Tuesday, September 17, 2019

August Art Journal Pages

I suppose I don't need to tell you 
gentle reader..
that I am woefully late
on my Journal pages,
for August..

It is mid September after all..
but we have been dealing with a family issue
and it has taken

time and attention
as well as giving pause and consideration..

so I have not been in the studio as much as usual.

everyone deals with these things, 
and while I won't burden you with the situation..
I can at least let you know that it is at the root of my
August pages..

I recently wrote a little note to a friend who buried her husband 
a year ago... 

"without deep pain cutting a valley in the heart, 
true joy would simply wash and run off.
 The valley opens to receive a joyful soaking
 that is then transmuted into our being."

It doesn't matter what the situation
what the pain is like or about
situations do not matter

So I mindfully ripped old papers and painted
multiple layers..

this tree is something I look at 
I love the bony branches..
It seems to be an anchor for me.. 
slightly obscured 
by the other bigger and leafier trees

Ingredients: Acrylic paints, photo copies, old book pages, colored pencil, pencil,

but it stands like truth..
old and gnarled..
beautiful in age
and knowing it will not stand forever..
I appreciated it in

As you know, we are off again to travel
to far off places and visit dear

wherever you are and wherever you go
I wish you happy trails..



Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Poignant and soul searching, Cat. I have a friend right now who is dying of cancer that started in her breasts, and has now entered her brain. I think your words are both soothing and encouraging. Your art is thought provoking, too.

Have fun on your voyage, dear friend. Stay safe, too, please.

tgarrett said...

Cat- the August pages are very emotional- the layers to the deep- it's like you exposed the living core. As always thank you for sharing- I need to email you soon. xoxo

vonleidenberg said...

I love these torn layers, they literally draw you into the picture. And at the end of the tunnel the tree stands, in full green, and gives hope. I would also look at it every day. Hope you had a wonderful holiday. The pictures on facebook looked like this!
Best regards!

Caterina Giglio said...

Hi Dr. E, I am so very saddened to hear about your friend.. it is difficult being the witness and watching the suffering. I always seem to find myself in that role, and while it may be sacred, it is never easy. X

Caterina Giglio said...

Hi Dear Terry! Thank you so much for you kind comments, the tree is such solace to me and you nailed it my friend, the living core is right! xo

Caterina Giglio said...

Hi Solveig! Thank you so much, and yes so nice to connect on Facebook as well xx

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