The French Paper Series

August 22, 23, 2020
San Diego, CA.
Way Art Yonder 

A two day workshop filled with texture, mark making, stitching, tips 
and tricks with antique ephemera. 

Book Cover Class
May 19, 2019  1-4 pm
at the lower level of EsScentuals
142 Bis Gallerie
which includes most supplies..

Students are encouraged to bring engravings or 
antique ephemera that they are
interested in featuring on their personal book cover.

(black and white or sepia engravings work best)

also encouraged 
are pieces of document wrapping papers or scrapbooking papers that 
will coordinate with the personal ephemera.
as well as
any small embellishments or
 laces that the student prefers will be welcomed.

We will break at 2:30 and enjoy refreshments that will hearten us..

Instructor Provided
Book Covers
Thread, Needles, Scissors
Hand Painted Lace
Antique Lace 

*Please note the class is severely limited due to space restrictions. 
Kindly phone EsScentuals to register


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slamx said...

I don't imagine you will ever make it to Wisconsin to teach a class so is there any chance you might teach an online class?

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