Tuesday, January 15, 2019

10 Best Art Books of 2018

marks my
10 year blogging

and so
much has changed since I was a 
novice blogger..

I remember trying to blog each day..
until I wore myself out..
and almost burned out creatively too..

Now I think nothing of taking time off when I need it ....
I no longer listen to the "experts" whoever 
THEY are... 
and I just write my little blog and trust that the ones who
are interested will show up when I return..

10 Best Art Books 
of 2018
these are the best books that I read in 2018
not all are new, but they are all 5 stars in my little opinion.. 
click on the title for a link to Amazon if you are so inclined..

This is a marvelous book.. 
one of the best I have read on the subject of creativity 
and no matter how or what you create, invent, bake, write, sculpt, 
Kent Nerburn gets you..
he understands and articulates  
our collective challenges, desires and dreams.. fabulous. 

People say that blogs are dead because no one reads anymore..
we have a society of people who live on their phones..
and flash through channels..
and while that is true..

Whether you are proficient at drawing or simply a beginner, this is an outstanding book
filled with techniques and tools and breaking down the history of drawing...
yes .... there truly is a history of drawing and it has changed over the years..

I also know that there are many who are like me,
the ones who want the deep relationships..
sharing and caring and opening wider..
we are the readers and the thinkers and we understand that it takes time for
ideas to incubate ...

What a cool book..
not in spite of the tool
but because of it..
I have always disliked ball pint pens
but I have to admit, 
there is some magnificent work here..

This tiny little paper back is simply awesome ... stuffed with lots of photos, and great plates,
each page is littered with information and tiny asides.. There were several tidbits
that I had never read anywhere else.. if you are a Frida Fan, then put this on your list..
but you just might have to buy it!

we are the ones who 
chew on the paragraphs and savor our books..
calmed by the gentle rustle of the
foxed page turning in our hands ....

Frida Kahlo
Making Herself Up

I was so blessed to see this exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London with my dear videographer and hubby, Don and long time blogger friend Joanne Archer.
It was incredibly moving and I kept wiping away my tears..
What do you paint when you must lie in a hospital bed?
you paint your pain of course..
when you are confined to a body cast?.
you paint the cast..
and the hospital and cast assist in the making of the artist..

Some of the reviews were less than stellar.. the criticisms were primarily focused on the fact that that there were many extremely personal items in the collection..
such as her prosthesis, her body casts, her make up and even her medicines..
They complained that it was voyeuristic and macabre..

Perhaps it is because I am an artist and not a writer, that I found it to be the most comprehensive understanding of an artist that I have ever seen..
As an artist, I feel that life is art.. and we cannot separate the artist and the life..

The next exhibit will be in New York, but if you cannot make it, then,
 this book is the next best thing to really understanding how and why an artist creates and the personal manifestation of Frida's work.

and by the way...
we are all voyeurs

Ok... I know... 
3 books on Frida??
yeah I know it IS a bit obsessive, 
these are really great books, 
and all very different with lots of great plates and information.
What was fascinating about this tome, 
was learning about her collection of antique artifacts and 
the photos of her homes was very intriguing and gave
a glimpse into her life from a completely different 

Walter Isaacson is truly one of the best biographers 
and this exhaustive study of Leonardo is simply magnificent. He left nothing untouched, and when you read this ...
you begin to understand what true genius is. 
What appealed to me was Leonardo's insatiable appetite for understanding and his consistent curiosity. This is truly a masterful biography...
and hey, 
his mother was named Caterina..

Like magnets we are attracted to the written word 
wherever we find it.. digitally or not..
we are the ones who read the cereal box at breakfast..

and recipes for fun...

I finally got around to reading this simply yummy book this year, and I wish it had not taken me so long. How fascinating to follow her and see what strikes her fancy..
my favorite photos are the botanical specimens of John Muir and Emily Dickinson's pressed plants.. her herbarium book..
but equally fascinating are the photos of Vanessa Bell's home and her paisley stenciled walls..
a feast for the senses..
and ... a forward by Doris Kearns Goodwin.. epic.

words matter...
and we know that while we cannot read everything
we can find the time to read what interests us right now..

Having been to Abiquiu but never inside her home,
I was really curious to know what it was like and I sincerely
 believe  that the domestic situation of each artist reveals so much about them and their art..
Her spartan life is so much like her art..
clean, concise and pared down to the bone...

Call me a crazy, ancient, artist, 
but I will keep writing this blog
and sharing with those who still read..

Butterflies of North America

 Titian Peale was not only a naturalist 

and one of the first 
"butterfly people"...
but he was a remarkable artist and while he did not receive the recognition or the remuneration that he so deserved in his lifetime.. 
sadly, he was a true starving artist...
he would be pleased to know that his book
has been treated with great respect and his manuscript and plates are printed 
the binding alone is spectacular..

The curios ones..
the ones who
 let the notifications pile up
as they stretch out with a good book..
or a blog...

You know who you are..

Thanks for celebrating with me this year..
methinks it will be a good one..



martinealison said...


Tout comme vous, j'écrivais tous les jours un petit billet sur mon blog. Puis j'ai espacé à une fois par semaine.
Finalement, j'écris maintenant quand j'en éprouve le besoin, au rythme de ma créativité...
Je me sens beaucoup mieux ainsi. Je ne voulais pas devenir dépendante !
Je ne viens pas visiter non plus régulièrement les blogs, mais lorsque je le fais je prends le temps d'apprécier la publication.
Je souhaite un joyeux anniversaire à votre blog.
Je vous remercie de partager et de me faire connaître vos choix de lecture.

Gros bisous 🌸

suruha said...

Ah, ever learning! That is beautiful!

Cheryl said...

Thanks for the list of books. I'm ordering two of them. I used to be an entertainment photographer when I lived in the Bay Area. I also photographed San Francisco a lot. Annie Leibowitz has been in my top five favourite photographers ever since I witnessed her concept of a self-portrait.

Claire said...

What a wonderful post - thank you!! Here's to the ten 10 years :) xx

Randi Kuhne said...

Great list! Thanks for the interesting and yummy recommendations!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a fantastic list. I was most impressed with the Frida books. Those body casts, prosthesis, and other items are what made her who she was. I can't begin to believe anyone would find that voyeuristic. I love how you treated her with the respect she deserved.

I will never buy an e-reader because I love the feel of pages in my hands. The different strengths of the pages, the different fiber content, none of that is possible when you are viewing something digitally. Even the pages smell different. Some smell like a past life, some smell like cigarette smoke, and some smell brand new, like a new car.

Like you, I read the cereal boxes. I also read scientific journals, which most people find extremely boring. Many don't understand them, and tell me I'm crazy for spending time with them. But they are as important to me as that brilliant book Leonardo is. Yes, I have read this one and it is brilliant.

Thanks for your recommendations and reviews. Sorry I was so late visiting. I'm struggling to keep up with everyone this month.

Caterina Giglio said...

bonjour ma chérie, merci beaucoup et je suis heureux de savoir que vous écrivez aussi lorsque la créativité sera prête.
Merci pour la visite! des bisous

Caterina Giglio said...

Thank you, Suruha!

Caterina Giglio said...

Hi Cheryl, she has always been a favorite of mine as well and when I saw this book, I just had to have it, really wonderful!! So happy you found a couple you want!!

Caterina Giglio said...

Hi Claire! Thanks so much!! for your cheers!! xox

Caterina Giglio said...

Hi Randi, thank you dearheart!! xo

Caterina Giglio said...

Well Dr. E, I knew I was preaching to the choir on this one with you and I so appreciate your Frida comments. I just feel that people don't always dig deep enough when writing about artists, and this was just one of those shallow moments.
So happy you liked the recommendations and thanks for stopping by, I do know how hard it is to keep up with the comments, trying to do it with all my platforms and sometimes I just cannot keep up!! Sending you cheers my friend, for our long time and long term blogging!! xo

Merilyn said...

Congratulations on your 10 years of blogs. I am only a. New follower but enjoy every blog plus I wouldn't miss a video. I get so much inspiration from you. Thank you.

ELFI said...

oups...un peu tard, mais continue avec bonheur! félicitations!

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