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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Hemingway House

Hidden behind a brick wall on the largest hill
Key West
is the
 Hemingway House

my cousin told me about her visit there
some years ago and I had always wanted to visit...

 because I have
read about his relationships and marriages
and I found him a fascinating character...

and you know how intrigued I am about the complexities of relationship...

He was married 4 times..
and he lived in Key West with 
Pauline Pfeiffer
from 1927-1940

The home is well cared for and was bought by a local
family, but so many people stopped by to see where 
Hemingway had lived that normal life became impossible
and they decided to just make it a 

we arrived early in the morning
but the place was already crowded and I took
precious few inside photos due to the tourists...
the home is filled with memorabilia, photos and personal mementos
as well as furnishings... 

Pauline loved ceramic tiles
and had quite a fashion sense...
she was a writer for Vogue Magazine and had 
been a "friend" of his first wife

The house is still home to the descendants of 
the original Hemingway cats...
and they are everywhere ...

As you can see below...

I think they are fed on each tour...

and I do mean everywhere...

the house has the largest pool in Key West...
When Pauline found out that Hemingway was having an affair
with soon to be wife number 3
she had his boxing ring removed and put in the biggest pool
that she could..

The cost of the pool was 20 thousand dollars
and when he found out the price,
he took a penny out of his pocket 
and threw it on the patio at her feet and shouted 
she had taken his last 
red cent..

so Pauline had the penny embedded in the patio
so she could tell everyone that 
she was the woman
who took his last 
red cent...

His studio was built above the garage, which is now the 
museum store
and he had a cat walk built to go from
the second floor veranda of the house to his studio so he could
go to work each morning...

I am not fond of dead stuffed things, but it was fascinating to see the books on his shelves 
and the furnishing...

the grounds were pretty spectacular...

It was truly worth the visit..

if you want more information
you can visit
 this link

Thanks for joining in on the travelogue...
I will have some new art for you next 


Friday, January 29, 2016

Audubon Didn't Live Here

Just tell an artist 
that there is a famous house
where a famous artist once resided, 
that is now a museum and chances
are that said artist will want to see
famous house..

so it was with me, 
when Mr. La Dolce Vita told me that
there was an 
Key West...

it just so happened
that he was whisking me away
for my annual birthday getaway..
for my usual frigid birthday ...

so I was quite 
disappointed to find out that...

never lived in this house..

even though it is called
Audubon House...
a family named Geiger lived here
quite prosperously...
as it is very close to the water and he was
in the lucrative business of 
ship wrecking...

from the veranda
below, they could watch the ships wreck on the rocks
and scavenge what ever was available and then
sell the merchandise...
quite profitable...

and a good thing,
since Geiger had 12 children...

but as the story goes,
Audubon heard that the Geiger family 
had some fine trees that he had never seen..

and he went to their home to 
sketch them
for his engravings...

I was heartened to see the fine engravings...

and it was lovely that the home has
been completely restored...
it was a very fine home...

and grounds are kept immaculately...

and even on cold days, the warm sunshine
makes the tropicals shine...

so ...
this artist 
was not too disappointed...
gardens do cheer...

don't they?

especially in January!

ciao, ciao!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Year of Visual Journaling


I purchased this beautiful
blank, and pristine 
Record Book...

since it was in perfect shape, 
I decided that I could fit 
a couple of years worth of spreads 
between the covers..

detail of front cover art journal, Caterina Giglio

and so this is the journal that I have been working on
each month...

I had originally thought I would paint
a scene on the black front cover ...
primarily because it was paint splattered and I thought too messy
to leave flat black, 
but most of the spots cleared up with a cleaning...
and I decided I liked the 
classic black and red...

Antique record journal, 2013-2015 art journal, Caterina Giglio

 I had the stencils in my stash and 
they seemed to sum up the 
journey of the last few years..
quite well...

I also loved the black paint, left
on the stencils that 
mirrored the layers inside... 

ingredients: watercolor, French paper ephemera, personal photo, pencil and ink...

January 2015 Self Portrait, Caterina Giglio

My annual self portrait above and below
my love letter to myself...
you will be seeing the new 2016 versions soon enough...

keeping traditions is so important,
in life as well as work..
for me, anyway....

ingredients: acrylic paints, lumiere paint, old photo mat, antique ephemera, lace, paint pens, chalk paint 

Ingredients: acrylic paint, gesso, paper ephemera, transparency, pencil, ink, walnut ink...

ingredients: copy from old photos, paper ephemera, black gesso, china marker, tissue paper, thread, pencil...

ingredients: personal photos used for transfers on paper, pencil, acrylic paint, paper ephemera, wrapping papers, ink..

ingredients: transfers on paper with gesso, paper ephemera, pencil, acrylic paint, grey paint pen...

ingredients: gesso, acrylic paint, various papers, pencil, stencils on tissue paper..

ingredients: gesso, acrylic paint, paper ephemera, personal drawings and family photos used as transfers, tissue papers and wrapping paper..

ingredients: gesso, paint, ripped papers, antique paper ephemera, old photo frame, drawing, marbled papers, torn cardboard, pencil...

ingredients: gesso, acrylic paint, drawing on tracing papers, paint pens, pencil..

ingredients: acrylic paint, gesso, pencil, paint pens, drawing on antique parchment paper, paper ephemera, pencil, ink..

ingredients: gesso, acrylic paint, paper ephemera, tissue papers, old prints, pencil, pen and wrapping papers...

Seeing all the spreads together brings back so many memories...
each month is so different and I have a visual record of not only what happened.. but how I felt about it...

and love...
always love...


Monday, January 11, 2016

Last Year's Journal Pages

I am woefully behind..
that sometimes happens when an artist
comes face to face with 

and deadlines...

something has to give...
and it is often our own personal work...
but I did manage to finish it..

and as you can see this book is groaning under the strain of so many
journal spreads...

November was a busy month..
travel and holidays..
catching up with old friends...
and working on lots of projects..

growing new things and healing wounds was the topic of the month...

ingredients: gesso, acrylic paint, paper ephemera, tissue papers, pencil, original ink drawing, paint pens  

December was hectic... wasn't it?
but I managed to make my deadline and  sent my little botanical concertina's in
to Sew Somerset, so I finally had time to concentrate on my 
journal pages..

December was multilayered..
there was so much going on...
and I just kept papering over the spreads, 
I think there are several layers here..

Family, love and creativity kept coming up for me...

ingredients: antique paper ephemera, The Magazine, acrylic paint, pencil, paint pens, wrapping papers.

I have to finish the inside pages and make a cover for this visual 
journal, and when I do, I will post the entire year's spreads for you to see..

and I have to find a new journal as well..
this time however I think I will use a new mixed media journal...
but as of today, I am still looking..

I am working on several different things in the studio
this year, 
a series of portraits...
and some new collages..
and some stitched cardboard abstracts..

and you, 
gentle reader,
 will see it all..
soon enough..

as always, thank you for stopping by..
I appreciate your readership...
and your kind remarks..


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Worship With Tunes

The idea had been
rattling around in my head for a very long time..

dear reader,

I wanted to create a concertina book
with see through hinges...

so I spent last year experimenting with
different types of ribbon
until I found something that was sheer enough
to allow light to enter
and to see through...

and sturdy enough to hold the book pages

amazingly, that turned out to be some antique white ribbon
that I had purchased several years ago
at an estate sale..

although it was just a sample piece...

to practice on so I could make some botanical 
ribbon hinged books for 
the Summer edition
of Sew Somerset...

I fell in love with the little thing...
and as I worked on it, and sanded back the pages
I read the words that appeared...

Worship with Tunes
dark clouds appear ..... now sing..
they disappear..


which reminded me of someone I know who loves music..
now, I know we ALL  love music..
but this friend loves ALL music ..
in fact I don't think I have ever met anyone who has
more eclectic taste than she does...

and if anyone understood
how to 
Worship with Tunes...

it would be her...
we all know that music CAN chase the blues away...
and take us to long ago places still living in the heart of memory..
so it IS something to celebrate

 into a hand dyed and stitched muslin bag it went...

to spread cheer
hopefully for the holidays...

and with a New Year at hand..
who knows what kinds of things we will 
all create...


hoping your New Year is filled with
love, creativity, health
and prosperity..

ciao, ciao!