Tuesday, September 5, 2017

How to Stay Inspired as an Artist

Like many of you..
I can take grey and overcast..
cool, or chilly
weather just so long..
and then my body craves sunshine..

Having lived in California
I know that the beach can be misty cool and downright cold..

and so it was
when we journeyed out to visit family..

but it was lovely to see the blue, grey ocean
through the planks of the decking and feel the sway of the pier..

My brother in law and sisters in law
take cottages at historic

every year on the same weekend at Pacific Beach
and this year we decided to visit them there..

the cottages are right on the pier and the view is pretty

there are pots of succulents on
each and every porch..
which was cheerful..

but my Sister in law
bought us some sunshine

this is the view from the deck of their cottage..

so to find the sun, 
we headed inland to visit
the historic

Balboa Park
and built in

Mr Marston owned 
a beautiful department store at that time
and he built this Arts and Crafts house 
and gardens 
on rock..
yes.. dear reader..

they had to blast the rock
to plant the garden and the trees..
at the turn of the century..

inspiring that they would go to such lengths

While we were there I realized
There are many ways to generate
as an artist..

but one sure way..

is to get out of the studio...

you don't have to go across

the country..
but you do have to leave the house..
leave your environment..

and see..
really see..

see what other artists create..

admire architecture
and arts different than what you create..

follow nature around..

from one color...

to another..

to another..

like a busy bee..
allowing nature to lead you...

fragrance to caress you..

and the unusual to delight you...

is an art in and of itself..

the curve of the leaf..
the lines of the house..
all sing to the soul..

the rows of fragrance..
all beg to be 

and with that clarity comes

"Art is neither a profession or a hobby, art is a way of Being. "
Frederick Franck 
Zen of Seeing

I plan on being here next Tuesday..


we are experiencing 
a dramatic increase in hurricanes
this year..

Mr. La Dolce Vita is in Texas right now,
working on the remediation
which will take a long time..
and we are watching Hurricane Irma
very closely..

so if you would be so kind..
please visualize Irma moving harmlessly out into the

and hold us in your
kindest thoughts..
I would greatly appreciate it..



Hastypearl said...

Thank you for your tour. I'll take ONE of those follies, and TWO of those monster trees, please. And yes, from Texas, we are All Done with land falling hurricanes, anywhere in the US. Xo­čî╗Laura

Roberta Warshaw said...

Stay safe my friend! Leave if you need to! No hunkering down as they say!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Oh wow, Cat. I've been to the Marston House. Every time I visit San Diego, I visit Balboa Park. It's a beautiful area and seeing photos from your vantage point was a fun way to relive some of my memories, too. I was thrilled that you took us there with your encouraging words and beautiful photos.

No matter which side of Florida you are on, it appears you are in for some devastating weather. I'm with Roberta. If it gets bad, get out of there. I've seen reports that there is no food left in many stores along the coast. I will hold you in my thoughts and keep good thoughts that Irma doesn't do the damage to Florida that Harvey did to Texas.

Randi Kuhne said...

Thank you for sharing such lovely thoughts and visuals. YOU are an inspiration!

Miss Iowa said...

Lovely post. It's been years since I visited Balboa Park, so I enjoyed seeing your photos. Stay safe and yes, I am praying that old Irma loses steam before she hits the U.S.

suziqu's thread works said...

What a wonderfully inspirational tour Cat! I would so love to see one of those historic cottages at Crystal Pier - so amazing!
Yes we can only grow in our own art by being exposed to other wonders out there in the world!

Zue said...

In my mind I am pushing Irma away and keeping her over the water.

I do hope you will be safe and hope those in its path suffer minimally.
Such a frightening time and Texas is always in my thoughts.

We don't have terrible weather events like this here, but we donget the news
yet can't really visualise living through such horror.

Stay safe!

Zue said...

We do get the news....

froebelsternchen said...

Thank you for all your encouraging words and beautiful photos.Stay safe!

Dorthe said...

Dear Cat, such a special, and very beautiful place, to visit, and lovely to find time with your sister and brother in law , in this gorgeous Crystal Pier .
Gorgeous photos, and you are so right, inspiration is needed outside our homes, watching nature, and its wonders, and seeing other artists creations , is all gold ,for our artistic life.
I dearly hope you will not be effected by Irma , dear friend, and I send prayers, that it will not be as horrible as feared !!
Hugs, and take care !!

Jo Murray said...

What a delightful place!...and a renewing break for you. Trust you will not be affected by the hurricanes.

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