Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Art Myths - Busted

Lately I have seen a lot of art myths
related on social media..

now ... 
the perpetrators don't use the term 
but they unconsciously perpetuate the belief in the myth.. 
so today, I thought I would bust a few myths

for NON artists and artists alike..

1. Art is FUN
I hear this so often from non artists. 
Which generally makes me roll my eyes.

Art is like any other career.
There are parts that are fun, and lots of tasks and problem solving that is not fun.
Organization, marketing, photography, planning, sorting and scheduling social media..
and cleaning up studio and work desks, take up lots of time and energy.

Creation is not fun. 
It is a consistent act in surrender and release. 
The job of art is to surrender control so that the creative spirit can move through the artist
and manifest in a new creation.

If you work a "regular" job, then you have a boss, a company that you work for, you surrender to and as artists we have the same situation..
but we surrender to our calling and to a desire to create what we hold in our vision.
Sometimes it works.
Sometimes it doesn't.

But it is always work.

2. The Starving Artist
I realize that this is a big topic and I could write a whole post just based on this one myth.

The myth is..
Don't be an artist, artists don't make any money...
If you become an artist you will alway be poor...

The truth is that having a 9-5 job
when you are an artist can make your life miserable.. and 
having a job with a company and designated work week does not guarantee prosperity.
I know many people with "regular" jobs that always seem to be struggling financially.

The most important part of this is to 
love your work..
the second thing...

Never force your art to make money. 
and third 

Never work at a job you hate, just to make money. 

Find work that is creative and fun and that you LOVE to do 
and create happily when you can..

Release resistance to accept new opportunities, ideas and assistance from others.

Making lots of friends who are artists will open doors to new and interesting ways to create wealth as an artist.
Learning business skills and using social media can definitely assist in creating prosperity.

If your motivation to be an artist was to
be rich and famous, chances are,
your work is less than authentic..

I completely believe in cultivating a deep sense of gratitude for my collectors, my readers, my viewers and of course my Gallerie.. and representation..
as I give thanks and always feel full, I am consistently 

Never doubt or fear that prosperity will stop, 
or it will, 
once you are in the flow of currency, 
sail in on gratitude.

3. Artists are Messy.
You have all seen the videos.
The photos of artists with paint covered hands.
Painting happily with their fingers..
The pictures of messy studios.

Those images fuel 
Myth #1.. 
art is fun...

Yes the creation of art can be messy. 
My desks are often cluttered. 
Especially in the midst of creation.
Some artists like to work that way.
I am not one of them.
I have to keep things tidied as I go..
If I cannot find something, to use in my work then it is useless to me. 
So organization is key.

I generally work in a series.
That means that I continuously work on several pieces at one time.. in a theme 
or focused around an idea. 
It also means that I have to spread out take over the studio 
and when I finish a few pieces..
I clean up around me before I begin again.

Being an artist is a hazardous job.
Working with Chemicals is dangerous.
Read the labels, go to the websites.

Non toxic does not mean you can use your finger as a brush..
it simply means that we do not know the long term effects of being exposed to those chemicals
Use gloves, wear a mask.. 
I use chemicals on a daily basis and I want to live a long and healthy life.

4. The Princess Syndrome
If I hear one more person complain that their mojo left, 
I just might eat an art stick!

As an artist I can say that your mojo never left. 
it is in the room with you, watching you complain that it isn't present..

I call it the Princess Syndrome, because some people are always waiting for that passion, that inspiration that mojo to show itself.. just like a Prince Charming.. 
that boy is never going to show up..

If you want to be inspired, just go to work..
I get up and go to the studio everyday.
and I have scribbled on a piece of paper a quote by 

Chuck Close
"Inspiration is for amateurs, the rest of us just show up and get to work."

The more we complain about anything, 
(including a lack of money) 
the less we have of it...

Now let me be clear, I am not saying that I never feel "stuck" 
or that I always know how something is going to turn out.
Because I don't.. 
it is NOT my job to know.
It is the creative energy, the muse, the creative spirit..
whatever you want to call it..

My job as an artist is just to be the conduit for the energy to flow through me.
Which sounds easy until you try it consistently..

The other thing about the creative force is that you cannot use it up.
If you use it it will keep coming back over and over ...

Never doubt or fear that it will stop... 
or it will..

Next week 
I will have my holiday collection finished
to share with you and I am also working on 

Ripped and Torn collection
and learning a lot about antique papers what they will and will not do..

Thank you for always stopping by and for leaving such wonderful



Diva Kreszl said...

As always your posts are full of great advice, inspiration and valuable instruction. This one is especially poignant. I am in agreement that not all artists are messy, while it may look a bit messy while I am working on something I find I must tidy up before approaching a new piece. I personally don’t function well in chaos, whether it be creatively or keeping the books. 😜

tgarrett said...

Cat- another thoughtful post- your honesty and take on the art myths is spot on for me. Thank you. I taught art for 36 years- it was hard but I managed to continue to make my own art and have shows. It's something I have to do- it makes me feel whole when I create. There is a terrific new book out by Kent Nerburn Dancing With the Gods Reflections on Life and Art. He touches on many of the things you wrote about in this blog post.

Thank you for sharing yourself your thoughts your art with us- such a beautiful gift. xo

Kim Printz said...

Amen, Sister! Excellent post!

Angela Sopranzi said...

Grazie a te! I needed that “kick in the pants!” So well said!

Caterina Giglio said...

Dear Diva, Exactly!! People are always amazed at my "neatness" this myth has them thinking that every studio is always a psychotic mess. Such a pathetic generalization! thanks for reading and commenting, my dear!! xo

Caterina Giglio said...

Terry!! Dearhreart, Your life is a perfect example of creating a prosperous artistic lifestyle! Bravo, my friend, teaching is such an exalted calling!! Thank you my friend and Thanks for always stopping by and leaving me a message!! xo

Caterina Giglio said...

Kim!! LOL!! Where are you hanging out these days? Tumblr? miss you.. sistah!! xx

Caterina Giglio said...

Prego! Angela!! so happy you liked it! xo

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Yes, Cat, making art is fun. BUT the rest of it takes a LOT of time and energy. I was just thinking the other day how tired I am of this 365 challenge I'm in this year. Making the art is great. Then comes the scanning, cropping, choosing a title, putting it on my blog, and waiting for the year to end! I totally agree with # 1 myth. Thankfully, I'm only a blogger, so have no other social media sites to get my name on. My loss, I realize.

The starving artist. I always say when I had a great job and made lots of money, I didn't have time for much else. Now I am a starving artist with a $60.00/year craft budget, but I'm happier than I ever was when I had no time to do what I truly love to do.

I believe I'm a neat artist, but when you see my Golden fluid acrylics (see the first photo here: http://alteredbooklover.blogspot.com/2018/09/whats-on-your-workdesk-this-485th.html ) I'm a really messy artist compared to you. Thankfully many of my messes are made outside.

Anyone who has ever made art knows that feeling of not being motivated or having any new ideas. When that happens, I do two things. First, I clean and organize. It might be a drawer I've allowed to get messy, or a bookshelf that needs dusting. But when I do this, I often find things I've forgotten about that sparks my motivation.

IF that doesn't work, I go to various blogs for inspiration. I don't just visit blogs I like, but I also visit blogs THEY read, too. Gives me a new perspective and person to visit. By that time, I'm usually ready to create again. My lack of motivation usually occurs after I have had a marathon crafting session of days or weeks on end. I'm just tired. worn out, and not especially ready to make more art.

I really, really enjoyed this post and felt like many of the things you discussed were ones I had considered in the past, too. SO glad you busted those myths.

Flor Baurs said...

so glad to be reading your words and thoughts!Thank you, thank you!!

froebelsternchen said...

Just brilliant! ♥♥♥

Caterina Giglio said...

Hey Dr. E. .. The Myth is that Art is Fun.. it is NOT fun, it is work, and as working artists, we know this, the sales pitch on social media is finger paint and play and just have fun and then you are an artist. Being an artist is a career, it is work and long hours and although there are many different kinds of artists, not all professional, that myth is one I would like to see ended.
Not feeling motivated is no excuse to not get into the studio and work.. I cannot afford to skip it just because I am not feeling it.. I have to work through it because deadlines won't wait!! I do the same things to spark creativity and often just painting with no agenda creates a spark.. still work, but without a goal.
So glad you liked the post and it was a LOT of WORK to write!! LOL!! x

Caterina Giglio said...

Susi!! Thank you so much, dearheart!! x

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