Tuesday, May 1, 2018

For The Love of Paper

We've been attending sales lately..
in our free time..

Estate sales and 
a week ago we went to an
Antiquarian Sale...
dear reader...

where I mostly drooled over gorgeous old volumes..
of pristine leather bound books..

and exorbitantly priced  antique botanicals ...

and art books were simply outrageously priced...
but so lovely to peruse..

still it was uplifting to be in a room that
was filled with old paper..

and people ...
who adore old books, 
yellowed paper ..
 antique prints
and covet them...

like I do...

I was hoping to score another mini antique photo album..
but I saw precious few
and the ones I saw were very expensive...
of course..

but I did mange to find several books with 
marbled covers and scarred leather ..

and I have plans for all of them of course..

one seller asked..
"It is in really bad shape, you must be a collector?"

"Yes", I answered ..  
an unusual collector.. I thought..

I have learned to be secretive of my true intentions..

Of complete destruction..

tearing and ripping and shredding..

glueing and reassembling...

oh, the perfect chaos of it all...


They do not comprehend or approve of my mission..

my desire to elevate the mundane scribbled page..
or my passion for mixing the foxed page..
and the marbled cover..

creating art from something that will soon
wither away..
crumbling as it goes, leaving tiny trails of book crumbs in it's wake...

but you... gentle reader, 
 understand the desire, the passion
for you, 
I am eternally grateful..



ELFI said...

faire du neuf avec du vieux...très bien!
j'aime aussi ces livres qui ont vécu...mais
le livre vigée le brun...je crois que je laisserai en entier... :)))

Fiona Dempster said...

oh my, what a lovely wander, and your post evoked the smell of old pages, their feel...so delightful. They are in good hands, and beauty will emerge from the fading, fragile pages.

froebelsternchen said...

Happy May dear Caterina!
Hugs, Susi

Suzi Smith said...

Mmm... I was there with you. Thank you. And yes, I understand ;-) (said as i turn to stroke the paper on my desk!) Always appreciate seeing your creations Caterina x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What absolutely incredible finds. I agree with your assessment of being secretive, because I also have learned people get upset when they think you are going to destroy old books. I am in awe of what you brought home with you.

Carol said...

I so understand. These photos take my breath away. If only others understood the rescuing, destruction, creating that must be done to bring these stories back to life so artfully. And you do it so well.

Anonymous said...

Some terrific finds to bring back to life in new collages. Looking forward to what shows up. xox

Randi Kuhne said...

I love your reconstructive preservation!

Miss_Yves said...

De belles photos et de beaux textes pour ces livres anciens.
J'aime particulièrement la 5, avec ces petits classiques Larousse... déjà étiquetés vieux ...

A. de Musset
La Bruyère

susan hemann said...

I have a collection of old ledger covers, I have had them for years, they are too beautiful.

sonja said...

LOVE the Books .
Thank you so much for sharing.

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