Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Practice, Practice, Practice..

well dear readers,
I have been working on my new show...


from my Ripped and Torn series..

and I have 5 small pieces to share with you..
although they are not going into the show..

they were just for 

I once had a teacher that used to shout, "Practice, Practice, Practice..
as we were leaving the studio..

So I have made several small pieces as rough drafts..
to see how this new series will behave...

sometimes mixed media needs time to sit .. to rest
and techniques need time to develop...

 no matter how long I work with a media 
I am always learning new things..
paper teaches me so much..

It seems to me that as we develop and grow as artists we find
new ways to use the same old materials..

Excavations is an attempt to rip through the layers 
and sort out the truths..
the center always reveals what has been hiding there all along..
As I rip and tear, and focus, the dimension of the 
relationship comes clearly into focus..
and I am always reminded 
that harmony and congruence
is born from chaos..

Please save the date!!
May 17th
in Fort Collins, CO

7-9 pm
I will so look forward to seeing you!! 

We are off again, 
traveling to see family again..

So I am taking a little break until March 1st
when I will have the new 
Mono Printing video 
for you..

but I will have a new blog post for you next 
see you then!!



froebelsternchen said...

Great Ripped and Torn series Cath! ENjoy your trip!

Randi Kuhne said...

Love your excavations series!

Dorthe said...

Beautiful, the eye getting lifted through the layers, to the center of it all, from where we find the truth ,the love and the happy feeling !!
Have a wonderful vacation with your family, dear Cat . Hugs, Dorthe

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This is SO inspiring. I am so impressed and will also take your advice and practice (as soon as my craft room warms a bit). Thanks for sharing these beauties. Have a fun and safe trip.

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