Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Mixed Media-June Art Journal Pages

June was supposed to be a peaceful month..
with lots of rest..

and relaxation..
and instead, I found I was working very hard..

balance seems to be a word that
keeps bouncing back to me..

but summer is always the time to get work done for
the holidays and submissions..

in my pages this month I was climbing mountains..
metaphorically and metaphysically..
all those meta's 

and when I got to the top,
I realized that I am the one that sets the pace
of the climb..
and the tone of the hike..
a good thing to remember, eh?

 Ingredients: Monoprints, tissue papers, acrylic paint, gesso, metallic paints, antique book pages, assorted papers.

So we are off again on a holiday...
and I have been working in the studio on my new
travel journal..

which you will see in a YT video upon return..
and I will be putting feet up and resting

Thank you all for stopping by ...
and I just want you to know
that I am reading each and every comment..
and appreciating each one of you!

Mille Grazie!



tgarrett said...

These are amazing pieces Cat. They reached me in a deep place. I will do a catch up email soon- I have a piece in a show that opens Friday so excited about that. Big hugs- safe travels love you

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You certainly climbed a lot of mountains in June, dear Cat. I love how you tied in the metas. I also love your use of metallic paint. It set the rest of the mountains apart.

Have a great time away.

Don said...

Beautiful work and thoughts......."Balance in Everything".....my key to a happy life.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

End of the climb brings on a special kind of exhaustion...rest in the sun, wind sand and sea? Beautiful textures and shades of color.

ELFI said...

des paysage en papier... formidable! biz

froebelsternchen said...

A gorgeous creation!
Happy rest of theholidays for you!

Isabell said...

Beautiful attention to detail and those tiny pieces that don't go unnoticed. Always enjoy your blog posts...always something to ponder and mountain metaphor is spot on. Wishing you safe travels. xox

vonleidenberg said...

Great, your mountains! Wonderful work and I hope that all your other activities have been so successful too. Had to smile about your way of processing the "mountain of work".
many Greetings

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