Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Stamp Stories, Mixed Media on Paper

I have to admit, 
I was never a big fan of stamps..
the ubiquitous flag..
really did nothing for me..
or old dead guys..

it was only when I saw foreign stamps that
I began to pay attention..

walking ladies..

and intricate design
fascinated me..

at first I blacked out the flags and dead guys with black paint..
and used them as small square elements in my design..
which I still quite like to do..

but as the images became more interesting,
I realized that they held meaning and stories..

designed by artists..
to commemorate events..
sent by lovers..
or dear friends..
wanting to connect..

bringing glad tidings and heart wrenching sorrow..
who could resist such tiny symbols of connection?

every stamp tells a story..

in fact each one carries DNA
and that is enough to get you thinking..

so my mind was spinning as I worked on these
last January for 
the Summer issue of 
Sew Somerset..

 and if you have not had
a chance to see
it or buy..

please check it out..

as always, I am so delighted you stopped by
the sweet life..
I will be back soon.. as I am busy in the studio..
and will have much to share..

Ciao, ciao!


Randi Kuhne said...

Your collages are so lovely!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I adore the concept of stamps being a focal point in a collage. Ubiquitous flags made me laugh. I traced the flag from $0.06 to our new forever stamps. The designs are all so different, yet they tell the story of our flag. However, I was delighted to read you had a very different take on postage stamps. These are fabulous and I look forward to seeing the article. Your art is over the top. In addition to the postage stamps, I especially like the tread labels. What a great connecting embellishment.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

That should read THREAD, not tread. I'm a ditz who is a great speller, but a terrible typist.

susan hemann said...

I'm a closet stamp collector, just kidding. I love stamps. My grandparents traveled the world and i have the postcards they sent back. Some of the stamps are stunning! Thank you for sharing and reminding me of my collection. I also collect new stamps which I am saving for my grandchildren

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Each stamp is so beautiful and I like the way you use the 'cross' element to center attention...lovely!

Anonymous said...

Nice selections there. I've got some goodies tucked away, hard to part with the really good ones. xox

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