Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Relax it's Just an Artist Block

Blocks aren't just for artists
or writers..

I think
blocks are impediments to our daily way of life..
a block is simply an inability to see the 

What we use in the studio, I think we can also apply to
everyday situations and relationship issues..
Now, I seldom get a block, I have more ideas than I have time 
to create, but every so often a series gives me fits..
and this is what I do..

Step 1.

It is all a mind game really..
the mind wants to be in control..
it knows best.. or so it tells me..

 the truth is 
that the creative solution resides outside
the realm of the mind.. the idea doesn't reside in the mind..
though it can come to the mind...

the first thing I do is to re frame it..
I am temporarily stuck, 
not blocked.. 
which makes it sound less dramatic,
gives me back my power,
and is more easily overcome..

Step 2.

I know that the last thing that I think I want to do
when I am looking for a solution..
is to play, it seems so ....


 but that is exactly what I find I need to do..

I find this to be the hardest when I am coming close to a deadline..
I don't know about you, but
I get all puffed up with anxiety
when I am not listening...
but I think I am..
but I am NOT...
but I think I am..

play comes in lots of different forms
listening to music...
watching the grass grow..
or sit at the beach and listen to the waves..

binge on Netflix...
talk to a friend..
or go bake some cookies..
go window shopping or antiquing..

take a drive.. 
see a movie..
go for a run or take a walk

shoot some photographs..

try a new technique or product...
or color
very popular right now..

The key is relaxation..

because that is where the solution resides..
and I know I cannot access it, when I am constantly looking for the solution..

Step 4.

Change the Venue or Habit

If I am still looking for my muse after I have had time to relax 
and have let the problem go..
then I find when I change my venue, 
instead of working in my studio, 
where I feel stuck..
sketching in a coffee house will present a new perspective..
or making an artist date with a friend..
or instead of going to the studio at the same time, I change up my work times..
and I like to...
I remind myself that my muse didn't leave me
I left her..
because I really wanted to be the one in control..

it really is
just a simple mind game..

which brings us right back to 
Step 1.

doesn't it?
what do you think?

Have a beautiful week..
and as always, thank you for