Tuesday, May 15, 2018

April Art Journal Pages

The garden..
is my one weakness..

ahh.. you know me too well..

it is
a truly
happy place..
one of several..

as you know dear reader, 
I adore 
all the mundane chores..
watering, weeding, raking, trimming and planting..

and our spring here was absolutely magnificent...

we had so many blooms..
and the bougainvillea were exceptional..

Caterina Giglio, April Art Journal Pages, The Color of Flowers.. 

 I tried to capture that subtle beauty in my pages for last month..
and I was late, getting these pages to you...
precisely because I was spending so much time

Sometimes, my friend.. 
the beauty of this world created just for our pleasure, moves me simply to tears...

I find that beauty, that movement of feeling very hard to express..

As I sorted through my ephemera...
I found a color chart for Flower Colors..
with a corresponding page of the names of the colors, which was pretty charming..
and decided to use that as my background..

The weather changes so quickly here..
last month we had fireflies and crickets and suddenly this month
we have cicada and love bugs..

and if you don't know what love bugs are..
just google it..

suddenly it is summer..
and I will be in the studio more and the garden less..
as the rainy season is upon us..

Ingredients: Acrylic paint, antique and vintage ephemera, tissue papers, wrapping papers, colored pencil.

This week I am working on my new Vlog post..

Why it is OK to be a Scatter Brained Artist...

and I am starting my May pages..
as well as getting a journal ready for submission..

so much to do..
and I love all of it..

life is so amazing..

See you on Friday...



Valerianna said...

Lovely - and a color chart for flowers, interesting! My Dad was talking about love bugs the other day, I think I will google them!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Why do I have the feeling love bugs might not be so lovely? Glad you had such a great spring and your work table is so inviting! Life is good!

Randi Kuhne said...

Love your journal pages and post. The rainy season is indeed upon us! It is raining as I write this...

Anonymous said...

Pretty and delicate pages. We are really beginning Spring here, my bleeding heart just bloomed this week. Feel like we are 3-4 weeks behind! I am sure we will catch up...xox

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Wonderful April journal pages. So warm, soft, with a definite feminine feel. Definitely showed where your mind was in April. Sounds like it was the absolute perfect time to be outside.

I remember my experience of FL in June. Muggy, hot, and sticky. Rained at least a few minutes every day, too.

Harnett-Hargrove said...

Oh, this reads what I am thinking...

The simple beautiful drawings are a bit Worhol, yes?

Dorthe said...

Beauty, dear Cat, comes from your soul, and hands, these pages, in most soft tones, -I so love them- and the idea of using the color card, and their names !!
Enjoy it all, as you do, I will too :-) Big hugs, Dorthe

Catherine said...

Yes, this is what I meant in your Instagram post...the unfolding of the spring garden. I moved this year to the land of lovebugs and miss my Midwest garden so. Beautiful pages.

susan hemann said...

lovely collage!!

Arooj said...

Oh God ! The impressive interplay of colors...

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