Tuesday, August 13, 2019

July Mixed Media Art Journal Pages

Well gentle reader..
I wrote a lot about our trip..

to the Caribbean ..
in July,
on the pages in my journal..
so it was not

Sorry for the inconvenience on the last post with my YT video.. simply click on 
the link to watch the video..

surprising to see the blue paint 

show up 

I have to admit though
it was a bit uncomfortable to film..
without a clear idea of where 
the work was taking me...

and I usually know what I am creating
when we film..
have made a prototype or I have worked out
a design plan..

I think that being an artist is a constant exercise in 
releasing control..
it is what separates us from 
Makers and Crafters..

The Artist must learn to surrender the outcome of
what is created and simply allow..
but the 
Maker... Crafter... Artisan
always has an outcome in mind...

Ingredients: Pencil, Gesso, Acrylic paint, fabric, lace, string, handmade papers, antique paper, paper ephemera, wrapping paper, hand dyed lace, fabric and crochet. 

so I was delighted to see
where we were going with
all the little stitches..
having a few clouds show up 
unexpectedly was really lovely..

my cloud interpretation

and it certainly recalls to mind
those beautiful serene days..

this week I managed to do a deep clean of the studio..
and got some things organized..
and I am at work
on the new YT video..

my little twig book is up

Ok, off to do some painting..

Ciao, ciao!


tgarrett said...

I love that you put yourself out there Cat. Always enjoy your blog.

Merilyn said...

Hi Cat., these pages just remind me of summer at the beach watching the waves break on the beach with frothy spray. Love the blue. We are all grey here cold and windy.still Spring will be here soon. Thank for all the inspiration you give. Merilyn

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You had me at fabric. The background with the perceived clouds was most unusual. I'm loving these pages. You found some of the BEST fabric scraps to use in your art journal spread.

BTW, I tried to view your video on YouTube, but it insisted I set up a profile, etc. I didn't realize it was so hard to simply watch a video. No wonder I've avoided it in the past.

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