggy morning became 
a miasma on the page..

My view from my journal desk in my studio..

ingredients: paint pens, colored pencil, acrylic paint, pencil parchment paper...

but today the sun returned..

the beauty restored
and life moves on...


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Le Jardin D' Hiver

While my work on the 

Winter Garden collection
I wanted to share the finished pieces...

13 Fevrier, Italian Collage, Le Jardin D' Hiver, Caterina Giglio 2015 

the piece above is a complete 
piece of Italian Collage, meaning that the entire piece has been
collaged in the press..
I shared the flower detail in the last post, scroll down to see what it looked like
before it was incorporated in the entire work

I am at work as you read this, framing the series..

Detail from Les Memoires, Le Jardin D' Hiver, French Paper Series, Caterina Giglio 2015

Les Mémoires, Le Jardin D' Hiver, The French Paper Series, Caterina Giglio, 2015

Last year I chose grey wood frames,
but my favorite is  a simple
black frame ..
like an LBD..
just so classic..

Detail from Meadow Flowers, Caterina Giglio 

Meadow Flowers was featured in the last post as well..
and it has a large piece of 
antique French Patisserie paper lace
at the top, which molded into the paper when pressed..

I love the way the layers
combine so smoothly and yet reveal the different textures..

allowing the image to move from background to foreground ..

Close up of Les Details, Caterina Giglio

My medallions piece is titled
Les Details 

to create this piece I made several small drawings of roses, buds, rose hips and meadow flowers and then incorporated those scraps in the Italian collage..

when I achieved the frosted look I wanted, I cut them 
to make little circles 
which reminded me of the circle of life..

Les Details, Le Jardin D' Hiver, French Paper Series, Caterina Giglio 2015

La Petite, Le Jardin D' Hiver, French Paper Series, Caterina Giglio 2015

the piece below, 
Paris Frost
was a WIP  in progress on the post below..
I added the French Manuscript
and the vintage black needle papers..

Midwinter is approaching and several of my friends and family are facing
difficult times..
it seems that winter often harbors the opportunity to overcome challenges ...

the people I love often influence my work,...

my vision of the Winter Garden
is not simply the beautiful death of the garden

stunning though it is....

of the hope
of spring

certainty that 
spring arrives
and challenges
will be overcome...


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Winter Garden in Italian Collage

Although I am not finished with
my new pieces..
I decided to show you some
of the Works in Progress 
my new 

from the 
French Paper Series..

These are just snippets of work
Italian Collage pieces with original drawings

As you know, I have resisted sharing my WIPs because they are often pinned
on Pinterest and when the finished work is released, it is confusing. So I decided to pin them myself with the explanation that it is not a finished work.  I know how 
important it is to you, dear reader, to see the process. Italian collage pieces take months for me
to complete, because they scraps of papers are layered glued and dried and reapplied and often I rip back the papers to reveal what is below. This process was lengthened for this collection because I decided to create original pen and ink drawings to use for the garden images.

Work in Progress, The Winter Garden, Italian Collage, Caterina Giglio

I was partly inspired by the color of my
July art journal pages, an example is below

and you can see the whole post 

I found a whole stash of old 
parchment paper in an antique book
and had fun layering the pieces..

July Art Journal Page detail, Caterina Giglio

my inspiration
 for the Winter Garden 
Le Jardin D' Hiver
arrived when I was scrolling thru my 
Pinterest home page and I viewed a photo
of a rose captured perfectly....

in death...

Italian Collage, detail, The Winter Garden, Caterina Giglio

in it's frozen beauty...

The Winter Garden, Italian Collage detail, Caterina Giglio

 it also held the promise
of new life...

the cold North Wind my be cruel, but
life springs eternal..

it is a powerful thought...

what we once treasured
being transformed..
and that is important to remember...


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Autumn at the Beach

It really doesn't matter where you live...

When autumn arrives,
it brings that unmistakable, and perceptible 

that everyone and everything feels..

the cold north wind,
cruel as she can be, will make so many changes...

even the waters are rougher
as turquoise gives way to navy...

and white will take the place of green...

but here, even with a change of season...
and the fall of leaves...

there is always the promise of 

Autumn has been very inspirational... 
and I have created some new small works 
for my December show

I am hoping to have a few pieces to share with you soon..

from my French Paper Series

Le Jardin D'Hiver
Italian collages with drawings on old parchment

ciao, ciao...

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


It is no secret that 
artists inspire
each other...

and I have to say one of my all time
is my fellow blogger

and on her last post, she had created a Pochette...
which translates to pocket..

an also known as papers grouped in a cover such as watercolor pochettes..

Lynne gutted an old book and then put her watercolor images inside the covers and used
an elastic to hold it together...

I thought it was pretty brilliant and decided to try it...
the book I chose above, was small 
and crumbling inside..
it was easy to tear apart... 

the inside above...

I used a thick paper to cover the front and the inside covers...

and then I mixed walnut ink and Titan Buff
to paint the cover so it would be more durable..

when I applied the rich dark brown color
it transformed into the the amazing grey
that you see below...

not that I didn't like it...

it was just different than what I had intended..

but part of the fun
of being an artist dear reader ...
is that one is never sure exactly of what 
your creation will look like...


 now I have a 
Pochette, meaning wallet or a pochettes, meaning pockets...

either way it is a wrangler for all those odd bits of

paper that I find myself doodling on that are too small 
for a portfolio...

all thanks to