Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The Little Sampler Book

I have been quietly stitching..
when I have not been watering..
the yard and the plants..

Sample Stitches

We are in an epic dry spell..
this should be the rainy season..
which is often a pox in itself..

but lack of water means that our tall forests run the risk of fire..

Stitch Sampler

So I hand water what I can since we have severe water restrictions...

Stitch Sampler

I think I could fill the other tiny French Journals 
with these meditative stitches..
and I just might do that..

Stitch Sampler

I love gathering unruly bits of hand dyed cloths and 
stitching them together..
when I listen gently..
they tell me which pieces go together..
like little playmates
drawn to one another..

Stitch Sampler

So I stitch and think of rain..
and puddles..
and the garden flooding beautifully..

Stitch Sampler

Now I have a place for them..
I will have to dream of a new body of work to
put them all to work..

Tiny French Journals

Please take good care of yourselves..
We are home together..
wearing masks when we gather food..
and taking no chances..
I wish you all a healthy and happy week..

Ciao, Ciao!

Friday, June 26, 2020

Mono Printing with Caran d' Ache

so this is not the video that I had planned..
but you know how plans go..

But I have to say, I love this technique and I want to
work with it, until I have it mastered..

I forgot to mention that you can color a plate
and simply print it on a journal page..
or a canvas..
board, whatever..

just moisten the substrate and rub it on..

have fun, 
it is so meditative 
and I hope it puts you in a very peaceful place..

Ciao, my gentle viewers..
hope your weekend is 


Thursday, June 18, 2020

May Art Journal Pages

People asked..
how many days have you been home?
How long has it been?

The days just pile up..

Caterina Giglio, May Art Journal Pages

the numbers increasing..
in cases, in deaths.. in the amount of time
we spend at home
and isolating..

I spend each morning in the garden..
connecting with the earth,

transplanting flowers,
cutting back the overachievers..
and weeding
which is a gardeners job security ...

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers....

being in the garden affords me
a sense of serenity and enchantment..
a dragonfly buzzes the spray from my hose
and I catch the magical copper shimmer of it's wings..
and suddenly the numbers all disappear ...

Caterina Giglio, detail May Art Journal Pages

The flower images are from
some recent mono prints that I made..
on book pages..
and the tiny stitches are on text from the 
Plague Doctor writings..

Caterina Giglio, detail from Art Journal Pages, May 2020

Ingredients: Mono Prints on book pages, antique ephemera, acrylic paints, colored pencil, red thread, stitches on paper, pencil

Caterina Giglio, Art Journal Page detail, May 2020

I have made a lot of mono prints
in the studio lately
practicing for the next video..

and making tiny stitches for my 
little French Journal 
so perhaps you will see those next time
I post..

Be well my gentle readers..


Tuesday, June 9, 2020

The Harp, the Shop and Where the Mini French Journals Live

Ciao, gentle readers..
this post is a little of this and that..

I am taking some time off but 
thought I would check in here and on social media..

My awesome 
just sold this assemblage piece..

we have several pieces in the gallery/store
that are not listed in the online gallery
making a FaceTime appointment 
would allow Meg an opportunity to give you a 
personal tour of my work..

The Harp, Assemblage
Detail from The Harp, Caterina Giglio, Mixed Media Assemblage

it is one of my favorite winged pieces..
but it was my intention to capture the flow of music..
the soaring, elation that I feel when
a particular piece of music fills my
soul and makes my heart swell...

I am very pleased to know it is going to
a new collector

The fHarp, Assemblage
Caterina Giglio, Mixed Media Assemblage

142 bis has also received 12 new 
Inspiration Kits..
and they have already sold one.. 
you can stop by the 

and just call to purchase

Inspiration Kit

They are now in small and large
and are mixed paper, cloth, laces and bits..

Inspiration Kit

and finally..
I finished my little book..
just the first one with the stitches and got the 
stitched plate on the front
and this where it 
went to live..

I will simply have to make more!

Mixed Media Handmade Book
Mini French Art Journals, Caterina Giglio

In the studio
I am working on paintings..
and finishing my
art journal pages...

but mostly right now, I am wanting to rest up
and I am chewing on new ideas for videos...

I hope you are all healthy and well
and if you are marching, 
I send my support 
and stand in solidarity..

Ciao, Ciao!

Friday, June 5, 2020

Mini French Journals

Mini, mini, minis,
you know how I love them
and I was inspired by 
French Journals 
that I saw at
Restoration Hardware
some time ago...

and so I was determined to make some
you could actually make a full size journal
using this technique
so I hope you play with it
and make a few for yourself...

and yes it is time for a break..
I need to rest and enjoy summer a bit, 
not going anywhere... 
but I will be working on some new ideas 

of course getting some work done
in the studio..

Be well gentle readers and viewers..
and be safe,
our country is tearing apart

but I have faith it will come back together..


Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The Plague Doctor

gentle readers..
in all my born days,
I never thought I would have any use for this

it was archaic, ridiculous and medieval ...

Personal Mixed Media Shrine

I got sick a couple of days after my birthday
in January..
and when I say sick 
I mean I thought I was drowning..
fatigued ..
out of it mentally..
chills came and went..
but the cough
lasted for a good 5 weeks..

it was only later 
that we realized that we had both 
probably had

Mixed Media Shrine

at the time
we just thought we had had bad colds..

so the idea of creating a shrine
to celebrate 
our health and survival 
seemed quite appropriate.

Personal Mixed Media Shrine

this personal shrine
has a hidden receptacle
as the image is glued to a box top and the bottom
box is adhered to the shrine.
I am collecting small things to represent this year..
and the hardships that we continue to endure.

our death toll increases daily
and people are so divided about what they believe and 
all I can think about 
is that if what I had was
corona virus..

I will gladly spare everyone that 
experience by wearing a mask in public..

Personal Mixed Media Shrine

If you watched the video
 then you know I was still deciding whether to
bead the corsage I gave the plague doctor
in the end I settled on French knots and threads..
and I like the loose threads
and see them representative
of all the unknowns still haunting us 
with this 

Personal Mixed Media Shrine

I have not made a shrine in years..
 this one honors all the lives lost
and the ones spared..

it marks a personal passage
as well as a collective 

and what comes in the near future?
only the plague doctor


Friday, May 22, 2020

Mixed Media Art-Part 3 Collage on Assemblage

Ciao, dear ones..
well it is Filming Friday 

and I hope you enjoy
this little video..

I wanted to come up with an idea that you could easily 
recreate in your own studio or work space
and can use it for a variety 

I love the plague doctor 
and thought it would be a perfect image to mark this 
extraordinary year...

As always
thank you for watching, and for your constant support..

I hope your weekend is healthy and happy..


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