Monday, October 25, 2010

dia de los muertos

while I am busy making
jewelry for my
show in December,
I am dreaming of being in Taos
to celebrate
Dia De Los Muertos
or the
Day of the Dead...

Taos captured my heart
long ago
for its simple loving vibe
but no one does
Dia De Los Muertos

I attribute that to Robert, his love
for the community and his way of
bringing everyone together...
I have been privileged to
have participated in two of the
7 annual shows
and they are always outstanding...
to see this years
amazing show go to

if you can get there,
let me tell you it will be a party...
a healing celebration...

like the spring grass
we come only to sleep,
only to dream...
it is not true,
it is not true,
that we have come to live
on Earth

here is a photo of the gallery
and the
Dia De Los Muertos

the show centers around Dennis Hopper
an icon
who lived in Taos, died recently
and was
buried in Taos...

but there are other pieces
and shrines as well...
this piece below is sold
it is by Father William Hart McNicols
and it was sold before it was finished

I hold Out My Hand

Robert Cafazzo is the owner
and he did several pieces for the show
which you can see on his blog,
but this is my favorite,
Blue Hopper

my friend Nancy Neva Gagliano
has a piece in this
this is a close up of Neva's
a shrine to Dennis
who was her friend...
they lived in taos at the
this piece features
amazing wings and
personal photos...
to read more about their friendship and this piece
go to

a shrine
was created
for their friend and fellow artist
Mary Witkop
an amazing self taught potter
of Mary
in Pilar
during a studio tour

and if you want to learn more
aboout this
Day of the Dead
then go here...

Rebecca Sievers
is in the show this year too,

Day of the Dead Sock Monkeys
available at Two Graces

Dia De Los Muertos
isn't creepy or morbid,
it is a celebration
of the life of the ones we
loved so dearly
it is joyous
and bittersweet
just like life...



mansuetude said...

beautiful post.

i hold out my hand and my heart will be in it.

i shall not forget it.

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful looking show! i wish we were closer and i could come, or i had heaps of money for airfare as i would be there in a second to see all of that gorgeous art (and hug you, too).

artymess said...

Wow would love to go there the sock monkeys ...will now visit the links .....great post Cat.....x

~*~Patty S said...

thank you for sharing this post with us Cat
bittersweet is the perfect word ... isn't it ... hoping one day I'll be able to make some art about our Alex ... sigh

lynne h said...

oh, the photo of mary touches me...

thank you, cat...


Evangeline said...

Bittersweet, yes. And so necessary to honour and remember. Great post, thank you for sharing it!

Anonymous said...

Wow, fabulous celebration and wonderful pieces by your friends. Thanks for sharing. xox Corrine

Lisa said...

Interesting and infomative post. I wasn't aware of the Dennis Hopper connection.. I really like the Blue Hopper painting too.. the style reminds me of the work of Edward Hopper.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This is a beautiful tribute to Dia de Los Muertos. I wasn't aware Dennis Hopper died. How fitting a tribute by both artists. And the images you chose to show are wonderful Those sock monkeys were the perfect end to a lovely post. Thanks for this.

I apologize for being so late getting here. I've had horrible back spasms since Saturday and simply can't sit for long. But I really enjoyed this lovely tribute to the three day holiday.

Unknown said...

Hurrah! A great post, thanks so much for sharing this. Robert's "Blue Hopper" is fabulous & glad to see Neva's contribution. (Her post on this is stunning!)
Love this holiday & will be posting something in homage sometime soon.

Debrina said...

Hello cat - what a thoroughly enjoable posting. I was so intrigued by your description of Taos I went an googled it. Oh how lovely it seems. It must have been a very special place to you. I am sorry you can't make it to Taos.

Susan Williamson said...

The Blue Hopper is incredible. It's one of those pictures that makes me want to make art on a deeper level. Thank you for posting it Art Goddess!

audrey said...

Hi Cat.
Dia De Los Muertos has always interested me. The art that comes from the meaning is always fascinating and colorful ~ the shrines, the altars, the figures.
This show at Two Graces looks wonderful. My dream is to visit Taos one day. I would love to take part in a real celebration of Dia De Los Muertos. It will be especially meaningful for me this year since I recently lost my sweet brother. Even though I am still filled with sorrow, I will do my best to celebrate his life.
A wonderful post, Cat.

Margaret said...

Fascinating post Cat, great links especially the Wikpedia on the origins of the celebration, very special, thank you. Mxx

In the Light of the Moon said...

Thanks Cat for all of this wonderful links and information!!I have to admit I never really knew all that much about it and now you have opened my eyes and mind to it!!Thanks.Cat

Cynthia Schelzig said...

Wonderful post....and I read where you are making jewelry for this time of year...we are all starting to feel the crunch if we make things for the Xmas Art Market scene....leaves little time for lots of blogging right now doesn´t it........oh well after Xmas there will be lots of time for that. Plus we can post allll the things we created for the markets:)

*jean* said...

very interesting! thanks for sharing...and i agree, celebrate the lives that have touched our own...even after they are gone from us...:)

Renee Howell said...

Hi Cat - such a nice post. Two Graces IS a wonderful place. Filled with lucky finds and inspiring art. A good spot to wander in and stay for a visit. You painted a beautiful picture. Thank you!

rivergardenstudio said...

Your celebration will be wonderful, I can tell by your excitement! I can hardly wait to see photos! I love the hand and the heart... all one. roxanne

Les Cotrions said...

It sounds very interesting...of course it's a bit too far for me to come!
Have a nice week end!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, have a wonderful time!
Hallie Rainbow thanks you for your kisses!
Graceful Blessings...Eden

Kim Palmer said...

What am interesting post Cat. I'd love to be there soaking up[ all the atmosphere for this festival especially. Love those sock monkeys, LOL!

Karin Bartimole said...

dia de los meurtos is probably my favorite holiday!! I started collecting art from these celebrations about 25 years ago, and never tire of the color, whimsy, beauty, and playfulness. I've never seen dead sock monkeys though - they are fabulous!! the holiday itself changed my view about death and how to celebrate the passing of loved ones. I once experienced dia de los meurtos in Mexico, at a small town cemetery, with a friend from the area, and it was such a moving experience. A lively celebration of music, food, dance, and drink, laughter and tears - the full range and richness of life was there. How wise, to bring joy even to death, as it is an essential and inevitable art of life! Great post Cat!!
xoxox K

Unknown said...

i love this holiday and all of it's colorful imagery.

Sophie Munns said...

A wonderful read cat!
I have always thought this was a wonderful ceremony ...and this really highlights that. interesting to read about Neva's friendship and thing what time that must have been...
Go well.. thanks for your lovely words!
S xx

Sharmon Davidson said...

I wish I could be there, Cat, to celebrate this wonderful holiday with these fabulous artists. muey bien, mi amiga!

Laura said...

fantastic post...I love seeing the space where neva's piece is being shown...sooooo cool!

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