Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Mallorca- Part One

It was a glorious day..
as you can see from my photos..

a bit chilly in the morning

but the sun warmed the day
and made for great photo ops

I was enchanted with the island..

but who isn't?

if you have never been to Mallorca
put it on your short list...

it is stunning.. old and gorgeous..
something for everyone...

I was delighted to find school children sketching
the Cathedral..

and many of their sketches were quite good..
they were attentive and engrossed in their work
and it reminded me of 
always carrying a book and sketch pad with me wherever I
went as a young girl...

The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma
known locally
La Seu

is pretty amazing..

and while we did not take the tour,

we were wowed at the outside..

and the beauty of the view...

it is a gorgeous Gothic Cathedral...

with outstanding details

and has been kept in pristine shape..

Just waiting for the tourists ...
the buggy waits ..

but we opted for a long days walk
around town...

looking up

looking straight ahead...

and looking down.. 
magnificent stone mosaic work all around the front

swoon worthy...

I had so many photos that I will have to share
part 2
next week..

thank you so much for your loving support 
and as always, I appreciate your kind comments..




How lovely that you made it to Majorca ... I have been several times ... so long ago now ... but lovely memories and lots of photos too. I shall look forward to your visit in 2018 very much ... sending love always ... from me and Cornwall xxxxxxxxxx

Roberta Warshaw said...

Back in 1973 I lived on the island of Ibiza (Ibitha) in the Ballearic Islands for a few months. We lived in a finca overlooking the Med. We lived there for so little money it was amazing......The scent of fresh olive oil and rosemary permeated the air. We picked fresh carob pods every day to bake with.

This was before the island became a drug/party haven for the rich. It was sublime and tranquil and the people were amazing.

Randi Kuhne said...

What lovely photos! My favorite was of the carriage with the driver so perfectly posed by the wall. And the school children sketching... how lucky they are to get a day in the sunshine devoted to art! ❤️

Sharmon Davidson said...

It must be so nice to travel to such places, so historic and romantic! Thanks for sharing the view! Xo

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Ahhhhh! Love the tour and love the floors!

Caterina Giglio said...

Hi Carolyn! so happy you got the little message about my visit, and yes we will link up! So looking forward to it!! xxxxxxx back to you, dearheart!

Caterina Giglio said...

Roberta, my friend was there also and he loved it as well, probably the early 70's as well. I know that Mallorca is a playground for the rich, but we had a wonderful visit and we promised each other to return. It was just wonderful..

Caterina Giglio said...

Hi Randi, yes, those were fortuitous shots! It was quite a magical day and I will share that with you when i see you again!!

Caterina Giglio said...

Hi Sharmon, it is a luxury I would have never contemplated. My hubby travels in his work so he has lots of frequent flier miles and hotel points and right now, there is a warfare going on with flights in Europe, so it is very cheap to fly there and around Europe, it is certainly the time to go, if you have a mind to. Also Norwegian Air is very reasonable and very good. Check it out!! xox

Caterina Giglio said...

Thank you, Mary Ann, me too, it was just awesome!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

The Cathedral is fabulous, and you got some amazing shots, especially those of the children drawing. It must have been a HUGE Cathedral, and I enjoyed seeing it from all sides.

But for me, the best part was seeing all those palm trees. I was in heaven with each photo.

This is SO impressive and I appreciate you taking us with you on this magical journey to Mallorca.

Dorthe said...

Looking so amazing there, dear Cat,--I`m properly one of very few Danes whom have not visited Mallorca, on a charter turist vacation...always said that I did not want to be a part of charter travels - and like that have lost many beautiful experiences - maybe it is not too late, lol- I can see it is filled with gorgeous buildings and places I would love to see. Thank you for taking us with you, my friend !! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Oh how beautiful! Thank you for the tour. Yes, I'll put it on my bucket list.

~*~Patty S said...

Had to check and see just where Mallorca/Majorca is exactly.
Lovely photos in both posts Cat.
Thanks for sharing.
This world is so full of beautiful spaces and places.
Happy Spring oxo

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