Friday, June 29, 2018

Dealing with Rejection and Criticism

Ciao, gentle viewers..
here are a few of my thoughts about
dealing with 

and Criticism

I know many of us have had to deal with
this and some of us are still nursing the scars 
of scathing comments and situations
where criticism
stifled our creativity 
and in some cases, shut down an art career..

take a peek and let me know what you think..
and let me know if there is some topic you want me to 
talk about...

Thanks in advance for your kind remarks and I will be back here
next Tuesday ...

have a gorgeous weekend,
my dear friends..



Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

When I first started blogging, I had a few followers right away. When I lost one, it was like losing a child or an arm. I took it personally. Fortunately, it didn't take me long to realize that was the nature of the game and I couldn't put too much emphasis on losing one follower. Now I have many followers and when I lose one, I hardly notice. At least I no longer believe it's because I make bad art, because I'll be the first to admit when I do!

My friend Joseph is a steel drum player who started a band, wrote and arranged all the songs, and put out an album. He was looking for representation, and had a meeting with a high powered producer who knew the music industry. Joseph let him hear the album (CD) and the man said "could you NOT use the steel drums in the music? Joseph thanked him and left. Three days later he signed with another producer who was in love with the rock sounds coming out of the steel drums and the rest of the band. Just goes to show!

LOVED this post and it certainly hit close to home. One thing I admit. Once I have finished with a piece, I will gladly get rid of it, so I'm not attached to my art in that sense.

Angela Sopranzi said...

Ciao are so good...that almost sounds too trite for this super video. You are so right on about so many things, but this one was exceptional. Not to mention the fact that you were so relaxed and so confident about what you were sharing with us. Until now, I always thought I hadn’t found my muse, but I think I must have. I want to do it all...if you were to see the diverse stuff going on in my studio, you would say they are being done by different people. I always felt that I wasn’t “focused” and that I should work on one thing and get “really good” at it..... so tomorrow morning I am going in there and “accept” and embrace my muse! Grazie, grazie!

Cheryl said...

I love the message in your video and it came at just the right time. You're right, focus on the end goal and the Universe delivers it when we release how we want it to manifest. Negative comments usually catch me unawares and my usual reaction is no reaction, until I am alone and then it festers. Sometimes it's hard to remember that negative comments are all about the commentor and not the commentee. I love your work, been following you for years. I appreciate your honesty. Thanks for being YOU.

ELFI said...

je regrets de ne pas bien comprendre, je peux traduire l'écrit seulement..
mais je reviens avec plaisir voir tes superbes créatins... bon dimanche, biz

Catherine said...

Excellent advice...sometimes hard to follow. Thank you for sharing your personal experiences too.

froebelsternchen said...

I love your video !
You are so right with all you told us!
Thank you !
Hugs, Susi

Dorthe said...

Dear Cat,
a wonderful video, with you telling of your own experiences , of criticism, and how you have learned to cope with it.
After 20 years with my own shop , selling my own creations, I have heard things , too - lol- also mothers saying to their small kids,: hi ,we will go home and do the same things.....!!!!! Well mostly to laugh about- but also hard sometimes. I learned, like you- dear- Thank you , and wishes of a happy weekend to you. Big hugs, Dorthe

Jamcam said...

Thank you for sharing. Is it possible to give the link for the tutorial that you did for collage/decollage. I can’t seem to find it and would love to create more - thank you.

suziqu's thread works said...

I so enjoyed listening to your remarks about rejection and criticism Cat! Even though we really know that criticism is worthless it means that we are also still attached to that piece of art so a good lesson in letting go.
I too believe that we know when the universe knows where we are meant to be promoting our artwork but I personally feel so much great competition living downunder when it comes to being published and so hard to get a foot in the door so to speak!
Oh dear three rejections in one day is a bit of a shock but you handled it well knowing really deep down where you needed to be selling your art!
I am playing with image transfers onto tea bags at the moment and so I would love to hear you talk about that if that is something you have tried yourself!

tgarrett said...

I finally watched this video. Cat this made me love you even more. Thank you for your candor your openess and for being you. This is such an important topic for artists. Like you I have had plenty of criticism and rejections over the years. When I was very you these were devastating. As a career art teacher I was so careful with this. I had a very unpleasant professor in my first art class in college- we put our first assignments up and we went by every one and only had negative things to say- to me he asked if I was an art major and I said yes and he said you should reconsider. I was so angry- hurt and scared- the next time he started in in after an assignment I stood up and said if it is your goal to intimidate and destroy creativity then you have succeeded. Does it make you feel more of a man to shoot people down? I said criticism should be a learning experience. I thought for sure I would be kicked out of the class- the opposite happened he said he respected my coming forward and from then on he toned it down and was a bit more positive. Oh how I would love to sit with wine with you and talk more. Thank you.

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