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Limited Edition 
Inspiration Kits
large and small 
antique paper and lace
These contain an assortment of antique and vintage lace and notions
Or Antique and vintage papers and tiny petticoat and french lace and ribbons, some have small pieces of transfers or works by me.

Antique Lace Scrap Packs- small 6 x 8


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Penses a Moi
Stuffed with Victorian Pansy scrap, assorted petticoat laces and antique handmade lace. antique green button and handmade tag.

Antique lingerie laces hand dyed, pink blanket binding, hand dyed rayon ribbon, petticoat laces, gold shield, threads and ancient skeleton key.

Queen Of Heaven
Antique French laces and white crochet fan lace, antique bridal tulle, hand stitched scrap, tiny posey, black lingerie lace, antique Mary image.

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Bohemian Dream
Image transfer on cloth, antique velvet, antique French letter scrap, assorted ribbons and laces and tiny fabric squares, tiny flowers on a hand dyed tag.

Song Bird
Antique lace, hand dyed lace and ribbons,  black bean dyed antique eyelet, hand dyed yellow and green fabric scrap, tiny antique swan image and Dresden peace doves.

The Star Queen
Antique velvet scrap and ribbon, white petticoat  lace, hand dyed lingerie lace, post card image of Diane De Poitiers and gold braid, Dresden star.

Antique Paper Scrap Packs- small

The DayDreamer
Antique papers: hand written front and back, antique image, French post card, French dictionary page and  Italian book page. Paper scrap, stitched hearts, scrap ribbon and lace and handmade paper. Tiny antique button stitched to ribbon.

The Flower Girl
Antique handwritten page, antique Victorian advertising image, hand cross stitched lace, antique bridal lace, gauze antique paper ephemera, antique French letter scrap, assorted tissue and paper ephemera, antique button and label.

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Sistine Madonna
Antique handwritten paper scraps and antique French dictionary pages, hand marbled Italian paper, hand dyed paper French stamps, ribbon scrap and antique button and handmade paper. 

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The Age of Beauty
Antique handwritten ephemera, Italian paper lace scrap, tag with ribbon and bead, antique French post card, antique Italian page, Da Vinci image, angel scrap on beribboned card.

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Angel Light
Antique Italian post card, antique victorian angel scrap, assorted antique paper ephemera, and Florentine scrap paper, antique gold cord.

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Antique assorted papers, hand written paper scrap, antique French letter scrap, vintage butterfly scrap, stamp and transfers on tracing paper.

Antique Paper Scrap-large 9 x 12

I Love But Thee
Antique handwritten page, antique ecru parchment paper, antique French letter scrap, antique French dictionary page, antique marbled end paper, vintage King Arthur images, antique button and ribbon and gauze scrap.

The Northern Madonna
Antique hand written page, Antique mother and child print, antique French scrap letter, antique lace, fabric ribbon with antique key, antique parchment paper, French dictionary page and Italian book page, stitched hearts and black lace scrap.

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The Love Letter
Antique ecru parchment paper, antique handwritten page, antique Italian letter. Vintage French image, handmade heart transfer and vintage fleur, antique hand dyed lace, assorted antique paper ephemera.

Dutch lullaby
One hand written antique page, antique paper ephemera, antique French post card, victorian scrap, antique ecru parchment paper, lace bits, tiny doll arm attached to collage card with ribbon.

Azure Madonna
Antique Italian print, antique hand written page, antique scrap French letter, antique end paper, antique ecru parchment paper, assorted antique lace scraps and tiny antique baby button.

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The Snow Queen
Antique image, antique bridal lace, tiny pearls and ribbon scrap, assorted antique ephemera and hand dyed lingerie lace.

Antique Lace Scrap- large 9 x 12

Bonny Mary
One yard of antique dress lace, antique image of Mary Queen of Scotts, antique brassiere lace, large doily and paper ephemera, tiny flower and antique black velvet ribbon.

Florentine Lady
Handmade transfer on cloth Italian image, large crochet flower fabric and antique lingerie lace, antique velvet, hand dyed lace, paper scrap and hand dyed crochet lace and tiny buttons.

Lady République
antique French Postcard, one yard of antique white lace, fabric scrap ribbon, antique bridal lace, old charm, table lace and hand dyed black bean fabric, antique black petticoat lace, and ribbon scraplets.

The Tower
Hand dyed antique tea towel and batten burg lace, hand dyed fabric scrap ribbon, ancient ecru hand crocheted lace. Antique French Tower image, old French tag, and assorted lace bit with a jet button. 

Two large pieces of black lingerie lace, gold fabric, reproduced image of pears, large round fabric and crochet doily, tiny brassiere lace on a card, skeleton leaf and gauze fabric, green fabric and paper scrap.

Evening Songs
Hand dyed antique battenburg lace, large lace scrap, long length of grosgrain, white stitched ribbon, black and white fleur tag, assorted ribbon and lace, antique image and large swath of black petticoat lace.

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