Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Distant Memories-Open for Presales

Open for Pre Sales!

Ciao, gentle viewers..

I have just finished my latest collection..

all the pieces are
Italian Collage

mounted on cradled boards..

Distant Memories
was born in my love of ephemera..
as I chose the pieces and bits of antique papers and ephemera,
each one brought back memories.. of relationship, of death, of simple daily experiences..
all universal in nature but personal in experience.

Sacred Contracts

Sacred Contracts, Italian Collage, Caterina Giglio 

Each piece is layered with collage
and then pressed to flatten and unify the collage..
I often do these steps many times until 
I find the correct mix 
of elements..

I am never sure of the placement or how the collage will come
together and that is part of the surprise
Italian Collage..

The Cheerfulness of Blue

To view all the pieces in the show
go to the 

this last piece is titled 

Cloud Viewing
enlarged detail


Thank you so much for your most kind readership 

and for the constant support

you have always given me!


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