Friday, October 9, 2020

Mini books..
are so charming..
this one is so chunky and the pages are just yummy..


that you will really want to make one..
use what you have ..
recycle, reuse, upcycle..

always my mantra and it is what makes 
my art my own..

thanks so much for your support and your
we so appreciate you..


Friday, September 25, 2020

Mixing Media- Colored Pencil, Watercolor and Acrylic Paint

Mixing media is about more than collage..
there are so many possibilities ..
just think of all the things
you can do with so many products..


Check out lots of media and see what plays well with others..

then create all manner of things to use in your work..

Have a great weekend..

Be safe and healthy.. and thanks always for stopping by.


Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Mixed Media Paintings-Flower Series

A few of years ago,
gentle reader..
I decided that I needed to revisit 
I thought..
 perhaps I could view it with
new eyes..

and in the last couple of years I made a decision to work on 
because they have such an abstract quality to them

so I began experimenting with
acrylic and graphite
and I have really enjoyed the process

of course they take a very long time to paint,
and I am using glazes in the old fashioned way..

layering and building up..
in texture, color and highlights..

and it has been a lovely union
between my past 
and my future.. 

I plan to continue the series..
and perhaps send some to the gallery..

but for now,
I am content to keep painting
and forming my own

and guess what?
this is a Filming Friday week
so we will see you then!!



Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Khadi Paper String Book

The eternality of the circle shows up
on this page of my 
Little Khadi String Book

It's a wabi sabi
and it doesn't care what anyone thinks of it..

Slow Stitching

It isn't trying to be something
that it is not.

What I love about slow stitching 
is the serene pause..
as I lift the needle and stop a minute to breathe

Mixd Media, Slow Stitch

and to relax
each minute of breath is filled with
a subtle solitude of connection..

Slow Stitch, Mixed Media

and this connection
hooks me up into 
the flow of ideas
that will populate in so many different ways..

what to bake next..
how to finish a project..
what kind of tea to drink..
just simple things
that make up a life.

Mixed Media, Slow Stitch

it is a sweet pause
that at once, creates ideas
and also nurtures rest..

Mixed Media, Slow Stitch

the stitch asks us to allow..
and I capitulate to wherever the needle
wants to travel..

Mixed Media Slow Stitch


I think I will experiment in my studio this week 

and we are going to head to the beach one day soon..

have no fear, we have masks and it is not crowded 

at this time of year..

I will also try to finish some paintings..

and get some reading finished as well.

Perhaps you have noticed, I have not been able to keep up on 

comments and if you choose not to comment

I will completely understand..

But I thank you for every single word.


Friday, September 4, 2020

Khadi Paper String Book

My mind works like this..
dye some fabric and papers..

now what is the next step?

slow stitching..

of course..

and then why not put these fabulous pieces in a book..

just moving forward in a natural
building one upon the other..

Be safe dear ones..
and take good care..

Thanks so much for your most kind support..


Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Slow Stitching

Well, gentle readers..
I took a few photos of the pieces 
that I am still working on for
Slow Stitch String Book

Slow Stitching
Black Bean dyed cotton with bleached and over dyed sari silk.

which we will make on the next video..

Slow Stitching
Tea dyed and stitched cotton textile

one more video and then we are taking our summer 

Slow Stitching
Tea dyed Khadi paper stitched with mono printed fabric

Slow Stitching

We had planned a trip to visit family to celebrate a birthday,
but that was cancelled..
due to Covid..
so very much has changed..

but stitching hasn't changed..
I can still rely on it
for it's curative

Slow Stitching
Caterina Giglio, mixed media, slow stitching.


centers me..

as the needle marries paper and fabrics..

 creating a path all its own.

moving gently on .. 

with no concern of where that pathway leads..

 the piece, 

or me..

I loose my attachments and just focus on this 

present moment..

my breath, a sip of tea..

and I make space for the 

the wonky and wabi sabi..

in myself and in my work.


Slow Stitching

A little string book will be perfect for imperfect pages

and will allow them to be worked on 

time and time again..

See you next week 
my dear readers..
be well and as always,
thank you..

Ciao, Ciao!


Friday, August 21, 2020

Slow Stitching .. Stitch-A-Thon

It's Filming Friday
gentle readers..

and today we are slow stitching
and making little pages


for a little string book that we will

create next time we meet..

enjoy each stitch..

 hand stitch with me or

use your machine..

or just enjoy the simple way fabric and papers ...

threads and needle...

all find their way together

 in a lovely marriage.

Ciao, ciao!

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