Friday, August 7, 2020

Natural Dyes and Resists

Ciao dear hearts..
there are so many things to experiment with
concerning natural dyes..
I almost didn't know where to start..

that I knew I wanted to conduct some light fast experiments..
and sadly salt did nothing to keep the color
from fading in the sun.

I did not bother with the vinegar baths, since the color was so dramatically changed with
and worse with vinegar..


I used just a teaspoon of salt and it changed the blue berry dye to a pink shade...

 that did not turn paper and fabrics blue...

that salted blueberry bath was however, beautiful mixed with unadulterated dye baths.

the resists are easy and will be a nice addition to stitches..

I will be using these papers and fabrics in the next video

for the 

Stitch A Thon

I invite you to make some beautiful papers and fabrics

and stitch along with me in two weeks..

we all need a little 

stitching meditation..

don't we?

The end result will be a sweet little book..

Be well..


1 comment:

Dorthe said...

Hi Cat , looks interesting , how you used the natural dyes , I also dyed with the red onion skins,some time ago,- and was so surprised to see the beautiful green I achieved . The resist is beautiful, I will have to try that , too. Thank you dear friend, hugs to you , xxx

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