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Caterina Giglio 

Mixed media paintings, assemblage and art books are Caterina's current passions. She incorporates authentic antique ephemera and papers in her work and hand stitches fabrics to create unique marks of intention. 

As metaphors for relationship, her work is layered with paper, paint and rough textures, to illustrate the changes that all relationships endure. The various printed papers often represent conversations taking place within the work. She finds inspiration in nature which is one of her reoccurring themes. Her work is frequently described   
as atmospheric and romantic. "Your art work is like the layers of paint and wallpaper found in an old home that tells a lovely story of the past." 

142 Bis Gallerie, in Fort Collins, CO. currently represents her work exclusively. She is a regular contributor to Stampington magazines.

Scottsdale Community College, Scottsdale, AZ
Art Scholarship 

2003 ELIAS/INEZ –Lydia Garcia    Taos, NM
2004-2011 TWO GRACES–Robert Cafazzo     Taos, NM
2006 Pluma Gallery-Debbie Menaugh   Fort Collins, CO
2007-CURRENT 142 BIS GALLERIE -Meg DeWeese  Fort Collins, CO
2011-2013 Artisan’s Bench-Colin Miller  Brighton, MI

2003 Pure Joy- EliasInez Gallery-Collaborative
2005 Charming the Muse - TWO GRACES GALLERY-Collaborative
2005 Small Works Show -TWO GRACES GALLERY-Collaborative
2006 Age of Sincerity- TWO GRACES GALLERY
2006 Dia De Los Muertos  TWO GRACES GALLERY--Collaborative
2007 The Muse Unleashed Creative Underground-Collaborative
2007 A Hand Up-Creative Underground-Collaborative
2007 Dia De Los Muertos TWO GRACES-Collaborative
2007 Angelic Offerings- EsScentuals
2008 She Was Quite Overcome!- (solo) EsScentuals
2008 Dia De Los Muertos-TWO GRACES-Collaborative
2008 Angels & Icons -EsScentuals
2009 Elements of Botany –EsScentuals-Collaborative
2009 Sacred Hearts- EsScentuals
2009 Small Works Show- TWO GRACES GALLERY-Collaborative
2010 Jewelry Show-EsScentuals-Collaborative
2010 Art Of The Doll-Return to Sacred Places-TWO GRACES GALLERY-Collaborative
2011 Four Directions/Four Visions- TWO GRACES GALLERY-Collaborative
2012 French Paper Series-142 Bis Gallerie
2013 Les Jardin Des Amants-142 Bis Gallerie
2014 Patched and Tattered-142 Bis Gallerie
2015 What Lies Beneath-142 Bis Gallerie 

2012 The Pulse Of Mixed Media-Mysterieux

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2008-Study Nature-May/June
2013-Life is Art-Jan./Feb. excerpted from Artful Blogging
2013-Somerset Studio Sept./Oct. Artist Interview/Profile

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