Friday, December 5, 2014

Italian Collage, Fine Art and Flying

Apart from gallivanting around the world, 
visiting family and rescuing other humans...
I have also been busy in the studio..

The holidays
are always a time for giving...
and gifting..

and if you are an artist, it is also the time for working


3x3 mini canvas, mixed media collage, Caterina Giglio

not as easy as some would think
working on sizes outside the comfort zone
is necessary if you want to shake off a few cobwebs...

this is a tiny collection that reflects
our resilience, our ability to fly even though our wings may be tattered or patched..
inspired by the people in my life who
are still flying, 
facing death, insurmountable grief,
and the total loss of memory..

Patched Morpho, mixed media on canvas..

when the Japanese have a bowl or cup that is cracked or broken
they repair the item with gold which makes the cup stronger
and obviously more beautiful...

My Patched Morpho, above is repaired with gold leaf...

the chunky canvas above are enlarged below
the dragonfly wing is stitched together
flying out of the mist...

Out of the Mist, 4 x 4 x 1 1/2 canvas

Winging, 4 x 4 x 1 1/2 canvas

the wing is a rubber stamp, I cut for the show and printed on an old book page...

and it wouldn't
be the holidays without angels...

The French Guardian below

4 x 4 canvas, French Guardian

the only piece on paper.. below
the little Putti..

Putti, 5 x 7 watercolor paper...

and finally,
the last three pieces
I love the way they look together...

These are all on board
which I adore, because they take such a beating..
and you know how I love texture..
Italian collage, 
antique ephemera
and gold leaf...

Soaring, 5 x 7 board, Italian collage, mixed media

Bird of Paradise, Italian Collage, mixed media hand cut rubber stamp on 5 x 7 board

Patched Dragonfly, Italian Collage, 5 x 7 board

and I just had to shoot a photo of them
below... all framed and waiting for 
their protective covers...

off to 

to debut in their little 
holiday show...

we are off again,
this time to see family and to welcome a 
new grand baby..

there are few things more
wonderful than welcoming a new human into the world..

a lovely 
Holiday gift...


Saturday, November 29, 2014

Gold Leaf Landscapes

I have been

to have contributed to 

they have kindly published
my work and articles
Somerset Studio
Sew Somerset
Haute Couture
Somerset Home
Somerset Gallery 

and next year
I will have a small article in
Somerset Apprentice

so it is a great pleasure
that my fine art
has illustrated the cover...

and I cannot tell you 
how elated
I was about that...
especially to see..
my signature
on the cover...

it doesn't happen everyday.....

if the
collages look familiar, 
it is because I had shown them to you as 

I have to tell you that this is one of my favorite articles..
and I hope you will get a chance to check it out...
and take it home...

I am as always in great company
with my friends, fellow artists...

if you haven't already been to their blogs..
then go blog hopping..


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Rescuing Cubans and Giving Thanks

I guess I should warn you
dear reader...
this is going to be a lengthy post...

so you might want to get that libation and snack
before you get too comfortably settled in..
as I share the last of my travelogue photos with you...

A cruise is supposed to be
kinda boring... 

Water color sketch, titled Rain, Caterina Giglio

but our cruise was rather exciting...

the first day at sea,
we were waiting for room service to
bring us coffee...

sitting on our veranda
we noticed that we were sailing in the wrong direction...
well, one of us noticed...
I was blissfully unaware... 
until he told me...

disconcerting right?

Watercolor sketch, Sea, Caterina Giglio

we had no message from the Captain..
also disconcerting...
we were traveling east and we should have been sailing south...

suddenly we heard shouting..
the other passengers on their verandas were shouting
and waving at something in the sea...

Watercolor sketch Waterside II, Caterina Giglio

we could vaguely make out
a brown speck in the vast blue water..
but with our binoculars we could see...

a raft like vessel..
with people in the boat..
and some appeared to be in the water and holding on to the sides of 
the raft..

It was hard to make out the details,
but there were several people...
and it was clear that either a boat had sunk
or these were Cubans
who were trying to get to 
Key West 
and the current was taking them in the wrong direction...

Shimmer, watercolor, Caterina Giglio 

Soon we heard from the Captain
that we were obligated by duty to rescue anyone stranded
at sea and they had been following the "raft" since
5 am that morning...
The United States Coast Guard had been notified...

and the Captain was awaiting their orders...

eventually we scooped them up out of the sea...

Clouds, watercolor sketch, Caterina Giglio

we heard from our Maitre'D
Igor that evening at dinner, that there were

12 Cubans crammed into plastic rafts..
he said they looked like toy rafts, tied together
with a board...

Watercolor sketch, Flow, Caterina Giglio

there wasn't enough room for everyone in the raft
so some had to get in the water
and hold on...
taking their chances with the sharks...

Igor said that the refugees
asked for asylum as they were brought aboard.
all their belongings, food and clothing were soaked
with sea water..
Igor had tears in his eyes as he told us about the pitiful sight..

this Maitre'D who works everyday
for 6 months at a time before he sees
his family again...
felt so thankful 
for his beautiful life...
He put his hand on his heart,
and said
"We are so blessed"


WE are..

I will leave you to have a beautiful week...
and I will return after the holiday...

I give thanks for all of you..
dear readers, gentle followers...
kind collectors, fellow friends and

Ciao, Ciao!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Drunk on the Color Blue

oh ... 
gentle reader..
I think it's
 amazing that you can experience

so many shades

of one 

cornflower blue
light blue

ultra marine
steel blue

electric blue
Egyptian blue
French blue

Carolina blue
cobalt blue

baby blue
violet blue

non photo blue
sapphire blue
royal blue


robins egg

Persian blue
powder blue
Tiffany blue

all in the space
of one


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

October Journal Pages

finally back on track..
with journaling at least...

October art journal pages came together..

after much writing..

journaling straight on the page, 
covering with gesso, paint and paper ...
and then writing again on the top layer..

writing about direction and content..
I had a wonderful skype art date with a dear friend ...
and we discussed the concern we have about being pigeon-holed 
as an artist..
being locked into a style, or a medium ...
and how that is artistic suffocation...

so all of those thoughts went directly onto the page...
dear reader..

a desire to be able to try new products, new methods and to change direction
on a whim of creative fancy...
certainly we all want that..

don't we?

can we really be fulfilled if we..
Paint the same faces...
make the same collages?
or sculpt the same dolls?

art must be fluid, like currency...
moving and changing, growing and expanding...

ingredients: gesso, acrylic paint, pen, pencil, paper, water color pencils (Derwent) transfer, original photo, stencils, paper ephemera, ink.

Believe it or not,
I am off again...
another trip to the Caribbean... 
you would think I have seen all the islands by now, but 
I have not...

I am taking a journal
with me and traveling light with water color pencils and travel brushes..

looking forward to the color blue..

and sharing it all with YOU..