Friday, January 10, 2020

Mixed Media Studio Organization

dear ones..
it is Filming Friday..

I asked what you wanted to see on film in 2020
and the top request was

My studio organization..

how do I organize my studio?

Here is a little tour..
of my systems,..
a peek into drawers and jars..
binders and bags..

It works for me.. as a professional artist,
time is money and I cannot afford to search for things..

But no matter what kind of art you do or whether you are a professional or not..
if you cannot find it..
your studio is not serving you...

So thanks for stopping by today..
Thanks always for your kind comments and viewership..
we so appreciate you!

Ciao, ciao!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Press and Seal was the best thing that ever happened for mixed media. I use mine when I'm working in someone else's book. I have found it's even better than waxed paper to separate your pages and keep paint from going places it shouldn't. I also segregate my scraps and projects similar to how you do yours. I keep my fluid acrylics in a container that used to hold baked goods. I wish I got tomatoes in plastic container like that. That was genius the way you recycled the containers. I don't paint like you, and I definitely don't hand sew like you. But I couldn't live without my sewing machine to sew paper to paper. I LOVE your drafting/blueprint drawers. That was a great find. It's amazing how many ways we store our bits the same way. I don't get large sheets of paper like you, but I do sort my papers similar to how you do yours. You are inspiring, and I know I'm on the right track because you have a fabulous room and closet filled with goodies that you can put your hands on at any time. Most of the time I can do the same. However, just tonight I was looking for a specific book and it took forever to find it in my craft room. That means I also need to clean up and organize my space further, too. Thanks for the inspiration and the kick in the pants to get going on it.

elle said...

Absolutely excellent.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Exactly why I need to get organized. I have so many supplies for so many different crafts and yet don't know where they all are and can't easily get to them. Will definitely be working on cleaning things up bit by bit, day by day. Happy new year!

Sharmon Davidson said...

I really like this video, Cat! Getting to see other artists' studios is a big treat for me. I agree that staying organized is important; I really hate having to look for things. Still it seems impossible to know where everything is. I'll have a very clear memory of a certain image in a book that I want to use, but can't remember which book it's in. Maybe I just need a better memory, or less stuff! Thanks for sharing this! xox

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