Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Khadi Paper String Book

The eternality of the circle shows up
on this page of my 
Little Khadi String Book

It's a wabi sabi
and it doesn't care what anyone thinks of it..

Slow Stitching

It isn't trying to be something
that it is not.

What I love about slow stitching 
is the serene pause..
as I lift the needle and stop a minute to breathe

Mixd Media, Slow Stitch

and to relax
each minute of breath is filled with
a subtle solitude of connection..

Slow Stitch, Mixed Media

and this connection
hooks me up into 
the flow of ideas
that will populate in so many different ways..

what to bake next..
how to finish a project..
what kind of tea to drink..
just simple things
that make up a life.

Mixed Media, Slow Stitch

it is a sweet pause
that at once, creates ideas
and also nurtures rest..

Mixed Media, Slow Stitch

the stitch asks us to allow..
and I capitulate to wherever the needle
wants to travel..

Mixed Media Slow Stitch


I think I will experiment in my studio this week 

and we are going to head to the beach one day soon..

have no fear, we have masks and it is not crowded 

at this time of year..

I will also try to finish some paintings..

and get some reading finished as well.

Perhaps you have noticed, I have not been able to keep up on 

comments and if you choose not to comment

I will completely understand..

But I thank you for every single word.


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