Tuesday, April 30, 2019

April Art Journal Pages

What you don't see..
dear reader...
is the writing,
below the paint and layers...

Ingredients: Acrylic paint, handmade papers, old lace, paper ephemera, pencil and colored pencils.

This month I wrote about my deadlines,
the show, my class..
our Caribbean journey..
and a small health issue I had to deal with..

I found a decrepit prescription in an antique book..
a page on bluebirds..
odd yes..
but I have learned to pay attention
to signs..

and it was the perfect ephemera 
to mark the page..
a small issue in a large sea of bliss..
but an issue nonetheless ...

yet another thing to conquer..

I learned so much about myself this month and how 
my learned beliefs continue to unconsciously
limit what I want to create..

 I am willing to
those thought patterns going forward..

 This is a busy week in the studio..
the last pieces in my collection are coming together..
and I need to address hardware..
photograph them for you..
and ship them out..

that is the top of the list..
but there is so much more..

I had planned on a YT video
on natural dyes this week but after two massive fails..
It won't be this week after all..

Alrighty then..
and thanks for listening..