Giglio Gallerie 2

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Ripped and Torn

Excavations is an attempt to rip through the layers and sort out the truths...

The center always reveals what has been hiding there all along..

As I rip, tear and study, the dimension 

of the relationship comes clearly into focus..


I am always reminded that harmony 

and congruence is born from


9 x 9

Birds of a Feather

Artist Statement

Birds of a Feather 🪶 

This collection of mixed media and slow stitch pieces began in 2018, as I was looking for a way to illustrate a sense of community and commonality. I chose birds as my subject to represent the harmony that exists and the commonality that we all share. They are

 layered, painted, collaged and stitched in a highly textured manner to evoke the changes that life brings our way. It was my intention to bridge gaps and gulfs between us and highlight the threads that weave our lives together.

The pieces in this collection were published in 2018 in the Stampington magazine, Somerset Studio. 

The Promise of Abundance

8 x 8
mixed media on cradled board

The Power of  Vulnerability
8 x 8
mixed media on cradled board

The Naturalists' Notebook

Butterfly Mandala

Mixed media, watercolor butterflies on tissue paper, with antique papers and acrylic paint and stitches.

cradled 1/2 in board 11 x 14


Butterfly detail

La Luna
Mixed media antique papers, walnut ink and acrylic paint
cradled 1/2 inch board 11 x 14


detail of La luna

Elements of Botany
(Crow Medicine)

Mixed media antique papers, ribbons, images, acrylic paint and walnut ink.. 11 x 14

cradled board 1 1/2 inch


The Similarities of Life

Mixed media, watercolor tissue paper butterfly, antique images 8 x 8
cradled board 1/2 inch


Sorry! Sold!!
Love in a Mist

Mixed media on cradled board 1/2 inch with hand painted watercolor butterflies  on tissue paper
and antique papers and cloth
8 x 8


Naturalists' Notebook
Each piece is wrapped and lightly mounted on 
Khadi paper..

How Does My Garden Grow?

There are 4 pieces left from my series, all are collage and mixed media on Khadi paper.. with pressed flowers..from my garden...
these are unframed and shipping is free in the 
continental US.
Sorry!! Sold!!

One small violet flower and antique ephemera and lace.


8 x 10

Singing  Leaves
Inspired by a Mary Oliver poem.. pressed daisy and antique ephemera


8 x 10

Pressed thistles and antique ephemera..


8 x 10

A Petal
Mixed media collage and pressed flower on Khadi paper


5 x 6

French Paper Series

Detail of Volume 12

Volume 12
Mixed media and slow stitches on paper
10 x10



Mixed media, transfers, gold leaf, antique papers on paper..

9 x 7



Mixed media, painted papers, resists, ephemera..

13 x 16