Friday, February 8, 2019

Mono Printing on Fabric

Ciao, gentle viewers..
this little video post
began with a tiny idea, 

wouldn't it be fun to mono print fabrics..

so I took some time from deadlines..
and other work to play with the idea
and went into my closet to use a sheet protector
and devised a pretty cool plate..

Have fun with this, I hope you make some yummy prints
and use the techniques often..

Thank you so much for viewing..

and I will see you on Tues. with a new blog post..
Have a beautiful weekend, dear ones...



Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I love your prints on fabric. I never thought of using a palette knife, so that was clever.

I have also used a page protector as a gel plate. I have the expensive gelli, but have only used it once because I don't care for it, even after I begged for one for three years, then bought it as a Christmas gift to myself about three years ago, The biggest waste of $40.00 I ever spent!

I have offloaded my brayer using deli paper and card stock. I never thought to use a deconstructed book. Another clever idea.

If the stencil isn't words, numbers, or letters, I often turn it over and "clean" it on the paper or fabric. I have some star shaped punchinella (sequin waste) that I use, then when I turn it over to clean it on the same or different fabric or paper. I like the "back side" even better than the front.

Thanks for sharing your ideas and the time it took to create this video. One final thing I learned is, I often use fabric that is too thin and craft paint, rather than heavy body paint. Although I have monoprinted on fabric and have also used a sheet protector, I found so many new ideas in what you created. Thank you again, dear Cat.

froebelsternchen said...

Fabulous pieces - you are such an inspiration dear Cath! Susi

ELFI said...

chére cathérine, je suis toujours en admiration devant ta démonstration... je fais mon monoprint à l'envers... le tissu sur la table et j'étale ma peinture sur une plaque acrylique transparente..pour plus de visibilité.. qui est lavable après chaque je travaille sur des grandes surfaces...merci pour tes billets .. bises

Ro said...

Love the idea! Did you prewash your fabrics? I usually use syntrapol prior to dying or painting on mine.

Alison said...

So enjoyed your ideas. Thank you for sharing
If you leave your protector sheet to dry and then coat with gel medium you can peel off the skin and it lifts up all the left over paint, Another layer to add to a collage!

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