Tuesday, February 27, 2018

February Art Journal Pages

Time for my annual love letter..
to myself..

When I first started to do this,
many years ago..
I admit, it was hard to write things about myself that I loved..
It felt awkward and alien to me..

I kept hearing my Mother's voice..
inside my head..

rattling off a long list of 


Present sorrows wings are taking... Caterina Giglio, Art Journal Page

I learned long ago that just because someone is family
it does not mean that they are good for you..
or on your side..

this month as I wrote, 
I realized how much I have been through,
since the beginning of this year..
in just a few short weeks..
and how much I love about myself..
despite the circumstances..
and the situations..

we can still love family
even when we realize that we mix like oil and water..
but it is easier when they are not around us all the time..

Ingredients: Gesso, acrylic paint, water color pencils, pencil, fabric, ribbon thread, dry wall tape, paper ephemera, micro bead gel.

hopefully I have captured in the texture..
of this month,
the rough and soft..
the pain and the joy ..
the light and darkness of the moments..

the power of the pen,
and the openness of acceptance..
for the way it is..

The details of life..
sometimes rugged, sometimes soft..

Ciao, ciao!


froebelsternchen said...

Just wonderful - I love the pages and I am with you about the text as well!


Carol said...

You have expressed so beautifully in image and words how I have felt since June, well longer actually. Only by loving ourselves can we find peace and know who we truly are. Thank you for sharing your beauty.

Randi Kuhne said...

You have created such a lovely representation, with all it encompasses, for this month.

Caterina Giglio said...

Susi, thank you dearheart, I so appreciate that!! xo

Caterina Giglio said...

Carol, thank you so very much, it seems that many of us have had experiences like this, so nice to know that we can count on each other for support. Thank you friend!!

Caterina Giglio said...

Oh, Randi, you are so dear, thanks so much!!

Dorthe said...

Dearest Cat,
a gorgeous beautiful love letter to yourself,-
You found peace in accepting differences and even hard times in family, I think we have all tried being there, and admire you for being able to accept, and still be with family !!
Warm hug from Dorthe

Caterina Giglio said...

Thank you Dorthe, the Blocking feature on FaceBook works quite well.. LOL.. But we must protect ourselves right? Thanks for understanding and I am happy you liked the pages!! xoxo

Delphine said...

This is beautiful! And, I so relate here!

Caterina Giglio said...

Delphine, what a gorgeous name, and thank you so much, sadly many of us have family members to contend with, thanks for your support!

Delphine said...

Thanks a lot 😊 i must say that my mum did pretty well on this one 😉

Caterina Giglio said...

Yes, she did, Delphine, just beautiful!!

susan hemann said...

wonderful work! I understand about family, try as I might, my daughter just doesn't want a close relationship with me. Breaks my heart, I have to say the serenity prayer all the time.

Caterina Giglio said...

Susan, thank you so much dearheart, and I understand, it is so hard to do, but we have to be strong and support each other, thanks for your kind support and for sharing.. I so appreciate that.

Sharmon Davidson said...

Oh, I thought I had already left a comment... shows you the current state of my brain function... As always, your journal pages are inspiring to me. The textures are marvelous, and the deeper meaning behind them even better. I do understand about the family thing, as I'm definitely the 'black sheep' of mine. Like you said, you love them anyway, and do the best you can...

ELFI said...

ton billet d'ange me procure toujours plaisir et joie...

tgarrett said...

Oh dear Cat- you know how I get this. Wonderful post thank you always for sharing your art and of your feelings. xoxo

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