Friday, March 23, 2018

Studio Tour and Works in Progress

Happy Weekend 
to you,
 dear viewers..
and this weekend I would love to
take you on a little studio tour..

and share all my works in Progress..

It will give you a little idea of how much
I juggle in the studio each day..

and right now, 
I have no deadlines to attend..

so ....
I am free to tackle large paintings and small
meditative stitches..

Thanks for viewing..
Thanks for reading..
Thanks for being such a wonderful support..
I so appreciate you all!



Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I especially like the meditative sewing. Wish my lack of pinch grip allowed me to hand sew, but I am SO impressed with yours.

I had no idea you created or worked on that many items each day in your studio. I have a problem, in that I have a mindset that forces me to finish one thing before I can start on the next. Maybe it's partly my lack of workable space. I'm always impressed with what you are working on, but had NO idea it encompassed so many diverse things each day. You will truly NEVER get bored!

janet said...

I loved seeing your studio and all your beautiful projects. Thank you so much for your generous sharing of your lovely techniques. The blooper at the end was delightful too!��♥️��

froebelsternchen said...

Loved to be with you in your wonderful and inspiring studio! I love your pool painting and the amazing portraits and I was happy to see that you also work on many different projects at the same time - I love that as well - and I love to have enough space for all these projects! Looking forward to the next video!
Happy weekend Caterina!
oxo Susi

Diva Kreszl said...

I always find it so inspiring to watch your videos, love the studio tour and all the projects you’re working on!

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