Friday, April 5, 2019

Plaster Cloth Covered Journal

Ciao, dear ones..
we are back from our trip to 
and I wanted to share my technique
for making another no stitch book..

but this time, 
using plaster cloth..
it is squishy and fun to play with..
I love the way it turned out and ...

I also
shared the rolled technique I use 
 for covering a store bought book..

I got my current journal covered with my mono printed fabric,
and it is yummy!!

I will be back on Tuesday with lots of photos 
from Cuba..

what an amazing journey it was!!

But so happy to be home and in the studio..
Thank you as always for your most kind remarks,
we so appreciate it..

Have a splendid weekend...



Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This was wonderful. I really wanted to see how you made this, and I am stoked! I have no PVA glue, but I thought I might add a bit of gel medium or white glue to the water. It surprised me you need to add glue to the water to help activate the plaster cloth. If I want a smooth cover with no overlaps, I take it by placing the sheets of plaster cloth side by side, it will work. I have waited to see this and now I know what to do. I doubt I finish it before Earth Day, but at least now I know exactly what to do and what to look for. BTW, thanks for telling me where you got it, because I now have a large roll just like yours!

froebelsternchen said...

Great you are back again - This cover looks amazing - great technique Cat!

ELFI said...

je suis en retard pour voir tes petits vidéos... je vais me rattraper prochainement... en attendant je regarde ton instagram... car j'ai beaucoup de travail... bientôt c'est moi qui fais des vacances... bises

Jamcam said...

I watched your flip through of the journal first - fabulous. Then I searched for the tutorial to make it that got overlooked. Just love the results. Your colors are glorious. My husband has plaster cloth that he has uses for his model train layout. Now I just have to check through my stash of small books to see if there is a perfect one to repurpose. Such a joy following you and learning from you.

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