Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Midwinter Wishes

Dear hearts..

I have been working since we stepped off the ship..
and when I arrived home
 my desks were already covered with
works in progress..

and art cards that I had started 
before I left on our European adventure..

my cards this year
were created with antique stamps 
and they stand up quite nicely..

In my busyness,
I have been remiss in getting out
to visit all my blog friends..

finally the tree is done..
the presents are wrapped
the cards have arrived ..

and baking is the last thing on my list..
a little Carrot Cake
and Italian Cream 
of course..

and then..
I can take some time 

to put my feet up..
read to my heart's content..

and maybe go to the studio
to experiment..
and plan..
which is the perfect consciousness
to put forward 
incubating ideas 
to germinate this spring..

Happiest of Holidays..
to you one and all...
my gentle readers, 
faithful followers..
sweet lurkers..


Friday, December 14, 2018

Mini Hinge Book Tutorial

dear ones..

So many people have told me
that they either hate hand stitching 
or they are unable to do it..
but would love to make books..

so here is a little video
to bypass stitching by creating
a mini hinge book..

Have fun with this one 
I wish you happy book making..
I will be back on Tuesday
with my
Holiday Post..

Ciao, Ciao!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

November Journal Pages

November was really amazing...

for so many reasons..

we had a lovely 
European adventure
and enjoyed each and every minute
in London...

more photos will come to show you the sights we saw..
and the things and people we met...

but first things first.. 
I really had to get November Pages
out to you, as I am late.. due to travel of course..

When we left Southampton,
we journeyed by ship to Boston..

and there was a terrific storm in the pond as they say..
so we were forced to travel far out of our way..
to escape the terrible waves and wind..

However.. we still felt the impact of the storm..

and for 13 days we had rough seas
and stormy weather..
the best weather was a grey day and choppy seas..

we finally saw sunshine in Boston, though it was very cold..
and then sun shone on us as we neared
our port in Florida..

So I decided to paint my pages this month and to share
the experience..
I am fortunately a good sailor, being married to a Navy Man..
I learned long ago ... that he does love the sea...

Ingredients: Gesso, paint pens, acrylic paint, metallic gelato, colored pencils

Next week, I will continue with the travelogue..
hoping that all your
holiday plans 
Merry and Bright!


Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Making Art in Tuscany

After three magical
very busy days in 
I was really ready to put my feet up, 
sit at the kitchen table...
write thoughts and glue
into my journal...

The front porch of our cottage, looking down the driveway at Il Colle, Agriturismo

We stayed at a beautiful
which is an
Italian farm 
that welcomes guests 

When I return to Italy
I feel as though I am home..
it is really inexplicable..

it is just a part of my DNA..

fortunately the weather was blustery and rainy
so I did not mind 
catching up in my journal and drinking some great 

The view from our back porch..

and below 
on the grounds of the farm..

the iconic Italian Cypress trees..

Our host, Giovanni
was very kind, welcoming 
so charming..

He and his family bought the farm a several years ago
and have turned a crumbling farm 
into a beautiful and productive
wine and olive oil farm
and resort..

The farm before renovation, courtesy of Il Colle, Agriturismo in Greve, Chianti

A view of the vineyard... at Il Colle, Agriturismo

Our cottage, before renovation and after..

The whole family work the property...

seven days a week..
His Grandfather still drives the tractor 
at 92.. 

The Pool at Il Colle, Agriturismo, sits hilltop and has a spectacular view.. 

the dedication and love of the land and this life 
is so intoxicating ...
that people always want to
buy the property..

Love is palpable..

We ate nightly at a little 
restaurant in the town..
and tried new foods
which was wonderful..

Giovanni is planning to build a restaurant on his property
so that guests will not have to leave the mountain..

that would be favolo!

and then it was on to 


At the corner of each street is a shrine or a painting.. art is everywhere in Italy..

My very favorite city..
a city I live ..

in my dreams..

The Arno River, Florence Italy from the Ponte Vecchio Bridge.. 

I will have part two of my
Italian adventure..

very soon..

but next week I will have my
November Art Journal 
pages to share with you..

and then we will continue with the 

for those of you who adore
as I do..

Ciao, Ciao!!

Friday, November 30, 2018

Travel Journal Flip Thru and Photo Mounting Technique

This week, 
dear hearts.. 
I was
up the travel journal
and working on my 
art journal pages 
for November...

this video shares 
the technique I used

adding my personal photos to the
old antique photo album pages..

and I added a little something to 

Have a fabulous weekend, 
dear readers and viewers..
I so appreciate your kind


Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Strolling Paris..

my dear readers..
yesterday got away from me
thank you 
for your patience..

my travelogue begins in


we flew in and we stayed very close to the 
Eiffel Tower
and the
Rue Cler..

where we had breakfast and a yummy

and then off on our way..
walking an average of 10,000 steps a day..

My friend Paula sent me here..

and stuffed from floor to ceiling..

with so many different things..
antique school cards, books and papers...

Medicine bottles and small porcelains, dolls, masks..

and tons of fabrics and ribbons..
but only sold by the yard...

unfortunately I am a claustrophobe 
and with 7 other people in the shop...
I had to make my purchases and get out quickly..

I would have loved to peruse it on my own time!!
I could have spent the day in there...

Next on my list was 

a manufacturer of paints.. 
this had long been on my list.. 
and I was wanting a tiny travel paint set...

It was so charming and nostalgic, I felt as though
Monet could walk in in any moment..
the smocks were so evocative of times gone past..

I ended up purchasing
a small travel paint box and got to choose my colors..
which was one reason I wanted the box, to have my personalized set..

If you go, make sure to ask..

we ended up strolling
together and I took some shots for you of the beauty of 

Notre Dame

and the 

and as you can see the weather was moody
and chilly...

but the 
was still beautiful...

even though so many flowers were spent..
and the cold north wind did blow..

You know me, I can find beauty..
wherever we go..

and if you go,
I know you will find it too...
no matter the season..

See you on Friday
with a new video..

I will be finishing and flipping through my travel journal..


Friday, November 23, 2018

Book Cover Series-142 Bis Gallerie

Ciao, dear readers..
We are back!
 and I will have a travelogue for you on

as usual...

I wanted to let you know that

Holiday Collection 
is in the 
and has been priced..

We are also delighted to tell you 
we are offering 


on all my


A Cultivated Life and As Above, So Below..
Book Cover Series
Mixed Media

Until Tuesday,
my dear ones..


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