Friday, March 23, 2018

Studio Tour and Works in Progress

Happy Weekend 
to you,
 dear viewers..
and this weekend I would love to
take you on a little studio tour..

and share all my works in Progress..

It will give you a little idea of how much
I juggle in the studio each day..

and right now, 
I have no deadlines to attend..

so ....
I am free to tackle large paintings and small
meditative stitches..

Thanks for viewing..
Thanks for reading..
Thanks for being such a wonderful support..
I so appreciate you all!


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Studio Spring Cleaning

This year, 
gentle reader ...
I told you that I would let you
see what really goes on in the studio

however boring or uninteresting that might be...

I often feel that there is some kind of romantic association with being an artist..
as if all our days are spent creating..
that couldn't be further from the truth..
often they are spent on the computer, or in another mundane task..
totally unrelated to the creation process..

Last week, (yes all week) I undertook my yearly
 Spring Cleaning..
it is one of the ways that I honor the 
Vernal Equinox..
the other is planting ...
and at this time of year, the garden is serious competition for the studio..

but that is another story, for another day..

So I set about to cleaning my zinc drawers..
organizing all my sewing equipment..

and below, dusted..
(once a year, whether they need or not)
and rearranged everything on the shelving unit.. 

I sorted all my tissue paper and separated it 
by solid color and print..
I have no idea how they always manage to co mingle..
little devils..

and grouped all my journals..

Are you exhausted yet?
time for a tea break.. I am sure...

Then I began work on papers..
removing smaller antique papers and images..
leaving the larger ones in the flat file..

and organizing all my wrapping papers..
wrestling the smaller rolls into a square basket..
so that the larger rolls do not beat them up..

such bullies..

I tore the covers off old books
and I am saving them for another book cover series..
I love the way they look..
ruffled edges and foxed pages..

and then I waded through all my wicker trunks..
all three of them..
and divided all the loose papers and sifted through them
until I had them all neatly arranged and

The fabrics, lace and ribbons,
took a day to untangle..
how does one attract so many bits?

but I am happy to say I am down to 3 bins..
my magic number..

The pens were much more fun..
I checked each and everyone and only had two bags to sort..
and I only lost three...

 that number of spring time 
and new beginnings...

The only thing left is paint..
I wonder how many are completely dried out??

I just need two people to assist me..
I will provide tea..

after all ...
three is the magic number...
wink, wink..


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Beach Combing

Ditching the studio
 is sometimes a nice

a new creative outlook..

so we headed to the beach last week..
before all the spring breakers hit the sands..

we arrived early..
and had the place to ourselves..
which is so nice..

a paradise..

being alone affords you the luxury of combing..
and the best shells are under the seaweed of course..

after Hurricane Irma,
the beach was in rough shape,
but they have really cleaned it up and it is back to normal now..

what a balm for the soul..
warm, powder sand and the sound of waves..

I brought back a couple of shells for my collection..

and kept my snacks under wraps..
or the thieves below would have enjoyed them...

I have a large collection of small pearl shells..

and they made me think about
working with torn and ruffled edges
in paper once again..

funny how one thing will remind you of another..

isn't it?


Friday, March 9, 2018

My Favorite Mixed Media Backgrounds Part 4

Dear hearts..
I have been working with these
techniques lately and 
thought it would be fun
to share them with you..

Glass Bead Gel
Drywall Tape
Plaster Cloth

so here is my latest video
to view..
Part 4 in the series..

I hope you enjoy the video and can use the techniques..

thank you as always for watching and reading.. 
and have a lovely weekend,
dear viewers..


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Monoprints, Monotypes and a Bad Studio Day

Everyone has bad days at work..
but this year I decided to share them with you..
gentle reader,

in speaking to other artists,
I have found that there is a common perception 
that people share concerning art and artists..
that our work isn't really work..
that we have fun all day..
and that making things is pure joy..

occasionally, it is..
but mostly is is a career like any other..
there are good days and bad days..

I was musing about this the other day when began a series of Monotypes
in the studio last week...
Monoprints and Monotypes are similar in one aspect, 
they are pulled off a glass or some other kind of plate and pressure is applied by
hand or brayers to assist in the transfer of the image
applied to the plate.

But Monotypes are created by working off a smooth surface with no markings or indentations..

a small difference,
and to be clear, the words have been used interchangeably forever..

often as I pull prints in the studio
I happen across a happy accident 
on this day, it seemed that the more I worked,
 the worse the images..

So I gave it a rest and worked on my portrait of Ella..
and my flower journal..

The next day I went back to it and used blue acrylic paint to freshen
and change it all up..

But still the images did not meet with my approval..
and clearly 
I was not having fun...

so I pulled all the prints together and noticed I had used up an entire ream of paper, 
pad of paper
but it felt like a ream..


 I will find a use for them..
even if I cut them and use them for collage
and I will revisit monotypes..

but not any time soon..

Last year, I would have shoved them in a drawer.. 
this year, I am sharing them with you
new year,
new insights,
new directions..

Ciao, ciao!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

February Art Journal Pages

Time for my annual love letter..
to myself..

When I first started to do this,
many years ago..
I admit, it was hard to write things about myself that I loved..
It felt awkward and alien to me..

I kept hearing my Mother's voice..
inside my head..

rattling off a long list of 


Present sorrows wings are taking... Caterina Giglio, Art Journal Page

I learned long ago that just because someone is family
it does not mean that they are good for you..
or on your side..

this month as I wrote, 
I realized how much I have been through,
since the beginning of this year..
in just a few short weeks..
and how much I love about myself..
despite the circumstances..
and the situations..

we can still love family
even when we realize that we mix like oil and water..
but it is easier when they are not around us all the time..

Ingredients: Gesso, acrylic paint, water color pencils, pencil, fabric, ribbon thread, dry wall tape, paper ephemera, micro bead gel.

hopefully I have captured in the texture..
of this month,
the rough and soft..
the pain and the joy ..
the light and darkness of the moments..

the power of the pen,
and the openness of acceptance..
for the way it is..

The details of life..
sometimes rugged, sometimes soft..

Ciao, ciao!

Friday, February 23, 2018

3 Art Journal Prompts

Ciao, dearhearts..
blog post 
3 Art Journal Prompts
that you can use to create infinite

and endless spreads..


Let me know what you think and as always...
 I so appreciate
your kind viewership...
Thank you for stopping by the sweet life..

See you Tuesday ...
have a beautiful weekend
dear friends..


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