Tuesday, March 10, 2020

February Art Journal Pages

I think I was probably 40 years old when I realized
how very shallow my love was..

I really thought I was a lover
but I was not...

February 2020, Mixed Media Art Journal pages.. Falling in Love with Myself

 I was quite self critical..
I found fault with others ...
and my relationships suffered..

It's ironic that I really thought I had deep love for others, 

when I began to journal write about the things I loved about myself
I found it was a
 pretty short list
on the other hand, my list of self improvements were long..

So I decided to start some self improvement work..

It has been many years since I began my practice 
and each February ... 
as many of you know..

I write myself a 
little love letter.. 
often obscured and yet 
visible in some form..

"The Secret to attraction is to love yourself."
Deepak Chopra

this year after writing on the bare page.. 
and then on top of the painted page,
(yes, I have lots of things to love...)
I decided to use an image that I had 
which was a bit crumpled and ragged..

I blew it up to play with the proportion
and as a metaphor for the importance and the change
that has manifested in my life
in releasing my self criticism 
in favor of Self Love..

Ingredients: Antique ledger paper, antique image, paper ephemera, acrylic paint, satin glaze medium, pen, colored pencil.

In the studio this week..
I am prepping for 
a new video on Friday..

Still playing with Art Graf..
I finally figured out how to mono print with them..
painting and working on a new grouping of works...
collage and decollage
and painting.. mixed media floral paintings..

busy.. and happily creating..
see you soon!

Ciao, ciao!


Don said...

Love you for your candid thoughts and much more. ❤️❤️❤️

tgarrett said...

I so appreciate your sharing- self love can be so difficult at times. The advantage of being loving to one's own self is that the internal critic has a harder time taking the upper hand. I love your journal pages and that you repeat the themes each year. As always Cat you are an inspiration. xo

LEE said...

Dear Cat,

Thanks so much for replying with your kind sentiments. We’ve finally had some wonderful much-appreciated, though sparse rain. After three years of drought there are some green shoots finally appearing in my poor desiccated garden so the kangaroos are opting for sweet new grass, rather than my precious plants.

At last the fires are officially declared OUT. For a few blissful weeks, we breathed fresh air and thought life may somehow return to normal, but sad to say the whole world now has such a huge challenge to confront!

However, we’re lucky to have art allow us a quiet space to express the turmoil we will feel. Your blogs and vlogs are a respite from my old brain’s worried whirling - a joy to revisit regularly. They inspire and prompt me to keep challenging my art skills while also expressing the emotions which our troubled times evoke.

Photography, decoupage, collaging, plant dyeing and bookbinding have been my longtime hobbies but gifted artist I am not! I have no skill for painting and simply cannot draw – weird stick figures are my limit.

It’s great fun boiling fibre papers in a pot with mordants and plants from my garden to extract glorious colours and patterns on my pages which are then collaged and hand-sewn into books.

However your videos have lured me and stretched me out of my comfort zone, encouraging me to revisit things I’ve long known but in a different medium or format.

I really enjoyed your studio rambles, even had a few eerie moments seeing your bookshelves and collections which so closely resemble my own. My art room even has the same chrome stands, packed to the ceiling with plastic tubs full of carefully sorted ephemera…nice to see another nut-case bower bird!!

I felt most definitely at home when I spied some books on your shelf by one of my most favourite authors Sibella Court. Her books are so delicious - every page almost good enough to eat! As a graphic designer working on my own heritage book series, I often wander through her inspiring collections, always discovering something new in the pages.

Another Aussie book I’d recommend is ‘ONE’ by Victoria Alexander – it looks good, feels good to hold AND has lovely deckle edges!

I wish you, your family and extended community good health and a safe journey through the troubled times we face.

Lee xox

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