Saturday, April 7, 2018

Artist Books with Elastic and Hardware

Ciao, dearhearts..

Here is the second half of the Ribbon Tied Journal
several people asked to see my technique for
attaching elastics and hardware..

I created a few journals to share the techniques
with you for different closures...
so it took a while to have the journals finished and available to make the video..

so I share the simplicity of elastics..
 new and old hardware..
there are so many things that can be stitched to a book
to create an interesting journal or book

and as I was looking at the video, 
I realized that I forgot to share that tip about using scrap
waxed linen.. save those bits for attaching things to books..
sometimes only a scrap is necessary!!

Of course the rust dye bath is a topic for another day!!

Have a glorious weekend,
 gentle viewers!!

Ciao, ciao!!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Wonderful video, Cat. I was really fond of the leather and rusted washer, but also quite impressed with the new galvanized washer, too. It left much to think about, dear. I really enjoyed it.

BTW, I wanted to thank you for steering me to Hobby Lobby where I found plaster cloth. I'm still dancing in the aisles and can't wait to use it!!!

Bea said...

I enjoy all your videos. Very helpful. I love books....

Carol said...

Oh my goodness, Thank you. This was so informative and full of great ideas and techniques. I’m loving your videos. I must ask you is your studio really all that neat and tidy? Where do you keep all that stuff? As a fellow{ hoarder} collector, I must know. And also where did you get that beautiful bracelet on your right hand?

froebelsternchen said...

Such great ideas! A wonderful video!
oxo Susi

susan hemann said...

love the video thank you!

jo egan-lee said...

Hello and thank you, Cat. Fantastic teaching and I loved how you had different items at different stages in the process so we could see ‘behind the scenes’. You have such innovative ideas. I haven’t heard of the plaster cloth here in the UK. Will start to track it down. You are so generous sharing your ideas and creations.....ciao Bella! Jo xx

Miss Iowa said...

Wonderful ideas, Cat! Where do/did you buy your leather to hand-cut your tie? Does JoAnn Fabric carry something like that by the yard? That's the only fabric store we have in town now.

Dorthe said...

A wonderful educative video, dearest Cat, so many ideas, to use and love how you sew on , everything -
Thank you dear friend. !!

Hugs, Dorthe xoxo

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