Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Making Art in Tuscany

After three magical
very busy days in 
I was really ready to put my feet up, 
sit at the kitchen table...
write thoughts and glue
into my journal...

The front porch of our cottage, looking down the driveway at Il Colle, Agriturismo

We stayed at a beautiful
which is an
Italian farm 
that welcomes guests 

When I return to Italy
I feel as though I am home..
it is really inexplicable..

it is just a part of my DNA..

fortunately the weather was blustery and rainy
so I did not mind 
catching up in my journal and drinking some great 

The view from our back porch..

and below 
on the grounds of the farm..

the iconic Italian Cypress trees..

Our host, Giovanni
was very kind, welcoming 
so charming..

He and his family bought the farm a several years ago
and have turned a crumbling farm 
into a beautiful and productive
wine and olive oil farm
and resort..

The farm before renovation, courtesy of Il Colle, Agriturismo in Greve, Chianti

A view of the vineyard... at Il Colle, Agriturismo

Our cottage, before renovation and after..

The whole family work the property...

seven days a week..
His Grandfather still drives the tractor 
at 92.. 

The Pool at Il Colle, Agriturismo, sits hilltop and has a spectacular view.. 

the dedication and love of the land and this life 
is so intoxicating ...
that people always want to
buy the property..

Love is palpable..

We ate nightly at a little 
restaurant in the town..
and tried new foods
which was wonderful..

Giovanni is planning to build a restaurant on his property
so that guests will not have to leave the mountain..

that would be favolo!

and then it was on to 


At the corner of each street is a shrine or a painting.. art is everywhere in Italy..

My very favorite city..
a city I live ..

in my dreams..

The Arno River, Florence Italy from the Ponte Vecchio Bridge.. 

I will have part two of my
Italian adventure..

very soon..

but next week I will have my
November Art Journal 
pages to share with you..

and then we will continue with the 

for those of you who adore
as I do..

Ciao, Ciao!!


Angela Sopranzi said...

I know what you mean about something inexplicable happening when you’re in Italy, especially Florence! There is such a connection. Grazie for transporting me there today! 😍

Sharmon Davidson said...

What an enchanting place! Thanks for sharing this beauty with us! Traveling must be so much fun!

Randi Kuhne said...

Absolutely luscious!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

When I see ANY photos of Tuscany, I see those incredible Cypress. The place you stayed it incredible and I suspect very romantic, too.

I was really impressed with the photos from Florence. I can't believe all the art. You must have been in paradise. So glad you shared these photos with us, dear Cat.

froebelsternchen said...

Che bello!



ELFI said...

giglio ...avec ce nom c'est nécessaire d'aimer l'italie !:))

froebelsternchen said...

Wonderful impressions - I can imagine how much you enjoyed this all!

Hugs, Susi

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