The French Paper Series


June 12-13, 2021
San Diego, CA.
Way Art Yonder Studio

        “Being Creative means to be in love with life… to spread beauty around like jam on toast”

Hop out to beautiful San Diego for an amazing
 two day workshop filled with texture, mark making, stitching, tips 
and tricks with antique ephemera, paint and storytelling with image. 

Take a leap across time to explore the world of crumbling splendor 
illustrated in mixed media. The French Paper Series celebrates the beauty of the Old World.

Our time together will be about telling stories with a wide array of products and techniques to create mystery and narratives. 
Sewing, mark making, texturizing, and image manipulations will all be combined.
The workshop will be broken up into two parts over two days and contain multiple techniques to build the layers of our stories. Our results will culminate in two cradled boards that reflect our own personal stories, our talismans for future travel both inward and outward. 


slamx said...

I don't imagine you will ever make it to Wisconsin to teach a class so is there any chance you might teach an online class?

Unknown said...

I live in Australia and am so thankful I have found your website. I have watched many of your utube videos and made the twig book and a travel journal. To have online classes would be amazing. Your ideas and creativity are amazing. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.