Friday, September 17, 2021

Mini Bee Book

Ciao gentle viewers..

Thanks for stopping by the studio today..

It's so nice to be home and back in the swing of things

in my studio..


This mini book is a new take on my little bug book

also known as Transformation..

The crystals are fun to use to highlight a small bit

and tell the story, don't you think?

Have fun book making..


Tuesday, August 17, 2021

How Does My Garden Grow?


Detail of the Botanical book, Garden.

My new botanical collection is titled

How Does My Garden Grow?

and it is a collection of mixed media works on paper...


 August 18

 Pop Up show/sale

August 21

EsScentuals/142bis gallerie


in Fort Collins, Colorado

Garden, a handmade Antique String book, with a mixed mediaart piece on the inside cover..


Garden... a handmade antique string book, Caterina Giglio

The new collection arrived in this handmade string book and they were mounted on the large handmade paper sheets with 
antique photo corners..

Detail from Garden

Inside the mixed media book, Garden.. Caterina Giglio

Naturalists' Notebook, antique string book, Caterina Giglio

Antique string book adorned with book covers and antique hardware.

the small works..
6 x 6

These two companion pieces.. are Italian Collage  and all the works in the collection feature hand pressed flowers that I pressed several years ago..

6 x 6
Italian Collage

No. 4
6 x 6
Italian Collage

Plate #2

6 x 6


Winter Song
6 x 6


How Does My Garden Grow?


This botanical collection began in 1995 when I began to gather leaves and flowers from walks and my garden and pressing them into books. At the time I had no thought of using them in an art work, my only desire was to preserve the beauty that I had savored, to capture the dissolved day in a simple memento.


I chose many of those specimens for this collection as well as current pressings, and I juxtaposed them with Italian Collage, antique wallpaper ephemera, book bindings and fabrics to illustrate the textural layers of life. 


The garden is a holy landscape resembling our lives, we grow, we are pressed to change, we follow seasons and we bloom and age and work done in hand and heart is worship itself. My intention was to create botanicals that reflected the reverential nature of garden and of life itself.

Sorry! Sold!

French Poets

16 x 20


French Poets, Framed and floated on linen

French Poets is my signature piece in the new collection and it has been framed to show my preference for the framing of my mixed media on Khadi paper..

Detail of French Poets, Caterina Giglio


8.5 x11


Sorry! Sold!
Queen Anne
8.5 x 11

Lost Innocence
8.5 x 11

8.5 x 11

Singing Leaves
8.5 x 11

Sorry! Sold!
Est à Paris
8.5 x 11

Sorry! Sold!
Made In France
8.5 x 11

8.5 x 11

Thank you so much for your continued support..


Friday, August 6, 2021

Ciao, dear ones!

Thank you so much for watching our little video..

I thought that you might want to see where all 


my work listed here on my site actually lives..

it is such a gorgeous store and gallerie and

it is perfect for my aesthetic..

Enjoy.. it's quick.. 

but we are on vacation and I am trying not to work too hard!!!!

Have a beautiful weekend.. wherever you may be!


Friday, July 23, 2021

Slow Stitching and Passport Journal Flip Thru

Ciao dear hearts..

we have so much to do to get ready for our trip,

but I wanted to do some stitching with you..

and let you take a peek into my 

passport journal ...

not complete
but getting yummier

I will drag it with me on Vacation


I want to acknowledge that 

Orly Aveneri

is the originator of the passport journal 

and you can visit her


Have a lovely weekend and please try to stay cool!


Friday, July 9, 2021

Passport Journal

Let's make a  pass port journal..

I was waiting for this to come home to me..

It has traveled the world..


and I wanted to use it as a vehicle for 

art journaling..

so I hope you enjoy this little video..

Have a fabulous weekend!


Friday, June 25, 2021

Slow Stitch-Small Textiles

Ciao dear ones..

taking a break from the stressful things

that pull at us..

Slow stitching is a great way to bring the volume down..


You might tea dye, or not, but just use the fabrics

you have on hand to make some small textiles..

to explore contrast 

and take a few minutes

to simply breathe...

Happy Weekend everyone..


Friday, June 11, 2021

Beer Coaster Concertina

And now for something completely different!!

what about using the lowly beer coaster as 

the substrate for a concertina book?


Bartenders will think you are crazy,

when you ask for a few extra..

but who cares right?

enjoy the process and thanks so much for watching!!