Tuesday, April 15, 2014

cherry blossoms

since we live so close..
gentle readers...
we just had to see the annual
cherry blossoms
in DC..

so I thought I would take you along on the adventure..

as you know
a good travelogue is my one weakness..

if we had it to do all over again...
we would have made the trip in to the city
much earlier..
but alas, we could not drag ourselves out of bed that early..
so putting up with 

a few other folks did not 
seem like such a problem...

after all... we ditched the car in favor of public transport..

and it WAS beautiful...
not only the cherry blossoms, but the day
was stunning...
the absolutely nicest day in 6 months..

so we basked in sunshine and had every intention of walking to the 
Jefferson Memorial...

and spending more time
with the cherry phenomenon 
that I have always wanted to see 
in person...

the sheer amount of them flowering 
at one time is just incredible...
overwhelmingly gorgeous...
more stunning than I can ever impress upon you dear ones..

we were not the only ones who wanted to see them...
in fact, I think all of Washington came out as well as the
tourists from every state and country...

Mr. LDV took the next two pics, because it was so crowded and 
I am so little, I could not get this shot..
looking at the Jefferson Memorial
from across the Tidal Basin
you can see the wall of people..

and the blossoms... of course.. grin

so we came..
we saw..
we photographed..
and we toddled back
to Alexandria... where we stayed 
away from the crowds...

if you are claustrophobic, as I am, you
will want to do this early in the morning or on a 
week day...

in our hotel, we heard later over libations
that the crowd was twice the size 
it was last year, which was record breaking..

but on the way back..
I snapped a few more photos..

of spring coloring the 
grounds and trees...

which is so joyful...
the colors seem to dance around
after such a long 
cold winter...

the Smithsonian above...

and flowers outside a little shop..

a bit early for hydrangeas, but
so pretty..

and though the weather has turned chilly again...
I hope my little adventure has warmed you up a bit...

and I am back to the studio
today to work on April pages, 
and gigli..



Anonymous said...

Sweet shots, thanks to Mr. LDV too for being tall enough to get the shots. Enjoy your April Pages. xox

lynne h said...

thank you, cat...


Caterina Giglio said...

Thanks Corrine, yes, just tall enough!! and I will enjoy April pages!! xox

Hi lynne... prego dear one.. xoxo

Jo Murray said...

Wow, wow, and wow again. How spectacular. Thanks for showing me...that will go on my bucket list

Margie said...

Your gorgeous shots were such a wonderful visual treat.
I was in DC a long time ago and saw those beautiful cherry blossoms that I love so much.
So many people there to partake of this beautiful spring awakening.

Thanks for sharing, I smiled :)

Seth said...

Such beautiful blooms Cat. We are a bit behind in NYC, so it is great to see what I can look forward to in the coming days!

Caterina Giglio said...

Hi Jo, it is a stunning display... I am a big fan of color blocking in landscape design and this is just awesome, bet it would be amazing from the air!

Dear Margie, so nice that you have already been there to see it, quite a natural and beautiful show! thanks for stopping by! xo

Caterina Giglio said...

Hi Seth, nice to have you stop by.. and glad you enjoyed the blooms... I heard you got a bit of snow again... :( everyone has spring fever this year...

mansuetude said...

Ah, lucky you caught them before the cold crept back in.

SweetSpring to u

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I spent a long time looking at these beauties. Between you and Patty, I feel like I was actually there. Glad you managed all those beautiful shots, too. The ones taken by Mr.LDV got those lovely shots of the crowds and the blossoms.

I also enjoyed the shot of the Smithsonian and the Jefferson Memorial. It brought back memories of my trips there.

Like you, I am also claustrophobic. I try to avoid big crowds, although I wasn't affected by this until I moved to Wichita and got stuck in an elevator with many, many people.

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