Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hand Stitched Mini Concertina

First off, let me thank you all
for your wonderful and heartfelt comments
on my 
April pages..
your support and friendship means so much
to me.
I was astounded to learn that so many of you had similar experiences
with a parent..
and I was truly gratified to have shared a part of
my story with you...

This book project is related to that post
the continuing work on that relationship...
which even in death continues..

Sometime ago, 
I was asked to consider 
sending a book to a show

so several months ago
I began this concertina..
 you might remember 
it as this WIP

since then, it has taken shape..

the pages are collaged..
papered with French pages..
painted three times
and printed with very old rub-ons

If you have ever used them, you know
that as they age they have a tendency to disintegrate...

and I liked that...
it suited my purposes..

I wanted the writing to be

more gibberish,
less substance..

as I worked on it, 
the title came to me..

Conversations With My Mother..

loose threads dangling may need to be waxed..
and I have also hand lettered pieces that are cut out waiting 
to be used...

the hinges are antique ribbon..
and I adore the way that the light filters through them

being able to see through
to the truth is important, I think....

It is still a work in progress..
but close to finished...
I am hand stitching a bag for it to ride safely
to Canada..

and I will share the finished
piece with you all

ciao, ciao!