Tuesday, August 13, 2019

July Mixed Media Art Journal Pages

Well gentle reader..
I wrote a lot about our trip..

to the Caribbean ..
in July,
on the pages in my journal..
so it was not

Sorry for the inconvenience on the last post with my YT video.. simply click on 
the link to watch the video..

surprising to see the blue paint 

show up 

I have to admit though
it was a bit uncomfortable to film..
without a clear idea of where 
the work was taking me...

and I usually know what I am creating
when we film..
have made a prototype or I have worked out
a design plan..

I think that being an artist is a constant exercise in 
releasing control..
it is what separates us from 
Makers and Crafters..

The Artist must learn to surrender the outcome of
what is created and simply allow..
but the 
Maker... Crafter... Artisan
always has an outcome in mind...

Ingredients: Pencil, Gesso, Acrylic paint, fabric, lace, string, handmade papers, antique paper, paper ephemera, wrapping paper, hand dyed lace, fabric and crochet. 

so I was delighted to see
where we were going with
all the little stitches..
having a few clouds show up 
unexpectedly was really lovely..

my cloud interpretation

and it certainly recalls to mind
those beautiful serene days..

this week I managed to do a deep clean of the studio..
and got some things organized..
and I am at work
on the new YT video..

my little twig book is up

Ok, off to do some painting..

Ciao, ciao!

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Handmade Tyvek Travel Journal

It really does look like antique and worn leather..
I find it so lovely to touch..

   I thought I would share some of the details
of my collage and mixed water media pieces..
before I tuck it away..

and it was fun to work in..
I made the decision to just play and toss

away any self imposed rules..
and I sometimes seem to have a lot of those..

so.. dear reader...
 I just jumped from collage..

to water media and back and forth again...

What I enjoy about mixing water media
 is the wide range of colors..
and the ability

to use a fine tip pencil for definition..
and to saturate

 large areas with the crayon...

playing with found papers and bits..

and documenting the travel
is a gentle way to pass the time..
and record the adventure..

the raggedy threads in the collage below came from the string
bag I used for my beach gear..
and I thought it made the collage below..

It was evocative of the flotsam and jetsam of the 
beaches here..
shells and seaweeds...
that drift in and puddle together..

the water always mesmerizes me...
I can watch it moving for hours
and it never fails to fascinate..
each wave is different..
if you photograph them you can see the differences..
the light and movement create such fluid abstract beauty,
that I cannot help but try to capture something that continuously holds my
Over and over I try to capture the movements of


So off she goes..

to live with the other journals..
to remind me of our adventure..
our peace and serenity..

Studio work continues 
and I am putting together more scrap packs
and working on another video..

we will be shooting my art journal pages
for those of you who want to 
be the "fly on the wall" as I work..

we will see how that turns out..
and back to painting
and submissions..

there is just no rest for the creative!


Friday, July 26, 2019

Mixing Water Media and Travel Journal Tips

Well gentle viewers..
I wanted to traipse through my journal
with you and to share some
of my techniques for mixing water media
together ...

It is so much fun to play to with different kinds of 
water-soluble media
and when mixing you have such an incredible range of color...
but it can be tricky..

hope you enjoy this little vlog post
and I will see you on Tuesday

Ciao, ciao!

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Mixed Media Scrap Packs and Travel Journal

Well dear readers,
we are back from our holiday..
enjoying the seven seas...

and I arrived to find all the 
little inspiration kits
and scrap packs 
had sold out! 

Lovely news..
I must say..

so now I will have to
get to work, 
hand dying lace and fabric
and scouring through my boxes and bins 
for lovely bits
to send back to 

We are filming this Friday..
so I will be making a new video...
giving you a traipse 
the journal
and sharing my techniques..
and also giving some tips about 
putting together a journal
on the fly..

the trip was a bit of a surprise
and so I used a journal that I had made from an 
old book..

cannot wait to share it with you
gentle readers and viewers!


Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Mixed Media-June Art Journal Pages

June was supposed to be a peaceful month..
with lots of rest..

and relaxation..
and instead, I found I was working very hard..

balance seems to be a word that
keeps bouncing back to me..

but summer is always the time to get work done for
the holidays and submissions..

in my pages this month I was climbing mountains..
metaphorically and metaphysically..
all those meta's 

and when I got to the top,
I realized that I am the one that sets the pace
of the climb..
and the tone of the hike..
a good thing to remember, eh?

 Ingredients: Monoprints, tissue papers, acrylic paint, gesso, metallic paints, antique book pages, assorted papers.

So we are off again on a holiday...
and I have been working in the studio on my new
travel journal..

which you will see in a YT video upon return..
and I will be putting feet up and resting

Thank you all for stopping by ...
and I just want you to know
that I am reading each and every comment..
and appreciating each one of you!

Mille Grazie!


Friday, July 5, 2019

Making a Pochette.. Mixed Media Portfolio

Today is filming Friday 
 gentle readers and viewers...

It is a rainy day here..
with no complaints..
but you will definitely  hear it in the video

punctuated with my "yikes!" and giggles...
due to the thunder and lightning ...

This little portfolio is so easy to make..
with no sewing involved...
It can be made with large book covers too..
I know you will enjoy it and 
have fun with it!

We are off on holiday next week, 
and I will have time to relax and paint and collage
as well as read..
looking forward to enjoying the color blue of ocean
and sky in the 
gorgeous Caribbean...

My art journal pages will be here on 
so until then..


Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Flowering Art Journal

Last weekend, gentle reader...

I found some time to get back into the 
Flowering Art Journal and play a bit more...

So I thought I would share some of the little details

after sharing with you

some of the products that I have been mixing in this little
handmade journal..
Putting them all together makes for such an artistic soup...

Collage is wonderful to blend with
layers of paint and gelatos add such shimmer and shine..

I have been adding my drawings on tissue paper
which enables the viewer to see the layers beneath the drawing,
 the layering effect in my journal...
is almost like seeing all the layers of plants in the garden..

It is all about the details..

For me...
That is what art is..
paying attention to the details, 
listening to the heart..
and documenting the journey...

So I am back to work..
in between gardening and weed pulling
which is job security..
for a gardener...

The days are hot here and the pool is a lovely diversion..
but I have to finish June pages..
and I am working on another travel journal as we
will be visiting the Caribbean again soon.. 

and as soon as I finish the portrait..
I will be working on my new mixed media floral series..

Alas, no rest for the creative.. 
I am sure..


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