Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The Illustrated Diary

Welcome to 2019..
dear readers..
a new year and lots of new things happening..

to start 
I want to take a little minute to celebrate

the publication of my article
The Illustrated Diary
Art Journaling Magazine

as you know...

art journaling is very near and dear to my heart
so I was delighted when I learned
that they wanted to publish several spreads in my 

In the article I explain my long history with a fear
of having someone read
my writing..
and how I eventually became a facilitator 
for art journaling groups..
overcoming my fear and writing everything on the page..

once I lost my concern
I chose to 
 obscure the majority of my text 
just allow the images to 
convey the meaning of my 
written words..

I hope you have the opportunity
to purchase a copy and to 
read the article..

I have another journal in mind to send off to them
later this year and we will see how that turns out..

there are tons of things in the works for this year..

and I am very busy creating...
and gearing up for my spring show 

in Fort Collins

and I will be back this 
with another 

see you then,
dear hearts!!

Ciao, ciao!


CAWeStruck said...

Beautiful, beautiful work, Caterina. It reflects your spirit, all that you have overcome, your deep desire to uplift and inspire. That is a lot, and you are carrying and transmitting it with grace.

Randi Kuhne said...

Gorgeous article on your splendid work! Congrats!

Don said...

Busy, busy, busy......

A bird in the hand said...

Bravissima! xoxo

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What beautiful images from your past art journals. I love how you now start with the words, then cover them so they become private thoughts you wrote for yourself only. Sometimes that's even a release, too. Hope you had a lovely holiday, and I look forward to continued learning on my part from your totally inspiring art and videos in 2019 .

Dorthe said...

Dear Cat, your pages looks brilliant , wow, so beautiful, and I would love to see this mag, but for me to buy a Stampington mag it costs me more that 45 US dollars , and that is simply too much- I think their prices are too high this year, and the postage almost the same- so sweetie I`m sorry , but I hope to see more, here , when it is on the street !!
Sending you January hugs and congratulations !!

Jamcam said...

Reason to celebrate! Congratulations!

Seth said...

Congratulations Cat. I have not seen the feature irl yet but I can see by the pics here that they did a stunning job on the layout. And your journal pages speak for themselves :-)

froebelsternchen said...

Happy New Year dear Cat!
The sneak peeks look so wonderful! What a fantastic article with your amaazing spreads! I am a bit behind an just watched the gorgeous hinge book tutorial video!

AMAZING! I so adore your style Cat!

Have a creative year and thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us!
Hugs Susi

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