Thursday, January 12, 2017

Artist Shelfies

Well dear hearts
here is my latest video..

Artist Shelfies..

thank you, Sarah Fishburn..

I know I have photographed them many times..
but it is a bit different when you get a tour..

and I have to say...

I cannot count.. 
what shelf number are we on???

and every time I see this..
I laugh out loud..

the blooper we left in.. 

Next week 
Concertina Construction..

Ciao, Ciao!


Unknown said...

love seeing your shelves and what they contain.. we are such like ended people.. i am so inspired by the objects and book that surround me.

love you and your husband for taking the time to share your spirit..


lana cano kloch

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'll be so glad when I get my new computer back, so I can once again see your videos. I look forward to seeing the one on how to make a concertina, and look forward to exploring your shelves, too.

Dorthe said...

A wonderful hello with you again, Cat, dear. You are so good in front of the camera, so natural , an d your many sweet collections, really spoke to me. I need one whole of 7 shelves, too in my studio, but I have so much fabric and material, that I need them all for these purposes ,LOL.
Dear Cat, I have subscribed and hope it went through and you can see it :-)
Happy weekend, I look forward to see your concertina next !!Hugs, Dorthe

Sharmon Davidson said...

I assume the blooper is that you forgot shelf number 4 - lol! I loved seeing your "stuff", and think it's an absolutely wonderful idea for a blog post! I'm going to look at the concertina post next - looking forward to it, and will definitely subscribe to your channel! xoxo

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