Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Art Shopping Abroad & Blog Changes

If you find yourself lucky enough to be 
art shopping in Europe and the UK..
and pinching yourself that you really abroad..

then you will want to make a list of these
because really...
do you ever have enough supplies?

So here are my favorites from my last trip..



This is a tiny store, with an old fashioned look..
and I expected Monet to walk in at any moment..
They are paint manufacturers and still sell the same smocks
that I am sure Monet wore and I know you will find them charming

You can purchase their paints in a variety of ways.. sets and single tubes..
I purchased a small travel tin
that I had been lusting after
for several years..

They make several paint colors that 
 are exclusive to Charvin
which are gorgeous..

you can step back in time
here and soak up the past.. 



Like Charvin, Zecchi arts has been a continuous business for many years..
they are art supply sellers and manufacture the most amazing
watercolor paints made with honey..

they have everything you can imagine..
and to be clear, there are so many choices,
my advice is to leave yourself plenty of time to browse 
and allow the kind sales people to assist you in your choices..
They have been restoring art forever and the beautiful fresco on the wall
in the office is the indication of their authenticity and integrity...

Pens, paints, and inks from floor to ceiling..

and pigments to mix your own paints
which are eye popping..

and more brushes than I have ever seen in one store...
You will not be disappointed but you could be overwhelmed..



Alas I only have shots of this store and the next one from the outside, 
so you will have to take my word on the uniqueness and outstanding quality of the shops.
Parione is right next to Zecchi and they are on an enchanting little alleyway filled with fabulous shops.
It is a beautiful paper store with polished wood work and

Filled floor to ceiling as well with paper, writing nibs, leather bound books in all sizes
and papers, 
for writing and book making. 
I was intrigued by the ships and stages and there were so many paper novelties. 



This is a 6th generation book makers shop with a large book making studio at the back of the shop. It is located just across the Ponte Vecchio Bridge. They have an assortment of small paper goods and books and some lovely antique bits. 
They have beautiful calendars nibs, papers and writing implements.

Stuffed with lots of cards and writing papers handmade books it is a gem and that sweet butterfly calendar below just had to come home with me and you can see it in my videos above one of my work desks in my studio...
No two paper stores are the same in Italy so you will want to see them all methinks!!



I was delighted to find Khadi paper at this book binding and supply store. What a treasure this store is and you will want to buy arm loads of papers here. They have everything imaginable and all kinds of book binding supplies. 

Papers of all kinds, marbled, wrapping, handmade, rice and printed papers, as well as black wing pencils and pens and all kinds of stationery. I was simply wowed and have to admit I went back twice because I simply had to have some fun papers. They also sell scrap packs which are just perfect for collagists.
If you get to London, make sure you stop by and bring a large shopping bag, you will need it!! 

Well dear readers, 
I thought I would take a minute to 
tell you that I am still going to continue to blog..
but with less frequency.
I have been weekly blogging regularly for years
and I know you have come to expect a Tuesday post..
I can no longer keep up with that schedule.
so I will be blogging each week that I do not have a video..
I know you will understand and support my decision.

I will be here next Tuesday however,
because we are taking a holiday at the end of the month to be with family
so the next YouTube video
will be
March 1
and we will continue mono printing!

Ciao, Ciao!


Randi Kuhne said...

I am drooling over all the wonderful shops, and I look forward to your blog posts and videos whenever they occur!

Don said...

Beautiful pictures of these fabulous art supply stores.

susan hemann said...

what a wonderful collection of stores!! thank you, I went to each one online. Wish I could see the places in person

Dorthe said...

Dear Cat ,
you have had a wondrous tour through some of the beautiful countries in Eu. I think I love France the most , but also enjoyed many visits to Italy , whereas I was only once in London ....
Your pictures shows clearly the many amazing shops you visited, and I`m sure spend money in . I would have done the same , lol.
Ofcourse it is understandable that you can`t both blog and create YouTupes , --too much when needing time to create and live , aswell .
Wishing you a beautiful tour to be with your family , dear heart ,- Hugs from me - xoxoxo

froebelsternchen said...

Wonderful impressions Cath! Enjoy!
oxo Susi

Caterina Giglio said...

Randi, you would so love them!! xo

Caterina Giglio said...

Well, Don you were with me, they WERE pretty fabulous weren't they? xox

Caterina Giglio said...

Susan, they are fabulous and you cannot go wrong with a purchase, online or in person!! Thanks for stopping by!! x

Caterina Giglio said...

Hi Dorthe, we adore London this year will mark our third visit as we will come back from Denmark through London, and I am looking forward to visiting Shepherds again. Thanks for understanding about the cut back in blogging I can always count on you for your kind support. Sending big hugs your way, my dear friend!! xoxo

Caterina Giglio said...

Thank you so very much, Susi!! xo

Jakki said...

Caterina - imagine my surprise when I looked at your photo of Shepherd's in London and saw the very Advent Calendar my sister bought for me when she visited London late last year (2018)! I would love to visit each and every one of those stores. Thank you for sharing them with us.

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