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Ban Fascism
Not Books

Ripped and Torn Series

This series concerns the latest attempts to ban books nationwide..
books have always been my friend.. 
whether I read Charlotte's Web or Catch 22 or The Guncle
I believe in the Freedom to read anything I or You want..

Book covers are featured in these unframed pieces.. they were antique books.. pages and spines..
they deserve to be elevated and accepted..

Language of Dreams


There were four in this mono print series
but three have already sold..

French Poets


4 1/2 x 6 1/2

Detail of French Poets

Study History


4 1/2 x 6 1/2



8 x 5

Detail from Literature

Poetic Works

8 x 5


Detail from Poetic Works

Poetic Meditations

Italian Collage
This series is a contemplation on an antique Italian
embroidery paper, which was used by women to stitch designs on fabric for table cloths. It celebrates women
and women's work and the things that create a sense if home and togetherness..

All pieces are on cradled 3/4 inch board

Circle of Generations


8 x 8

Field Flowers


5 x 5

Stitch and Sew


8 x 8

Figure 17


5 x 5

Continue the Tradition


Moments of Magic

Aix En Provence
9 x 12

Distant Memories

Artist Statement

           Distant Memories tells the stories concerning the collective consciousness, manifested through tiny bits of antique ephemera. They were carefully pressed together in context to form new artworks that create hope in possibility and hope for the future. Distant Memories are magical bits of consciousness we all share.

           Italian Collage is a labor intensive process that presses collage elements together to form a cohesive union. It has taken several years to perfect this technique, and I am pleased to be able to share it with all of you.

And Still The Birds Sang


11 x 14

Consider The Lilies


Stay Close To Nature

11 x 14

Cloud Watching

11 x14

Sacred Contracts


Sorry! Sold!
The Cheerfulness of Blue