Tuesday, December 11, 2018

November Journal Pages

November was really amazing...

for so many reasons..

we had a lovely 
European adventure
and enjoyed each and every minute
in London...

more photos will come to show you the sights we saw..
and the things and people we met...

but first things first.. 
I really had to get November Pages
out to you, as I am late.. due to travel of course..

When we left Southampton,
we journeyed by ship to Boston..

and there was a terrific storm in the pond as they say..
so we were forced to travel far out of our way..
to escape the terrible waves and wind..

However.. we still felt the impact of the storm..

and for 13 days we had rough seas
and stormy weather..
the best weather was a grey day and choppy seas..

we finally saw sunshine in Boston, though it was very cold..
and then sun shone on us as we neared
our port in Florida..

So I decided to paint my pages this month and to share
the experience..
I am fortunately a good sailor, being married to a Navy Man..
I learned long ago ... that he does love the sea...

Ingredients: Gesso, paint pens, acrylic paint, metallic gelato, colored pencils

Next week, I will continue with the travelogue..
hoping that all your
holiday plans 
Merry and Bright!



Don said...

Thanks sweetheart for the mention. You ARE a good sailor.....

Randi Kuhne said...

Love the moody turbulence!

Dortesjs said...

waue love your November Pages the feeling of November in them awsome.
your so talented. thanks for showing and telling.
hope your holidays are merry and bright to.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Oh my, dear Cat. The word that immediately came to mind was moody. I could even feel the tension and the waves as they rammed against the ship. What a daring and unique spread. Glad you and your Navy man are safe at home, dear.

Unknown said...

Stunning! This kind of painting is so easy to overwork, to leave it looking like a heavy caricature. You captured the spray, the waves, the sky with beautifully active strokes. I love this.

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