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The 142 Bis Gallerie Archive 
contains art that is still available 
 for purchase. 
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Patched and Tattered

to purchase art work
kindly phone 970.484.7862

Artist Statement
This is a tiny collection that reflects our resilience, our ability to fly even though our wings may be tattered or patched..
Inspired by the people in my life who are still flying, facing death, insurmountable grief, and the total loss of memory.
It was made with antique ephemera, gold leaf, paint and tissue paper transfers..
to send blessings to all in all seasons...

Mixed Media on paper framed
5 x 7

French Angel
Mixed Media on cradled canvas
4 x 4

Bird Quilts

Originally published in Somerset Studio
this is the very last one of the series.

Bird Series 1
Mixed media on Khadi paper, 
stitching antique ephemera and hand painted papers.


detail of bird quilt, Caterina Giglio

Ripped and Torn Series

Advent of Spring

Collage on paper...




Mixed media tin nicho mounted on a tin tile... enriched in rust and paint with antique original ephemera, buttons and embellishments. 


Mixed Media Paintings


Mixed media painting on canvas with embedded patina enriched nicho


The Gardener

The Summer of Love
These are the last three mixed media acrylic paintings from
my collection. They are all on cradled canvas and are a celebration of the 
churches in New Mexico... including the famous
church at Ranchos De Taos.

$298 each


Estate De Amore

Sorry! Sold!

Chiesa De San Franciso De Assis
Ranchos De Taos



Mixed media painting on board, featuring antique ephemera, hand painted papers and stitches on muslim.


Wings Aspire

Mixed media painting on board with walnut pen and ink and antique papers...

Sorry Sold!

Waiting for the Letter
Italian Collage, hand painted papers, antique and stitched fabric, antique ephemera.



Sacred Hearts

assemblage of rusted tin, stitched linen and transfer on fabric, with charms. 

$398 pair

Companion piece to Compose above

offered as a pair


Hastypearl said...

Wowowowow! You had me at the hearts ! ;) Thank you for sharing your work with us. It is always a master class...xo Laura

Caterina Giglio said...

Hi Laura, thank you, so much! Xo

Createology said...

Your Works of HeArt are Divine and the colors yoiu use are very serene. Magic Dear...<3

Caterina Giglio said...

Thank you so much, Creageology!!

Randi Kuhne said...

Such beautifulness! (That's a word, right?)

Carol said...

What beautiful and thoughtful creativity. I must try and create a piece with you and your art in mind. Love it all.

tgarrett said...

Wonderful to see all of your work together!

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