Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Practice, Practice, Practice..

well dear readers,
I have been working on my new show...


from my Ripped and Torn series..

and I have 5 small pieces to share with you..
although they are not going into the show..

they were just for 

I once had a teacher that used to shout, "Practice, Practice, Practice..
as we were leaving the studio..

So I have made several small pieces as rough drafts..
to see how this new series will behave...

sometimes mixed media needs time to sit .. to rest
and techniques need time to develop...

 no matter how long I work with a media 
I am always learning new things..
paper teaches me so much..

It seems to me that as we develop and grow as artists we find
new ways to use the same old materials..

Excavations is an attempt to rip through the layers 
and sort out the truths..
the center always reveals what has been hiding there all along..
As I rip and tear, and focus, the dimension of the 
relationship comes clearly into focus..
and I am always reminded 
that harmony and congruence
is born from chaos..

We are off again, 
traveling to see family again..

So I am taking a little break until March 1st
when I will have the new 
Mono Printing video 
for you..

but I will have a new blog post for you next 
see you then!!


Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Art Shopping Abroad & Blog Changes

If you find yourself lucky enough to be 
art shopping in Europe and the UK..
and pinching yourself that you really abroad..

then you will want to make a list of these
because really...
do you ever have enough supplies?

So here are my favorites from my last trip..



This is a tiny store, with an old fashioned look..
and I expected Monet to walk in at any moment..
They are paint manufacturers and still sell the same smocks
that I am sure Monet wore and I know you will find them charming

You can purchase their paints in a variety of ways.. sets and single tubes..
I purchased a small travel tin
that I had been lusting after
for several years..

They make several paint colors that 
 are exclusive to Charvin
which are gorgeous..

you can step back in time
here and soak up the past.. 



Like Charvin, Zecchi arts has been a continuous business for many years..
they are art supply sellers and manufacture the most amazing
watercolor paints made with honey..

they have everything you can imagine..
and to be clear, there are so many choices,
my advice is to leave yourself plenty of time to browse 
and allow the kind sales people to assist you in your choices..
They have been restoring art forever and the beautiful fresco on the wall
in the office is the indication of their authenticity and integrity...

Pens, paints, and inks from floor to ceiling..

and pigments to mix your own paints
which are eye popping..

and more brushes than I have ever seen in one store...
You will not be disappointed but you could be overwhelmed..



Alas I only have shots of this store and the next one from the outside, 
so you will have to take my word on the uniqueness and outstanding quality of the shops.
Parione is right next to Zecchi and they are on an enchanting little alleyway filled with fabulous shops.
It is a beautiful paper store with polished wood work and

Filled floor to ceiling as well with paper, writing nibs, leather bound books in all sizes
and papers, 
for writing and book making. 
I was intrigued by the ships and stages and there were so many paper novelties. 



This is a 6th generation book makers shop with a large book making studio at the back of the shop. It is located just across the Ponte Vecchio Bridge. They have an assortment of small paper goods and books and some lovely antique bits. 
They have beautiful calendars nibs, papers and writing implements.

Stuffed with lots of cards and writing papers handmade books it is a gem and that sweet butterfly calendar below just had to come home with me and you can see it in my videos above one of my work desks in my studio...
No two paper stores are the same in Italy so you will want to see them all methinks!!



I was delighted to find Khadi paper at this book binding and supply store. What a treasure this store is and you will want to buy arm loads of papers here. They have everything imaginable and all kinds of book binding supplies. 

Papers of all kinds, marbled, wrapping, handmade, rice and printed papers, as well as black wing pencils and pens and all kinds of stationery. I was simply wowed and have to admit I went back twice because I simply had to have some fun papers. They also sell scrap packs which are just perfect for collagists.
If you get to London, make sure you stop by and bring a large shopping bag, you will need it!! 

Well dear readers, 
I thought I would take a minute to 
tell you that I am still going to continue to blog..
but with less frequency.
I have been weekly blogging regularly for years
and I know you have come to expect a Tuesday post..
I can no longer keep up with that schedule.
so I will be blogging each week that I do not have a video..
I know you will understand and support my decision.

I will be here next Tuesday however,
because we are taking a holiday at the end of the month to be with family
so the next YouTube video
will be
March 1
and we will continue mono printing!

Ciao, Ciao!

Friday, February 8, 2019

Mono Printing on Fabric

Ciao, gentle viewers..
this little video post
began with a tiny idea, 

wouldn't it be fun to mono print fabrics..

so I took some time from deadlines..
and other work to play with the idea
and went into my closet to use a sheet protector
and devised a pretty cool plate..

Have fun with this, I hope you make some yummy prints
and use the techniques often..

Thank you so much for viewing..

and I will see you on Tues. with a new blog post..
Have a beautiful weekend, dear ones...


Tuesday, February 5, 2019

January Art Journal Pages

and it is all about me, 
writing about who I am today..
my gratitude..

aging has been a topic,
as I have let my hair grow white..

and I will tell you
a secret gentle reader..

I love being old..

when I was 5 years old,
I remember getting up and dressing myself..
brushing my teeth with my finger,
because I could not reach up into the cabinet..
sitting on the sink and smoothing my unruly hair with water..
and as I looked into the mirror..
I had this deep sense of 
that old age would be the happiest of years..

just keep going
it may be hard now, but it will get better..

and so I went out into the back yard/forest to play wildly in the woods..
until noon..
when my mother awoke..

there are some benefits to having an alcoholic for a parent..
one of them is that
you have lots of liberty...

there is a freedom in age...
if you allow it..
there is a wisdom that arises
from so much experience..

When you look at others, be not covetous of what they have, 
because you do not know what they had to negotiate to get to where they are..
we all have our crosses..
some of us just refuse to paint them...
or give in to them..

There are changes with age..
but we did not lament them at 20.. 
why shouldn't we see wrinkles and white hair as gorgeous
texture and color?

Who makes up these rules about age?
what we should wear?
how short or long our hair must be?
What is dignified or not..

inside of me is a 5 year old, with unruly hair..
still puttering out in the yard..
nothing at all has 

and the 
is still there.

Ingredients: Black gesso, colored pencil, metallic gelatos, paint pens.

So off to the studio I go..
the mad artist is working on
a new Mono Printing video for you on fabric
so stop by on Friday..

we will get messy together!


Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Mixed Media Waterscape

Gentle readers..
This painting took almost 2 years..

Mixed Media Painting, Caterina Giglio, detail

Since I tucked it away and worked on it as I had time..

I wanted to share it with you..

Pool Side, Mixed Media Painting, Caterina Giglio.. detail 

And give you an idea of where it went to live

It is 3’ x 4’ 
so it is a good sized canvas

I have always said that if you think you can paint, 
painting waterscapes and skyscapes
They are the original abstracts..

I took this on as a challenge..
The size, the commitment..
the opportunity to learn..

and so I feel a large sense of accomplishment..

in the completion..

I love the look of it on the mocha wall..

Poolside from across the room..

And I finished the sides and wrapped it in the flow..

Once and a while you just have to create for yourself ..
I finished this during the holiday break..

I am almost 
with my excavations on paper ..

and will be working 
On my video for my class..
And a new YT video
Mono printing 
On fabrics..
just imagine the mad artist at play!

Lots to do..

Next Tuesday 
I will have January pages
Which will be a new self portrait..

See you then


Friday, January 25, 2019

Studio Tour WIPs and Finished Work

I love to bring you into the studio
gentle viewers..

so that you can see what I am working on
and what I create behind the 

Today I want to share my paintings..
some sketches,
my 2018 art journal ..
and my new 
Mixed Media work..

I posted the Amazon links in the comments section
if you want the Strathmore Mixed Media Art Journal and Blackwing Pencils
that I use ..

Thanks for stopping by the studio..
It is always so much fun
to share with all of 


Tuesday, January 22, 2019

A Year of Art Journaling

Ten Year Blogaversary

had it's share of challenges..

but it also had
great love.. adventure
lots of creativity..
as always ... gentle reader..
I will give you a month by month
of techniques, ingredients and a little synopsis ..

as usual 
I am 
 so astounded to see the body of work at the end of the year..
it feels like such an incredible accomplishment.. 
 not simply the creative work, piling up year after year
 I have clear illustrations of 
how I have grown spiritually and creatively..
my marks say
I have been here
and I have lived well..


As many of you know, I always begin the year with a self portrait..
It is always quick, 
and it allows me the opportunity to tune into my feelings about 
who I am and where I want to go..
It also creates a focus on how I am feeling about being an ancient artist..
it creates an understanding and acceptance with the aging process..

I found my kindergarten photo and had the idea of creating a 
"tongue in cheek" portrait of 
a before and after comparison..
and I loved the way it turned out..
My hair had just recently grown out enough to be completely white
and though shorter than I was used to..
I was tickled to see that it was still pokey...

Age is a blessing...  

Ingredients: Black gesso, acrylic paint, personal photo, paper ephemera, colored pencils, paint pens, washi tape.


My second tradition, for those who are new to my blog.. is a love letter that I write to myself every February as a remembrance
and a devotion to self love..

 I list all the things that I love about myself..
I don't know about you... 
I was not taught to love myself..
I was taught to love others..
but how do we accomplish that when we dislike or even worse...
 hate ourselves?
Writing this has become easier each year,
as I continue my practice..

Ingredients: Gesso, micro beads, acrylic paint, lace and fabric scraps, thread, paper ephemera, sheet rock joint tape, tissue paper.


I have always been obsessed by edges..
edges are everywhere..
and the ripped and torn papers
create the finest edges..

the shredded papers of March were inspired by the beach visit we took and I was transfixed by a row of shells along the beach and suddenly... 
began to create a collage in my mind's eye..
how one thing will spark creativity 
especially when it has no logical
relationship to the other..

I have been chewing on a few severed relationships in my life
this year, 
a couple over hatred,
 I will not tolerate  

so the pages represent
that turmoil
and the gentle weaving of a new beginning.

Ingredients: antique and vintage papers, mono prints, colored pencil, pencil, gel medium  


We have a short gardening season here..
sounds crazy I know, but Florida is not all palm trees and sea shells..
we actually live in a pine and live oak forest
and winter mornings can be quite chilly..

so.. when I get to spend time in the gardens,
I am present... 
and April pages reflect my gardening..

putting my fingers in the earth and communing with dragonflies
and crows..

Ingredients: Acrylic paints, vintage ephemera, tissue papers, colored pencils, pen and pencil.


Every month brings something new..
they all have their own

as the 5th month
I often find there are changes that take place..
and in May two of my friends
suffered the death of their husband..

It is excruciating to watch and be unable to 
really assist..
words are so ineffective..
so I put the feelings that I had.. my empathy
down on paper..

the little dots represent the holes in life
when one, anyone, 
we love, 
from this plane of consciousness to the next..

so many holes, 
too many to count really..

Ingredients:Black gesso and acrylic paint, paint pen, vintage ephemera, wrapping papers, colored pencil, pencil.


I am not a political artist..
I will leave that to others..
I think it is important to know who you are and what you want to express..
but in June, I documented what I called
civil war..
the nation's fabric being torn at the seams..
I felt it in my bones and skin..

the wretched being in the center..
our collective psyche..

Ingredients: Acrylic paint, antique book pages, antique ephemera.


The theme of July was estrangement..
and there are several threads on this spread..
representing more than one person
and different issues..

 suffice it to say..
that it is easier to love someone unconditionally when they are no longer
a part of your life..

and conversely..
distance is always an obstacle of healing..
and assistance.

Ingredients: Acrylic paint, antique papers, ephemera, wrapping papers, gel medium, pencil.


Reflection is always good..
and I spent some time in August writing beneath the images
about my personal responsibilities..

 about how I can become a better communicator..
which was not a learned skill in my family..

dots again..
this time representing sea foam, 
piling up at the end of the wave,
like thoughts on the shore..

the sea is always such a healing place..

Ingredients: Acrylic paint, pencil, graphite pencil, aquarelle graphite pencil, antique ephemer, tissue paper, metallic gelatos.


The worst part about aging is having lived through history..
watching history repeat itself..
and being unable to effect change

The simple illustrations are always the best..
sowing and reaping..
what goes around, comes around..

the silence of women..
those days are 

Ingredients: Gesso, Acrylic paint, antique papers, antique ephemera, tissue papers, wrapping papers, pencil.


There was magic afoot in October..
I could feel the changes coming..

like a dark cloud lifting and separating..
revealing some truth that had yet to be realized.

I suppose it had a lot to do with our adventurous upcoming trip,
but nature was simply singing to me..
swarms of dragonflies were in the yard and butterflies were too numerous to count..

I was content to listen to nature sing..

Ingredients: Antique book pages, transparency, mono prints, tissue paper, Acrylic paint, pencil.


It was a rough ride back from the continent..
two weeks of rough seas..
and grey skies..
like being tossed on wicked thoughts..
and I held onto the rails for balance

though there were many things that happened in November..
my pages had a mind of their own.. 

Ingredients: Black gesso, acrylic paint, metallic gelatos, colored pencil.


Cold mornings 
and grey days..

but my spirit was lighthearted as I searched for 
December is always a bricolage of wrapping papers and bits of ephemera, that 
always seems to pinpoint
my feelings..

the only thing that I was short of
 in December
 was time..

Ingredients: Acrylic paints, tissue paper, wrapping paper, antique prints, antique ephemera, antique lace, Caran D' Ache water-soluble crayons

And now dear readers,
January pages will be here soon,
and a new video this week, 
where I will take you into the studio 
and show you all my new work..
including a flip through of this journal..
and some paintings..

so much to do this year, 
it is really exciting..

As always, I am so grateful to you for 
reading and commenting and faithfully
following me..

I am simply..
gratefully yours..


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