Wednesday, October 6, 2010

post cards from the heart

well my dear...
gentle readers...
I meant to post this yesterday
life got a bit in the way....
if you know what I mean!

I am so very excited that I received the book
made for our swap
Postcards from the Heart

and it is even more amazing than I can convey to
you in word and photo,
but I shall try....
and if you are new to my
go here
to see the box
that I sent to her
my swap piece titled...
The Letter

*note... you may need to get your tea or wine or some such beverage ready...
I'm just sayin....

is the cover of this gorgeous fabric book that tells the story of our heroine,
known only as "A"
and we learn her story through the fabric post cards
tucked into each page...
written to her friend Kate
as "A" travels abroad.

in the letter attached to the bottom of the
page above,
"A" tells Kate that she is delighted to be going to Paris
and glad to be leaving such a dreary place
in favor of travel abroad...

"I am one of the searchers,
There are, I believe, millions of us,
we do not want to prove ourselves to another or compete for love
we are wanderers dreamers and lovers
lonely souls who dare ask of life
everything good and beautiful.
James Kavanaugh

below, "A" begins her postcard story
with the page, Adventurous Heart...

and is excited to be in Paris,
with her father and they are soon joined by
another family, the Southwells...

above and below details from the page
The Adventurous Heart...

below, Hearts Aflutter...
where the mysterious "A"
writes that while in Brussels,
a very handsome traveling companion has just
joined the Southwells and will be traveling with the group...

Chained Hearts
"A" tells Kate that she is in Cologne and they are
on their way to Switzerland...
We also learn that William the handsome stranger
is charming and amusing and very attentive
and there is hope
of an

Heart Strings
Dearest Kate,
Have arrived Saint Moritz, but fear I am quite distracted.
William is behaving most strangely, even Father says so.
I am so worried Kate.
~your loving friend,

Black Heart
the page and postcard
in which we learn that William is still cold and detached
and "A"
is tortured by the change in her once
charming and handsome beau..

Broken Heart
below closed...

and below opened...
Bleeding Heart

Venice, a city for lovers
and I am blind to it all.
He is gone Kate!
I can no longer eat or sleep.
Father tries hard to cheer me, but I am numb.
we will rest here a while now.


a perfect place for me to begin the second part of the story eh?
in Venice..

so here is my sign in page...

I have my own heart in a pocket and I
can attach and stitch my pieces to it
and include a letter...
but wait...
there was more!

in this most scrumptious package
a heart to commemorate our swap together

which immediately went to live
below on my french doors to my office
where I am sitting right now and can see it all the time!

and another package stuffed with bits...
of lace and trim and papers

and charms
as well as a cd of images..
she is just the best!!
and what fun we are having with our swap!

well dear readers, I hope you have
enjoyed the story and the gorgeous art work
that Kim has created...
I know I am inspired....
and I hope you are finding inspiration too!

ciao for now!


Manon said...

So inspiring! That was beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed it!! xoxoxo

Unknown said...

You two mesh with each other's creativity so beautifully! It has been so inspiring, and a joy to watch! Bravo to both of you!

Unknown said...

Way, way beyond my dreams...I can't believe the beauty people create!

I finally got to look at your jewelry post! Wow-za, Cat! I am a jewelry whore, and I don't have anything quite like your treasures!

sjmcdowell said...

How utterly romantic!! The fabric journals, the still my fluttering heart!!

Spectacular giveaway for each of you!

Hugs and Smiles,


nancy neva gagliano said...

this is unbelievable...all this fine work! amazing...i shall go on over to see what you did.....such details and stories! omg

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Wow, what a stunning book! I love the story and concept. All the layers of fabric and lace have been so beautifully put together. This is a real treasure and I am happy for you that you have it. I adore the heart she sent as a gift too. Very inspiring indeed!

PetraB said...

Oh, this is so romantic. The book is absolutely stunning with all its layers and details. I love all the lace and little tiny details ... what a labour of love!

Kim Palmer said...

Finally home from work to catch your post Cat. Thankyou for the wonderful job you have done on posting the collaboration here. So pleased you are enjoying it all. Poor 'A'. Can't wait to see where you take her of course. Glad you love your heart and mwah to you too :)

Anonymous said...

Wow spectacular. Gorgeous swap. xox Corrine

winnsangels said...

Thank you for your visit to my blog. I am so absolutely inspired by this gorgeous creativity. Thank you for sharing it with us. So much splendipity involved with this swap. My heart absolutely aches for dear "A" at this moment.
Angels be with you dear.

Lorraine said...

wow this is fantastic you lucky thing getting this in the post rather than bills!

Marilyn Rock said...

Very romantic and beautiful! xxoo

*jean* said...

beautiful! what a special treasure trove!!

Linda Jo said...

Incredible!! What a treasure indeed!!!!!!!!!!!

.Trudi Sissons said...

Wow Cat - it has been far too long since I have visited you last - maybe I`ve been avoiding because your store draws me in and I don`t have deep pockets these days! This is just a masterful collection. Thank you for photographing them and sharing this delightful collection of hearts.

Jasmine said...

This is so precious, I can see the hours of attention and love that have gone into the creation of this. A kind and generous heart... xJ

audrey said...

Inspiration, indeed!
Very romantic and magical. It took me back in time.
What a treasure.
♥ audrey

Linda Vincent said...

Such talent and imagination...I am in awe!!!!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Cat,
I cant believe how detailed and labour intensive this work seemed... amazing. You are lucky...!!!
Have a great weekend Cat!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Beautiful post...incredible workmanship and such a lovely heartfelt story...this collaboration is a joy!

Laura said...

an exquisite gift...a treasure. Thanks for sharing it with us in these delightful glimpses Cat.

gentle steps

Anonymous said...

I loved both of the swaps and thanks for sharing. I know each came from the heart, one to another, because I know how much time was put in on both of them. So romantic. I've sene your work in different publications and thought I'd visit your blog -- love the sounds of nature.

Lawendula said...

Just wishing you a golden and sunny Sunday, my dear Cat, lovely (he)artwork!
Sending you a hug! xo

suziqu's thread works said...

My first visit to your blog and such a beautiful rendition of a sad romantic love story embellished so creatively in capturing the black and the broken heart - absolutely beautiful workwomanship!
All good wishes.

cardinal arts said...

oh my gosh - this is so beautiful and clever and lovely and........oh!
and she will be so thrilled to get your story you sent her........amazing work by both of you
cannot wait to see more
how lucky

Anonymous said...

i saw this awhile back on miss kimmy's blog and i could never tire of seeing it again. this book is just divine!! i am amazed with the amount of gorgeous and stunning work you both put into your books for each other. absolutely divine! i keep scrolling back up, enlarging and looking again and BOTH of the books in both posts. lucky girls!! :)

Anonymous said...

wishing it wasn't so late, I want to go make something now, totally inspiring :)

Pilar said...

I am lift breathless with these images. xoxoxo

ArtPropelled said...

So many posts to catch up but very glad I didn't miss this one! The black heart in shades of blue is particularly gorgeous.

guerrillartmomma said...

I love the black heart also, where could I find others who would like to swap...with me? I am longing for art swapping...

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