Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The Little Sampler Book

I have been quietly stitching..
when I have not been watering..
the yard and the plants..

Sample Stitches

We are in an epic dry spell..
this should be the rainy season..
which is often a pox in itself..

but lack of water means that our tall forests run the risk of fire..

Stitch Sampler

So I hand water what I can since we have severe water restrictions...

Stitch Sampler

I think I could fill the other tiny French Journals 
with these meditative stitches..
and I just might do that..

Stitch Sampler

I love gathering unruly bits of hand dyed cloths and 
stitching them together..
when I listen gently..
they tell me which pieces go together..
like little playmates
drawn to one another..

Stitch Sampler

So I stitch and think of rain..
and puddles..
and the garden flooding beautifully..

Stitch Sampler

Now I have a place for them..
I will have to dream of a new body of work to
put them all to work..

Tiny French Journals

Please take good care of yourselves..
We are home together..
wearing masks when we gather food..
and taking no chances..
I wish you all a healthy and happy week..

Ciao, Ciao!

1 comment:

Jo Murray said...

I absolutely adore this little book! You have inspired me to make some books again...to prepare for the gift giving season. Many thanks dear Cat.

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