Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October Journal Pages

I was preoccupied by my
sister's visit 
this month..

in a good way, since we 
always have fun

but it kept me from finishing my
journal pages..

until the last minute..

but then ...
I usually take all month to do my pages..
and that is one reason that they are always quite

they literally reflect
all the things going on in my world..

I was thinking about the lotus flower...
 how it grows so 
perfectly and beautifully in mud..

rising up
free and stunningly gorgeous...

ingredients: acrylic paint, pencil, stencils, tissue paper, antique lace, wrapping paper, old cardboard, mono print, walnut ink.

I will be taking a little blog break..

if you want to follow my adventures
friend me on 
FaceBook and or Instagram..

as always I am
grateful for your kind readership..



Bridgette Mills said...

"they literally reflect
all the things going on in my world.." love that. I often can recall exactly what was going on in my life when looking at a piece. Thanks for sharing your pages. Beautiful

Pamela Gerard said...

Beautiful layered pages. Enjoy your break and travels. I know you will!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Lovely...and now on to November! Enjoy your travels!

Kathleen said...

so beautiful and inspiring Caterina! Have a wonderful time in Italy!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I love these pages. They are really lovely, and I think that putting the pages till the end made them even more meaningful.

Since I'm not on Facebook or Instagram, I will wish you a wonderful trip to Italy and hope you have the time (and trip) of your life.

Kim Henkel said...

what beautiful pages. I love the softness and yet strength in them. Enjoy your blogging break and you travels.

Dorthe said...

My dear Cat, your pages are stunning!!
The monoprinted papers looks so beautiful, with the papers and laces, and on top of that gorgeous background pages .
I wish you happy days away from blogging, friend, see you later !! xoxoxo

Sharmon Davidson said...

These pages should be framed, they are so lovely in their layers...

Gaby Bee said...

Love the bits of beautiful paper and fabric, the muted colors and all the layering. Each page is quite unique.

Enjoy your blogging break and your travels.

Gaby xo

Sharmon Davidson said...

These pages are wonderful, Cat! I think you should frame them, really...

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