Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Bricolage, Art Journals and Somerset Apprentice

You never know
what will catch someone's fancy

Detail from journal page, May I suggest Bricolage? Caterina Giglio

so it was with 
an email I received from the new 
Somerset Apprentice

it seems they were interested in 
sharing my journal pages
my last art journal

the spread
was done at the 
Holiday season...

and featured 
wrapping papers, 
old ephemera...
and lots of layers...

of course...

so if you get a chance
to pick up a copy

take a peek inside...

and as usual..
I am in great company!



Sharmon Davidson said...

That's such a lovely compliment, that they recognized the beauty of your journal work... It looks like a great spread! And you've taught me a new word - I didn't know what bricolage meant. That's what I do with my "quick collages", just use what's laying around, and didn't know there was a word for it. Congratulations, dear!!

Caterina Giglio said...

Hi Sharmon, it was a lovely surprise... and so happy to pass on the word, Bricolage... and thanks so much! xox

Miss Iowa said...

I received my copy in the mail last week (subscription). Loved seeing your work -- these pages were so ethereal.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

How wonderful, Cat. Your work always impresses me, so I'm not surprised it impressed REAL artists. I've been around your blog enough to know the word bricolage because you have used it in the past. It's a great word, wonderful for mixed media artists, and a great example of what you achieve.

Caterina Giglio said...

Hey Miss Iowa, thank you, I loved this spread, and was so happy they chose it, hopefully another favorite will turn up in the next issue!

Caterina Giglio said...

E, I think it was YOU who taught me the word Bricolage, not sure, but yes, I have been using it for a long time, and it is just perfect for what we do.. x

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Wonderful. Congrats!

Caterina Giglio said...

Thanks so much Tammy! Always nice to have you stop by!

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