Tuesday, July 31, 2018

July Art Journal Pages

was wonderful..

seeing family and putting my feet up..
playing games with grandkids,
and taking silly selfies..

 we even had a little time in the studio

and I introduced them to collage..
using magazines and glue sticks of course..

my grandson pronounced collage

because he said he had the perfect idea in mind,
but could not find the right images..

Welcome to my world!!

So I did manage to get my pages finished just as they left..
July pages are about being far away from those I love..

being unable to offer assistance..
share expertise..
hold hands..
or take any responsibility...

being on different pages 
might as well be different continents..

just another way to keep remembering to release and let go..
I am beginning to think that that is really what life is all about..
going with the flow..

You do what you can ..
plant the seeds..
and stand back and whisper..


Ingredients: Acrylic paint, antique paper, wrapping papers.

Studio work this week includes,
work on my ripped and torn series..

and filming on Friday..
the second part of my

Cat Chat
Criticism, Rejection, Dealing with the Inner Critic
and learning to Release and let go..

See you then, gentle readers..

Ciao, ciao!


CAWeStruck said...

I LOVE this spread. I was just paging through “Layered Cloth” by Ann Small, when I noticed these intriguing and oh so skillfully done pages, Caterina. They are very reminiscent of textile techniques, as I am sure you are well aware. And I also really appreciate how you write about the techniques used. You both teach and inspire. Your grandson is right—this IS hard. It is difficult to capture a vision you have in your head, even if you have the skills necessary to pull it off. Welcome to my world, you quipped. I am happy to be part of your world!

tgarrett said...

Love these Cat. Love the torn paper- the layering you did has so much depth. Thank you for sharing.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Stunning layering, Cat. I want to try something like that, but I have NO idea how to make it look good. You always make your art look effortless, even though you think it is hard. I was just as impressed with the words you wrote as I was with the genuinely gorgeous art. Inspiring!

Valerie said...

Thank you... this speaks deeply to me too, as my daughter's family is moving across the country next month. I've spent a good deal of time with my 1 year old granddaughter, and letting go of the days with that sweet little soul has become a poignant spot in the heart. In its own way though, the separation to come has made me aware of how deep the love and connection between us are. A paradox that pain can deepen joy.

Sharmon Davidson said...

So beautiful - words and images. Life is about going with flow, sounds so simple, but it's so hard to do... just like collage, which you do so extraordinarily well. Xoxo

Randi Kuhne said...

I love the mossy green color, the textures and depth of the torn papers, and the overall beauty of this spread!

froebelsternchen said...

An amazing spread Cat - wonderful!

ELFI said...

comme j'aime ta collaboration avec la jeunesse! j'attends les vacances pour revoir tes petits vidéos.. en ce moment je suis continuellement interrompue.. bises de l'autre continent!

Caterina Giglio said...

Hi Carol, and yes you most certainly ARE a part of my world!! I do understand how you saw the fabric technique in the work, and I do try to create what I see with paper. Thanks for understanding that! It always amazes me that people think that collage is easy.. LOL until they try it!! x

Caterina Giglio said...

Hi Terry, thank you dearheart, I am so glad you like the spread, it means so much to me!!

Caterina Giglio said...

Oh! My! Dr. E. you are always so very kind, thanks so much, so happy you liked the spread. I am very fond of the new body of work I am creating and love seeing the evolution taking place. x

Caterina Giglio said...

Oh Valerie, I so understand, it is such a special relationship and you are so right, the sorrow cuts a wider path for more joy... xo

Caterina Giglio said...

My dear friend Sharmon, thank you so very much!! Yes, it is much easier said than done, just like saying collage is easy when it is never attempted, right? xox

Caterina Giglio said...

Hi Susi! Thank you love!! xo

Caterina Giglio said...

Randi, I too love the bits of green!! Thank you! xo

Caterina Giglio said...

Salut Elfi, si heureux que tu aies aimé et fais moi savoir ce que tu penses des vidéos! xox

Dorthe said...

Beautiful, beautiful creations, love them, and your words, too , my dear.
The layers put together almost forming a round , and the gorgeous images ,
amazing collages.
Hugs, Dorthe, xx

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