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Mixed media painting acrylic and graphite on 1.5 cradled board
20 x 16



Winter Roses
Mixed media painting, acrylic and graphite on 3/4" cradled board
16 x 20


Detail of Winter Roses

Roses at Twilight

Mixed Media painting, acrylic and graphite
on cradled board
12 x 12


White Roses at Dusk
not available


slamx said...

I don't imagine you will ever make it to Wisconsin to teach a class so is there any chance you might teach an online class?

Unknown said...

I live in Australia and am so thankful I have found your website. I have watched many of your utube videos and made the twig book and a travel journal. To have online classes would be amazing. Your ideas and creativity are amazing. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.