Friday, June 21, 2019

Mixed Media- My 5 Must Haves for Art Journaling

Ciao, dear ones...

Here is a little post about my
5 absolutely 
for journaling..

I started with a basic list and then came up 
with the products

that I always use when I get the basics in place..

they add 
shimmer, shine and definition...
as well as color..

Hope you enjoy it and I will be back on Tuesday
with a little blog post..

Wishing you all a lovely Solstice..
whether it is summer or winter where you live..

I send you Solstice greetings of
and love..



Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Happy belated Summer Solstice. I had to laugh. I have papers, I have a Micron pen, and that is about it, other than some really expensive gel medium I use sparingly. I enjoyed your wonderful tutorial, though, and am saving for those Inktense alcohol inks and the Gelatos.

Carmina said...

I love your works, thank you for sharing...
Carmina, Bucharest, Romania

ELFI said...

de retour, mais fatigué... je me réjouis de te regarder et lire ...bientôt!

Miss Iowa said...

I always enjoy your videos and this one is very timely! I'm trying to decide which art supplies to take on vacation next week. I'm pretty sure I'm going to limit myself to a watercolor sketch book, watercolors, graphite pencils, and Micron pens. Otherwise there's no end to what I could take, and my suitcase will be too heavy to lift. lol

Sharmon Davidson said...

It's so cool to see your must-haves! It seems that every artist has a unique combination of favorite media. It would be fun to somehow get each one to share what theirs is, wouldn't it?
You and I are on the same page with caran d'ache crayons - I've used them since I was in college (the second time, not the first) - and intense pencils. I have never used gelatos, though! Never really heard of them except from you. I do have some weird metallic colors, though. I love FW metallic acrylic inks, and Daniel Smith metallic watercolor powders.

I love your videos, they keep getting better and better! xox

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